GARAJ 13 – SHAYEL AWZAN (Official Music Video) | جراج 13 – شايل اوزان (الفيديو الرسمي)

I will tell you how to do this If you want veins dont put any weights There is no use of weights We will play nice and easy We will hold our breath if you go fast with the car for like 5 kilos you will damage the motor So, if you’re going to hit hard, you’ll have hemorrhoids step by step we will play ‘FRAFER’ Easy and with time, this shoulder will strong Your shoulder needs to get bigger Don’t play this because it will make you shorter I want you to play randomly for a week Heavy weights will make you look great Don’t push yourself too hard or you will get cancer Run for an hour before and after exercise Sweat a lot and filter the water And leave the protein for me And make sure that all your food is full fat Apply pyrazoline and avoid girls ♫ TANK ♫ The most important thing here is the surprise I want you to surprise the muscle with a heavy weight Do not worry, you will grow and become a monster Only with a clear conscience Eat alot Four, five times, “Fata, Fanta, FTER” Mix amino with juice Diet is for ladies with cream and manicure Chest, belly, back, when you start Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I want you to eat before going to the gym Wednesday fifteen times 3/7 of the Pi muscle will make it relax if it hurts So, go hard on weights and gain muscle Or go home to sit on your a** This is much more simple, easy and useful Do not leave your ear to these exploited captains Son, you are have a tough body , you do not need more muscles Come, lets reserve this offer, we pay the whole year and we take a free month Booking a month here is more expensive, so lets take the other offer with the sauna, steam and jacuzzi
So we can clean up our lungs, bro ♫ TANK ♫

17 thoughts on “GARAJ 13 – SHAYEL AWZAN (Official Music Video) | جراج 13 – شايل اوزان (الفيديو الرسمي)

  1. العموم حلو بس ده المفروض راب انا بسئل مش بنتقد هو عجبني جدا عاش يا برنس اتمنا متكونش زعلت من سوئالي

  2. صايع فشخ و اداء عالي باين من التصوير انه اتصور بتاع ١٨ مره😂💓💯💯

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