Footwear x Mental Health: A Collaboration

Hey y’all, what’s up? I’m Britney. I’m a
researcher, computer scientist, and sneaker lover here at the MIT Media Lab.
If you’re anything like me, you already know that there’s no greater feeling
than when you buy a new pair of kicks, when you open a box for the first time and
put them on your feet. But they’re more than just shoes, they’ve shown to
empower communities, impact lives, and influence people anywhere and everywhere. We’ve seen it with breast cancer awareness and how sneakers have shed
light on that issue, but we’ve also seen it when raising money for various charities. May
is no different. It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and we need you to join
in the footwear and mental health challenge in helping to
de-stigmatized mental health. There’s especially a stigma in the
African-American community where we don’t talk about it. So we challenge you
to join with us in our footwear and mental health collaboration. You can post
a picture on Twitter, along with one or two sentences of how this sneaker
relates to mental health and wellness. It can describe how it makes you feel, you
can describe the colorway, you can even describe the inspiration behind it.
Make sure you include the hashtag “#footwearxmentalhealth”
“#mentalhealthmatters” “#blackmentalhealthmatters” Tag two
friends, encourage them to keep it going and help contribute to the conversation
in order to de-stigmatized mental health and wellness.

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