Good Counselor Qualities-How To Find The Right Addiction Counselor (2020)

when it comes to addiction not just any
counselor will do. Which is why, in this video, we’re going to talk about the top
six criteria (good counselor qualities) you need to be thinking about in order to find the very
best counselor (either for yourself. or for your loved one struggling with
addiction or that’s an early recovery) For those of you who are new to this
channel, welcome. I’m amber Hollingsworth, Master Addiction Counselor and you’re
watching put the shovel down, the youtube a channel dedicated to helping you
understand the psychology of addiction, so you can recover yourself or your
loved one from addiction and get back to living the life that you want to live
and so if that sounds like something that you need to accomplish consider
subscribing. Okay so now let’s get into the list. Criteria number one…. It’s really really important to pick somebody that
has the time in their schedule to dedicate to get up to you or your loved
one that you’re going to need I know a lot of good counselors and good
psychiatrist but if you can’t get in with them and a timely matter like it
takes six weeks eight weeks four months to get in with somebody and then once
you do get in you can only come and see them every three weeks or once a month
because that’s all the time they have in their schedule that is not gonna do you
any good because when it comes to addiction when someone’s ready to get
help or talk to someone about that that needs to happen quickly before the
window closes and if you’re just meeting with someone every three or four weeks
occasionally I’ll do that just a few times with clients for maintenance but I
don’t usually get into that because that’s really just like catching up and
it’s really awkward you can’t get any momentum that way so definitely pick
someone that has the ability to get you in a pretty quick manner and the time to
dedicate to helping you solve the problem that you want to solve okay
moving on to number two make sure that you get someone that is dual trained and
what that means is someone that’s trained not just in addiction but
someone that is also trained in other kinds of mental health issues maybe
someone’s also training family you’re someone who’s also trained and
all the other kind of mental health diagnosis that come along with addiction
because rarely do we see someone that has an addiction problem that’s not also
struggling with anxiety or sleep problems or depression or some of that
other stuff that comes along and the two things are usually tied up pretty tight
together and you don’t usually make progress on either one of those things
either the mental health things or the addiction without addressing them both
now there is an order in which you need to do that but that’s for another video
just know that you need someone that has the ability to talk to you about both
things number three look for someone who has some flexibility of thinking and
what I mean here is I don’t know why but especially when it comes to addiction
like there’s this sort of like I call it like the conveyor belt treatment system
where it’s like no this is the program and you got to fit in this box and if
you don’t fit in this box well you’re just not willing or you can’t come to
this program or we can’t help you or come back when you’re ready to do
whatever text you know that kind of thinking because everybody is different
addiction is the same it’s pretty predictable y’all know how I feel about
that but recovery is different for every single person that I’ve ever treated
because you’ve got to have the ability to think flexibly about how this
particular person with their certain circumstances found their path to
recovery flexibility okay these last two are super important number four
personality maybe one of the most important things to consider might be
the most important thing you said it’s a pretty close tie it’s personality does
the personality of the counselor mesh with the client this is so important one
of the biggest things that I try to figure out when any new person or family
calls us is sure I ask some questions about what the problem is but honestly
the problems that come to us they sound real similar because people come to us
for a real similar problem but what I do need to know a lot about is about the
person what’s the personality like you know what were they like before the
addiction because who are they going to – are they gonna relate to someone
that’s more outspoken or someone that has more of a softer quieter side who
you’re gonna fit with is of vital importance because it’s awkward enough
to be talking to like a stranger person about your problems you really need
someone that you can feel safe with build rapport with fairly quickly so you
can get down to business that personality fit is oh so important
okay number five is definitely a biggie you need someone with experience now I’m
going to spend a little time on what I mean by experience now a big issue in
the land of addiction and recovery is whether or not a person needs a
counselor that is in recovery themselves and I think there are pros and cons to
that and I’m gonna take this little moment right here to tell you what I
think those pros and cons might be so that you can make some decisions for
yourself or to help your local mix most people a counselor that’s in recovery
because they feel like that counselor is going to be able to understand them and
in some ways there is a little truth to that I feel like people that are in
recovery have a sketch I that is slightly more developed so sometimes a
