How Can I Support My Spouse with A Mental Illness?

– Okay, we have another
question from an Instagramer. – Julie wants to know, “how can I be supportive and helpful “to my spouse who’s mental
health is continuing “to decline but refuses
to go back and get help? “I’ve been trying to protect the kids “from the outbursts of anger
but I can only do so much”. – Well, I’m gonna give you
a Sicilian answer on this. (laughs) Ultimately your kids need
to be who you protect. And if your spouse is saying, “I don’t want help”, but you know, cause’ when people are unhealthy sometimes they think
that’s their new normal and if it’s not healthy for your kids, it’s also no healthy for you. So I literally would plan a
little intervention and say, “we love you but we
think that you need help “and we wanna do whatever
we can to get you that help “because it’s not healthy
for you to be in this place “where you’re abusing the
kids or mentally abusing me”. At the end of they day, I’m always going to land
on the side of the children and so I’m sorry, mental
health is a real issue like any other sickness,
you’d want to get medication, so yeah, I would bring in some
other people to be with me. – Good. – What do you think? – I think, I totally agree. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s it. – Hi everybody, I hope
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