32 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Your Brain – A Deep Dive

  1. Feeding our Endocannabiniod system the fat's it needs and cannabis creates homeostasis in all of our cells. Endocannabinoid deficiency.

  2. I feel as if my head is in a bubble sometimes. I have migraines everyday and hear my heart beat in my ear. I'm praying for healing. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» I also have palpitations and heat sensations over my body.

  3. there's items you psychologists seem to bear that are mostly untouched by other science people, assertions you say like "everything happens for a reason" that seem to transcend empiricism, the possibly intelligent psych survivor among your clientele might have conviction that "2+2=5" and may amen with some philosophers of the Absurd and Surrealist painters that common sense and pragmatism don't hold up in all scenarios, are they wrong because they're ill?

  4. 1 day of bad meals has me down for a couple days. Keto has changed me for the better. Real meats and leafy greens AND magnesium/potassium. Thanks Doc!

  5. Hello mam how are you i have a question i recently moved my home to a little bit cold clean environment i have diagnosed with anxiety 14 months ago my anxiety got better but i observe my anxiety got worse when i moved to new place…Its more cold here is cold can affect anxiety? please answer…

  6. You look fabulous! Look at those clavicles! Are your still following the depression diet? And I just loved the older gentleman. I didn't know what that meant either. So glad you went on to explain it for us. Thanks!

  7. I was under the age of ten in the early 1980s, boys I associated with, often more boisterous than me, often goaded me into fights, yelling would start, and something in me would flare, I'd strike out with my fist, and next i was aware they would be running, screaming for mom, this part of me seems long retired, it would be something I'd be tempted to revive again, bullying intervals in my years from age 11 i think put a lid on it, guys threatened me, the school environment reeked with negative ambiance, popular and upperclass females bullied me as well my emotions well remember, what can you tell us about formative psychological injuries in males, the probably permanent changes in such proceedings, some have stated that damages like that are just an instrument to be used for the determined and the fully aware

  8. Next time Dr. Marks is going to cook a healthy meal for us online (I think)? 😁. Great video doc πŸ˜ƒπŸ‡³πŸ‡±

  9. Excellent video. I've been eating Brazil nuts every day for the selenium. Selenium helps prevent the flu also. No one in our family has been sick yet except for a very minor cold. It's so good to see a psychiatrist discussing diet and nutrition.

  10. Just eat more fruits and vegetables and drink targeted herbs. Eating a liver from another living being will help you. Go straight to the source…

  11. Great information as always. I was always confused about veggies, I used to be RAW vegan that was nice but I also had a lot of stomach aches. I guess some veggies need to be steamed or cooked

  12. I'v been gaining weight since the time I doubled the dose of lamotrigine and now I stopped wearing most of my clothes. I'm in real struggle, I just want to lose weight..
    Dr. Help

  13. Hahah… "IDK what that mean.." Would pistachios be good for oxidative stress? Also, explains why I've been more into eating my vegetables for the last 10 years, before and after I cut my hair. Really thinking about buying me another juicer. Thanks Doc!

  14. Dr.Marks I got ur email thanks 4 the video and the calendar I just placed my order.

    This video is helpful I need this especially as a trucker.

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