person recovery can call out some BS pretty quickly and I think dealing with
addiction it’s important if you’re a counselor dealing with addiction that
you’d be able to see what the truth is because otherwise you’re just gonna be
going down all the wrong rabbit holes but a kind for having a counselor that’s
in recovery and this isn’t for all of them but this happens sometimes and I
might say even frequently is that people in recovery sometimes have a difficult
time detaching their experience from your experience and so there’s a
tendency to project what they went through what they did how they thought
how they felt what they needed on to the person that they’re trying to help and
that can be a little bit frustrating to be sitting on the other side of I’ve
been doing this work for a really long time and one of the things that I do is
supervise other counselors and training this is one of the things that I’ve
noticed counselors that are in recovery themselves they’re either really awesome
or really not that good because they’re blocked from their own experiences and
they more than anyone else can get really bogged down into this whole idea
of there’s only one way to do things this work for me this is what you got a
date I’m not opposed to that but that’s called a sponsor which is slightly
different than a counselor but I do think that it is extremely important for
you to have someone who has experience so I feel like a better question for you
to be thinking or asking is how many people has this person helped get into
recovery that’s a better question because just because a person is in
recovery themselves doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gonna be good at helping
someone else get in recovery sometimes they are really good and sometimes not
so much but that experience is essential so what you’re looking for is experience
that can you get me where I need to be now I know that this is a controversial
topic and people get really hot headed about it
and people say no only a night it can help another addict rule well I gotta
say I won’t really subscribe to that belief and to be really honest with you
I know I might get some hate comments down here about this but part of that
thinking is just a symptom of addiction it’s a way that addicts and alcoholics
want to disqualify listening to the advice of someone else and they’ll do it
no matter what if you’re a counsellor in recovery and you’re dealing with
narcotics like oh you’re not in recovery for meth you understand me or oh well
you’re not in recovery and have three kids you don’t understand what it’s like
to be a mom in recovery you know it’s like a constants like you can go to a
meeting and they’re constantly disqualifying so that thing of no I’ve
got to have this person or you don’t understand me or you don’t know me
honestly it’s symptomatic of the problem and even if you’re dealing with a
counselor coach or whatever this in recovery that addict thinking will try
to disqualify that while you’re too young well you’re too oh well you got in
recovery twenty years ago and it’s not anymore you know there’s a constant
reason to disqualify so I would not use any of those excuses as who can and
can’t help you you’re looking for someone that’s got some experience and
knows how to get you from point A to point B okay and this last one here is a
little bonus for you if you really want to have someone that’s going to be the
most effective and really be able to help someone get stay and maintain
recovery you really need someone who can help you address the family issues
because it’s not just about getting a person cleanness over it’s about healing
all the trust and the wounds and all that mess that’s going on within the
family because if you don’t address that then the whole family system will
continue to fall apart even if a person is trying to get better and I hate to
say it but often times will suck that person back down into the case just
because it’s the norm and if you don’t deal with all that damage that’s been
caused it’s just gonna be really hard for someone to maintain their recovery
okay now that you know how to select a really awesome addiction counselor the
next thing you need to understand is when is addiction counseling appropriate
because there are times in the recovery process where it is appropriate and
where it’s not going to be so helpful so in order to help you understand that
I’ve created an entire playlist on understanding addiction treatment
options now I’m be really honest with you here it’s not the most exciting
stuff that I talk about but it is very very important the reason is because if
you because if you guess wrong this may be your last shot at this and if you
guess wrong you’re probably gonna waste a ton of money and a ton of time chasing
all the wrong leads so please please please educate yourself about what the
options are and know how to select the best option for you now in addition to
that playlist on understanding addiction treatment options there’s a link in the
description below for a guide that I personally wrote to help you understand
all the levels of care all the different kinds of treatment it includes you know
what you need what time how much it cost how to find
it pros and cons of each kind of treatment all the information that you
need you can get it for free just click the link in the description below

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  2. You answered a lot of questions! We're not to the point of picking a counselor yet, but this will be so helpful when the time comes 🙂

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