How COVID-19 Is Affecting People’s Mental Health | Inside Together

– In a weird way, the anxiety
is bringing us together. (light music) This will help destigmatize mental health, because people are feeling
it for the first time. – The fun thing about anxiety is a lot of the times, you don’t know why you’re being triggered. – With something coming
up like Coronavirus that is going to kill a lot of people, I’m thinking about my
mortality quite frequently. – It’s like now the entire world has sort of stepped up and
they’re on the same anxious level that I’ve been living at for years. – My current employment
status is unemployed. I actually, today, just got laid off from my job because of COVID-19. – Losing my job has really,
really affected me mentally. I’m kinda freaking out, and I don’t know how long
this is going to last. So I am facing the reality of dipping into what little savings that I do have, and it’s really uncomfortable. And I cried a lot last night. – There was a time where I
thought I was really sick and I couldn’t breathe, but
it was just a panic attack. – It’s been really interesting adjusting to online therapy. – She’s quite expensive, and it’s difficult to
feel like the appointments are justified when I don’t have an income. – Cognitive behavioral therapist
is taking my appointments via teletherapy, which is
over video conferencing, and I’m really looking forward to still being able to
go to my appointments, but just in a vastly different way, as we’ve all had to adjust
to this new way of living. – It is comforting right now that we’re all self-isolating,
we’re all dealing with a sense of depression, anxiety. – I’m not the only person who
doesn’t have a job right now. I’m not the only person who feels isolated or cut off from the people they love. – Even if you aren’t reaching
out to a professional, reach out to a friend. – They could be liking
things on social media and they could be posting things, but inside they could be totally, totally silently suffering. (light music)

10 thoughts on “How COVID-19 Is Affecting People’s Mental Health | Inside Together

  1. We will never be "together" if and when things get back to normal, people will resume all the hate and vitriol towards others.

  2. WOW I've been stuck in my home for over a month. I had the covid-19 virus and survived. Thinking Positive gets me through every day and I don't even work at it. "Think positive" write it down read it every day live it. see how your life changes.

  3. During my days in quarantine i go through random waves of sadness and i cant pin point one thing? loss of work? Worried for family? Not being able to leave the house? Less income lots of expenses? Ugh no idea but i hope i can get over this sadness!

  4. Living in NYC with all of this going on my anxiety is through the roof. I worry all day for my family moreso than myself. I'm so scared I'll relapse. I'm just trying to focus and keep busy best I can but I'm so fearful.

  5. Usually, my anxiety makes me irrational. This time, I’m not really being extreme or irrational. I find comfort in being irrational because it’s not real. This, however, is very real. I don’t like reality right now. I do like my teletherapy and I thankfully have Medicaid. At first, it took a long time for Medicaid to accept teletherapy and that was during my hardest time. I don’t mind isolating but everything is just scary right now. I definitely have to take breaks from the news and social media.

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