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Hi, welcome to SCImplify. Tell me, do you find it difficult to resist
the urge to eat that piece of cake? Or that icecream? Do you crave something sweet after every meal? Does your mouth water when you think about
or look at sugary foods? But why? Why do we crave sugary foods so much? How does sugar affect our brain? When you eat something sweet, it activates
the sweet receptors of your tongue. These receptors then send a signal to sweet
centre of the brain. On receiving the signal, the brain releases
dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter. Basically dopamine is a chemical that sends
signals to other nerve cells in the brain. Dopamine has multiple functions, one of which
is to activate the reward system in our brain. This reward system involves a number of chemical
and electrical pathways across the brain, that basically give you a feeling of motivation
and pleasure. The brain now remembers this feeling, and
it wants you to repeat to get the reward again. Its not just sugar that activates the reward
system in our brain; sex, and other habit forming substances like drugs, alcohol, or
nicotine also activate the reward system. So is there a problem with that? The problem is overactivation of the reward
system, which then throws you out of control and leaves you craving for more. Infact that’s what drugs are known to do. Drugs induce an excessive release of dopamine
in our brain, which then sends the reward system into overdrive, and gives the drug
users a feeling of high and pleasure that they then constantly seek, and in the process
get addicted to using drugs. Current research has compared sugar addiction
to drug addiction. Researchers believe that binging on sugar
causes similar brain changes and activates our reward system just like drugs of abuse
do. This increases the tolerance to sugar in our
body and leaves us craving for more sugar. So, is sugar the only food that induces release
of dopamine? No, normal foods also induce release of dopamine
in our brain. However, it has been suggested that when you
eat something everyday, the dopamine spikes less and less, which explains why we get bored
of eating the same food every single day. This is also the brain’s way of telling
us to incorporate a variety of foods in our diet. However with sugar, the dopamine release is
almost the same every time. Therefore, it feels rewarding every time you
eat something sugary, and this creates an addictive effect on our body.

9 thoughts on “How Does Sugar Affect Our Brain? | Sugar Cravings and Addiction | SCImplify

  1. The brain has got so much to do with all those sugar cravings!! Hope you enjoyed the video. And sharing is caring guys, so share this video far and wide.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed…more than brain activity..the smilies were really cute..!!
    Inspite of that…yes sugar does create such imbalance…no matter what…craving for anything is unhealthy…

  3. Vry infrmatv… lv lv lv ur vdos….Is ths y doctrs sugst eatng choclts to smokers who wnts to gveup smkng?????

  4. o my god
    so much to learn from u…
    very very informative vdo… thansk alot dear…
    can see how much hard work it takes to make a single vdo..
    thnx for this vdo.. waiting for many more vdoz

  5. Great vid, great info and keep it up! Still waiting for that "how many cups of coffee in a day" video….I LOVE COFFEE lol

  6. Nice video! That's interesting how we get bored of eating the same food everyday but we never get fed up with sugar. I wonder the evolutionary reason behind that – incentive to eat fruits? Get calories?

  7. Great video! I did a "No Added Sugar" challenge back with my Crossfit group a few months ago. The cravings were horrid for about 4-5 days, then I felt so much better. I should do it again. I just felt better without the added sugars that seem like is in everything

  8. Indeed! it was a very nice video telling the effects! I am a sugar freak and last one and a half month I totally stopped it aaah with so much effort. Effects were good..i guess.. But it also increased my will to try it once more which I am ready for once again! 😀 🙂

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