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  1. Happy New Year………. Could You Do A Video ON FASD In Adults I Just Found Out I Have This…………….. Thank YOU

  2. Power naps always makes me feel more refreshed, alert and energized. Happy New Year Dr. Marks! And Thank you for you awesome work! 🙏🎊🎆🎈👍

  3. Hi Dr Tracy, I work night shifts, please can you advise what to do to help with getting to sleep in the morning after work? Thanks

  4. Hi Dr Tracey Marks, love your videos. My daughter has bi polar and suffers from pychosis and you have help me immensely to understand what is happening and how to manage this. Its an ongoing learning process. My question is what is the best sleep pattern for night shift 10pm to 7am. I work with people with disabilities. Any advice would be appreciated. Happy new year from New Zealand 💕🌹

  5. I had a doctor in Georgia who aroused my affection more than anyone in all of life, and from the time she got this hint to the time she got rid of me,  without saying "I Love You" or doing anything forceful, because I knew the rules, she'd seen me rage and wept for her up to the time she told me "Get Out" and I never saw her again, later a psych worker informed me that mental health professionals are able to enjoy a certain esteem-boost when they provoke a handsome patient to bare their heart in their honor, what do you know about this Dr. Marks?(the nurses and other women staff surprised me with their many consolations)

  6. Went to bed at 1230 up at 430. Time to paint! Napping, napping, napping soon. Happy new year happy new sleep schedule.

  7. I was just taking a nap ands oeps…. there's Dr. Marks on my phone. Thanks for waking me up on time 😂
    Happy New Year 🎉🎈🎉
    Greetings from Ben 😃🇳🇱

  8. Happy new year tracey. I have just opened my calendar I got of yours… I was just debating a nap and this pops on notifications lol! Have a great first day of 2020 ✨💜✨

  9. What about insomnia? I can't sleep more than 5 hours..a got to bed too late. If I fall asleep early I wake up in the middle of the night. I always had this pattern, according to my mom even when I was a baby. I don't feel tired next morning but I'm concern about my health, sometimes I wake up scared and panicking. I'm under pharmacological treatment now 😩

  10. Thank you for keeping the helpful videos coming Dr. Marks. Can you make a video on how pregnancy can trigger mental illnesses? I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few months after I gave birth and I'm just curious about whether my pregnancy caused it. Thank you very much.

  11. Perfect timing. I struggle with sleep have since I can remember from my early childhood. Thank you for this video. I am going to hang my calendar up today. Thank you for the wonderful calendar you put together. Happy New Year.

  12. Hello Dr. Tracey thanks again for sharing your knowledge with all the videos you post. Blessings, prosperity and good health for you in this new year 2020

  13. You must be speaking of younger, healthy, active people? None of this applies to this old, disabled, chronic pain sufferer, often bored and unable to do any physical activities that used to cause me to sleep and well.

  14. I have bipolar type 1 and I find a one hour nap resets my brain, reducing my anxiety. One of my meds is zyprexa so falling asleep usually is feasible even with a nap during the day.

  15. If i want a nap i listen to my body and have one. And i find watching massages on You tub e and rain and wind sounds on videos really help me relax and sleep

  16. So you can actually be worse off if you have too long a nap than if you hadn't napped at all. This has big implications for shift workers and parents of new babies. Thanks so much!

  17. What happens if it takes a long time to fall asleep. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes but sometimes it takes 40. It’s hard to set an alarm for a 20 min nap because I may not even be asleep yet. So I typically set it for an hour and a half

  18. I work from home and take 40-60 minute power naps everyday. Overall, I get about 8 hrs of sleep per day. Power naps are the way to go.

  19. I don't have the luxury of taking a nap only because I can't take one and not repeatedly wake up during the course of it feeling overwhelmed by a sheer astonishment. It's an astonishment about just how extreme my own psychological trauma is. I'm not in denial about how extreme my mind's development is, but at the same time it's impossible for me to believe that a mind's development can be that extreme. I believe it only because it's mine, but I also don't believe it only because I can't believe that such an extremity of mind can even be possible. That I simultaneously can and cannot believe something comes off as a bit paradoxical doesn't it. Oh well, I would never say that I wasn't that.
    There really is a hell you know. And where is that you ask? Right there between your ears. Unfortunately that's where I will have been trapped for the duration. Right there between my ears. That sounds so ridiculous to me that I can only laugh at it. 😂

  20. Hi Dr Tracey… as usual you are so right! I take naps and whenever I sleep longer than an hour I feel terrible when I wake up! So I started using an alarm clock, that is a great idea! I would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! Thanks for your great videos!

