Gwyneth Paltrow Explains the Origins of Her Very Intimately Scented Goop Candle

-Our first guest tonight
is an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning
actress as well as a “New York Times”
bestselling author. She is also the founder of
the lifestyle brand, Goop. And her next project,
a docuseries called “Goop Lab,” begins streaming on Netflix
on January 24th. Let’s take a look. -This is a sacrament so we can be with
the spirit of the mushroom. So, blessings to everyone. ♪♪ -Cheers.
-Cheers. -Wow.
-Okay. -Moss seed. ♪♪ -Earthy.
-Yeah. -It’s so funny when
you start something, and then you’re like,
“No regrets.” Too late.
-Buckle up. -Please welcome to the show
Gwyneth Paltrow, everyone. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome to the show.
-Hi. -I’m so happy you’re here. -Thank you so much
for having me. -So, that, in case it wasn’t
clear, they were — That was an episode
of your show about psychedelics. -Correct. -And those were actual people
who work for Goop. -Goop staffers.
-Goop staffers. -Drinking mushrooms
and mushroom tea in Jamaica. -Gotcha.
-Yep. -And was that something when you
offer that up to your staff, is that a thing
where everybody signs up? -Yep.
-Yeah. -Everybody signed up
for that one. -When you find out
they’re for work because I’ve reached the age
where I’m not gonna do mushrooms unless it’s for work.
You know what I mean? [ Laughter ]
-Exactly. Yeah. Of course. -Like that’s the only way I
could get away with it at home. If I was like,
“This is for work.” [ Laughter ] This is the time of year
because Goop is, you know, a lifestyle brand and a lot of
cleanses, a lot of detoxes. And I think, obviously, this is
the time of year, January, where a lot of people
are considering that. -Yes. Super Bowl is detoxing.
-Yeah. Are you personally doing
anything in January? -I keep saying
that I’m gonna start one. -Yeah.
-I still have not. -Okay, gotcha.
We’re running out of January. -I know. I know. I know.
[ Laughter ] I may do it in February. -February.
-Yeah. -That’s really
the cool new thing. [ Laughter ] You’re like, “Oh, my God,
February is the new January.” January is about, you got to
like kind of keep eating your way
through post-Christmas. -Yeah, exactly. Exactly.
[ Laughter ] -Is there one you recommend? I mean, you’ve done some —
-Have you ever done one before? -I think I’ve done a week-long
juice cleanse once, yeah. -There’s one actually
called Clean Seven, which is only seven days.
-Yep. -Where it’s like smoothies
and a clean lunch. But there’s still food
and there’s smoothies. So that one’s a really good one. -Gotcha. And are — Is the
mushroom tea in that one? [ Laughter ] Because then I feel like if you
were on good enough mushrooms, you would just get through
seven days no problem at all. [ Laughter ] Just tell yourself,
“This salad is pizza.” And then you’re good.
-Right, exactly. -You used to live in New York.
You grew up here. -I did.
-You live in L.A. now. [ Cheers and applause ] I don’t know if you have to do
that when we’re here. -Why?
[ Laughter ] -I have people here where I’ll
say, “You’re from St. Louis.” And somebody will be like,
“I’m from St. Louis,” and then they’ll clap. But, like, we’re in New York.
[ Laughter ] -True.
-But do you — I mean, again, January is maybe an interesting time
to come back. Are you happy
to be back here in January? -I’m always happy to be back in
New York. I love New York. It’s a great — It’s funny. This time, I stayed near
the house where I grew up. And it was very nostalgic
for me. -Yeah, that’s great. I also want to ask you
about a new product. Goop released
a product this week that got a lot of attention. It’s already sold out. I would love you to explain it. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] Well, it’s a candle.
-Yeah. -And so, it’s called
“This smells like my vagina.” [ Laughter ] So, it sort of
started as a joke. I was with the nose Douglas
Little for his brand, Heretic, and we were
kind of messing around. And I smelled this beautiful
thing, and I was like, “This smells like my vagina.” And I was kidding, obviously.
[ Laughter ] And we were on mushrooms.
[ Laughter ] No, we weren’t.
We weren’t on mushrooms. We weren’t. We weren’t.
-Yeah. -So then, it actually became
kind of a funny thing where it was, “A,”
really funny to us. But also a little bit punk rock. And, you know, I mean, I think
women, a lot of us have grown up feeling certain degrees of shame
around our body or whatever. So this is just a little bit of,
you know, subversive candle
for all of us out there. -And I have to tip my cap
to the marketing of it because I will say,
in my entire life, I have never
heard more people say, “Have you heard
about this candle?” [ Laughter ] “There’s a new candle.
Have you heard?” -Right.
[ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Gwyneth Paltrow Explains the Origins of Her Very Intimately Scented Goop Candle

  1. How deeply disappointing that you’re giving her dangerous pseudoscience bullshit airtime… you’ve sunk in my estimation, Seth.

