‘He’s A Little Boy Who Is Struggling,’ Says Dad Of 11-Year-Old With Psychiatric Disorder

well I’m here talking to myself today Michael and Susan are here I think they’re really trying to get back together that ain’t happenin nope Cory is here and I really think Cory is a voice of reason here because I think he’s a fresh player in this and I think you can be a real asset here I really have no skin in this but that’s what I mean and so I think you can really be a big help here I’ve seen what I’ve seen in in the two-and-a-half years that I’ve been with Susan I’ve seen the improvement bode did make with Klaus role but he never got on to the lithium for the mood stabiliser instead they put him on depakote which didn’t hold here’s the thing it didn’t hold and so he would just he would be out of his mind most of the time out of his mind crazy these are the same words the Jani parents back to me that she hears from you about Bodhi is not crazy he’s not he’s a little boy who is struggling yes you shouldn’t be talking to them for an opinion talk to their doctor here’s the thing you guys know just enough to be dangerous and I mean I mean that not sarcastic I mean really I have an answer for that and I know you don’t well well here’s the thing why do I know too much I’m relying on you I’m relying on doctors to tell me what to do I don’t want to have this I never wanted to be doctor any of this stuff I hate it trust and respect them but they but they’re wrong though because you can see it in the reports from school you can see what school is while he was under the clozapine he couldn’t hang up his backpack he was struggling to breathe you know so reports from school is that he’s doing much better since he’s been off all the medications too many cooks in this kitchen you’re gonna end up killing it this is why I’m saying please don’t you help us thank you I go back out I will back out you guys you can do a fresh study on him because you’ve never had this opportunity so you do that without Michael me or Corey and I will follow that’s your partner but I don’t believe that you will accept me well so that’s that’s the problem I’m still their father okay [Applause] it’s okay you’re their father that’s fine then why don’t you want to give them the I do totally immigration wait but I am I’m saying that right now I will always follow what this orders you don’t follow doctor’s orders in front of one of the social workers you said I didn’t feel like giving the medication no that’s not what I said well no you say you didn’t feel like she needed it yes or not well I mean if you’re not gonna stop your kids dying as your talk no no okay I’m giving you’re wasting time let’s do it now do you what do you want to wait into this or not because I I think that if if we assemble a team to evaluate this and come up with a plan I think they have no appreciation for the fact that you have to introduce medications and get them up to therapeutic levels in the blood stabilize these things if we’re not getting the right things titrate down I mean that this is a trial and a long process and I think the first time that you disagree I think you’re gonna become an idiot along with the rest of the moms or the other team members are going to become idiots and it’s just a matter of whether you want this hell or not I mean you’re not a child anymore if I say yes I need a mental health evaluation

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