  21. Just Found Out I Have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder… My Mother Told Me In My 30's She Drank Her Entire Pregnancy With Me…….. I Got Upset And Mad But I Put It In The Back Of My Mind! And Here Recently I Thought About That Conversation * I Do Not Blame My Mother As There Was NO Education On This Back Then * And Typed In Google – My Mother Drank Alcohol During Her Pregnancy And BOOM! There It Was… Answers That I DIDN'T Even Know I Needed!!!
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    Brain and central nervous system problems

    Problems with the brain and central nervous system may include:

    Poor coordination or balance
    Intellectual disability, learning disorders and delayed development
    Poor memory
    Trouble with attention and with processing information
    Difficulty with reasoning and problem-solving
    Difficulty identifying consequences of choices
    Poor judgment skills
    Jitteriness or hyperactivity
    Rapidly changing moods

    Social and behavioral issues

    Problems in functioning, coping and interacting with others may include:

    Difficulty in school
    Trouble getting along with others
    Poor social skills
    Trouble adapting to change or switching from one task to another
    Problems with behavior and impulse control
    Poor concept of time
    Problems staying on task
    Difficulty planning or working toward a goal

  22. HAppy New Year and thank you for your channel!!!!! Are there any studies on how suppressed REM sleep (from SSRIs) affects people?? Is it harmful, or do we know? Thanks!!!

  23. I'm 42 and since my teenage years have tried to follow all the sleep advice given out there. Nothing helped, nothing seemed like the way they were explaining, like the ability to take a power nap of 20 minutes. Docs then started blaming my mental illnesses … to find out 3 decades later to find out that I have a sleep disorder so all the advice out there is for the 'healthy' sleepers. If your gut tells you 'this is not me', go see a specialist.

  24. Thank you. The videos you make and the way you present them are very helpful for me. You look great too. If I get a way to cook I am inspired to try your diet too.

  25. YAS I NEEDED THIS!!! I am such a napper. Thank you Dr. Marks! I am a HSP diagnosed with adhd, anxiety, depression, and BPD. Naps are my happy place….. I also need more sleep than the average person since I have mono. But I really need to work on my sleep schedule. Your videos help me so much & are so upfront & informational. I recently stopped smoking weed & my BPD has drastically changed thanks to you! (Curls on fleek btw)

  26. What About appropriate naps for a single mother to a newborn with no family to help out? I really want to get my life together and my sleep schedule is all of the place because it’s just us

  27. I wish I could take power naps, it takes me 2-3 hours to fall asleep no matter how tired I am so I can never sleep during the day 😭

  28. Happy New Year!!! This is very informative for me. I have often wondered why I have felt like this when I tried for power naps. When I feel too tired it triggers my mood and make me feel down.

  29. Thanks I loved your sleep advice I can't say how much
    Helpful the science all rolled into one thanks Dr Tracey x

  30. Hi Dr Tracey Marks, when I wake up I feel good and it seems I have energy ready for a good day. But 2/3 hours after waking up i will crash into this tired/sleepy feeling. I always wonder why I wake up feeling so good and rested but after 2 hours it's all gone. Is there any explanation why this happens?

  31. Hi @UCL2QpphEeZFYwk6-WXD6hpA, can I ask you to make a video about cannabis and how it interact with drugs? Is it dangerous?

  32. Thank you for your video and happy new year!
    Also I think that it’ll be great if you made video about body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. Because in most cases it’s really hard to understand if you hate your body or just you’re transgender.
    Thanks in advance!

  33. Naps don't work for me. They make me cranky irritable and more tired almost every time no matter how long or how short. Plus they give me headaches.

    I'm also really light sleeper and typically early riser no matter how late I go to bed. And I get sleep paralysis a lot.

    I'm not sure if my weird sleeping habits have anything to do with the effect that naps have on me or if some people just can't do naps for whatever reason, but whatever the reason, it sucks! Lol

  34. With the mental disability cocktail of bipolar 2, ADHD and Social Anxiety my sleeping pattern is utter chaos. Either I can't sleep, or I become so tired at random times during the day or night that I must lay down to rest. It can be an hour, it can be four hours… a "normal" sleep is six hours at best. -_-

  35. Hey Dr. Marks, I was hoping that you can do a video on post concussion syndromes. I was in a car accident last year and I was recently diagnosed with ADD linked to my concussion and it is a lifetime diagnosis. I was hoping you can talk about the other things that can happen during a post concussion syndrome and what symptoms to look out for. Thank you and I love your videos!

  36. I used to try to nap and if I woke up after just 20-30 minutes I’d wake feeling disoriented, shaking, and worse off than before the nap.

  37. Hi dr. I have severe panic attack & ptsd. And whenever i try to sleep, i would listen to meditation / subliminal / affirmation / binaural beats. However, ive read somewhere, they aren't good for our brain. Is it true?

  38. Thank you Dr Marks. I love your videos. Quick question. When I am ill I feel like sleeping all the time. Does the same apply or does my body need that rest?

  39. I love sleeping…. but it does annoy me that since I had a brain injury 10.5yrs ago, I sleep a lot and cannot get a routine, no matter of setting alarms, and having power naps. Everything I do during the day takes all my energy and I have to power nap so I can do the next thing… it’s driving me nuts…

  40. Hi Dr. Marks, I wanted to know if fluoxetine impacts your sleep at all? I didn’t read any of the side effects in order to avoid my anxiety getting the better of me. I’m currently on 60mg and have been on these meds for 10 months.
    However, for the past 2-3 months I’ve been sleeping like crazy. I oversleep way too much. Which could explain why I’m so tired and groggy all the time. Every time I try and take a power-nap, I just end up falling asleep for up to 4 hours.

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