  2. Yeah, if you could not lend a platform to misinforming, fear-mongering, science denying, soulless vampires who discourage desperate and ill people from seeking proper, fact based medial help while selluing them overpriced sugar beads and useless supplements that only make your urine expensive, that'd be great.

    Sorry Seth, do better!

  3. She's a stupid conwoman selling crap to idiots.

    Good luck with marvel making you the new iron man with this Alex Jones level bs.
    I hope goop pays more than marvel.

  4. I can't stand this "deep cleansing" BS! If you have an over-abundance of "toxins" in your body, you would feel really sick and need to go to the emergency room pronto. Moreover, these 'cleanses' are typically dangerous on their own (remember Jilly Juice?) as they can cause a variety of dangerous blood anemias and blood polycythemias. There's no "alternative medicine", there's just medicine – you know, something that is actually science-based and works!

  5. Such good intentions young lady. But first look into partnerships with paych md's as they distribute SSRI's which are proven by their makers to be placebo and to cause suicidal ideation and violence.

  6. Gwyneth Paltrow is a con artist. You already spend time talking about the one in the White House, why let this vile human have air time?
    (edit: spelling)

  7. This women is so ridiculous. Just goes to show you that being famous does not require any brains whatsoever, and people let these brainless idiots do whatever they want because they probably make money.

  8. An all giggly "interview" instead of holding her feet to the fire for peddling dangerous pseudo-scientific nonsense.

  9. Goop is an actively harmfuñ company, and Paltrow is batshit insane. Shame on you Seth for platforming this nutjob

  10. Wow this audience is the closest to hostile they can get, this side of a Republican Senator these days. Even Aidy Bryant got a cheer when mentioning her home state of Arizona(!) the other day on this show.

  11. I know that Gwyneth like to think that we are opposed to her GOOP'ing, because she is a woman. But dear Gwyneth, we are opposed to it because it is pretentious, overpriced, and potentially dangerous horse manure. I am all for supporting other women, but not blindly.

  12. Seth, you sir are supporting a dangerous company run by hurting people with defunct pseudo science! A good idea would be to never have her on your show again.

  13. If a normal person collects their smegma and forms it into a candle, they're weirdos. If a celibrity does it, they have a lifestyle brand.

  14. I am honestly just sad to see Seth having to interview and boost the popularity of this incredibly dangerous "alternative medicine" company. Who are you guys gonna bring on next, a leading voice of the anti-vax movement??

  15. She's a nutter … but a very savy buisiness woman. Whomever she hired to come up with this marketing stunt should get a raise … not a single person apparently has gotten one of these fish scented candles … but look at all the attention you are giving her … almost like free advertising or something for her mediocre website full of supbar Chinese produced fad gimmick products.

  16. Hey, the president's a casino-bankrupting game show host. The wealthy get to stay that way with blatant con artistry in the new century. Learn to love it, dumb fucks!

  17. I couldn't disagree more. Yes, women have grown up feeling self conscious about their bodies. We watch movies and think everything is supposed to be pretty and perfect and beautiful and, let's face it…That isn't always the case. Vaginas don't smell like citrus fruits and flowers. It's just feeding into the unrealistic expectation. Especially coming from a "movie star." "Oh, this must be what a rich, Oscar-winning actresses' vagina smells like." Nope. I'm sure it smells like everyone else's.

    This was a weird comment for me to write. But…Eh! Who cares?

  18. I love how every one of these comments is outright negative. It makes me wonder who actually buys these BS products. Either way, Gwyneth Paltrow should be ashamed of herself, and for that matter, shame on the usually trustworthy Seth Meyers for giving her a platform.

  19. No. Just no. Seth, you lost any credibility you had by selling your soul with this and providing this worn veneer of humanity a platform.

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  21. Seth, she doesn't need help peddling pseudo-science to con people. Don't have her back unless it's for a movie role.

  22. Back in the day when dosed, she would be the last person and those other PLASTIC people like her would be the last people to go on a trip….

  23. Why are you legitimizing this pseudoscience, snake oil, quackery? Everytime you have on Mrs. Goop, I lose a lot of respect for the integrity of your show. I thought yall were better than this crap.

  24. C'mon folks. Its not like she put her name on hotels, steaks, cologne, liquor, casinos, airline and most of it failed. Give her a chance…to run for political office.

  25. Boo! Stop letting this greedy fraud buy airtime to sell dangerous, useless crap. It cheapens your whole show to associate with this.

  26. The best approach to shut her down is to ignore her and her products. She’s using controversy as the base of her marketing strategy and people are reacting to it.

  27. For fucks sake, Seth! Why on Earth would you give this lady a platform?! At worst what she sells and promotes is harmful and breeds ignorance. At best it's pseudo-science and hot garbage. What is the upside here? This seems like a real bad call and feels disappointing to me given your show's level of quality and intelligence.

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