Follow up, 10 years after ECT (shock treatments).

I just wanrted to check-in. I wanted to let you know that we got the diagnosis right. I have been off of psychiatric medication now for four years. That’s because the real correct diagnosis was actually hepatic encephalopathy from .. um… secondary to chronic candidiasis from all of the anitibiotics I was on as a child. Because I was on antibiotics 4-8 times a year. So the reason why all my symptoms were all over the place was because I actually had hepatic encephalopathy. So now I am living with the ramifications of 17 years of misdianosis and mis-treatment. And **case manager whispers ” And 100 shock treatments!** And 116 ECT treatments (bilateral). The focus of bilateral ECT treatments is on the brainstem which means that now the electrical injury (which is the way it causes diaphragmatic paralysis it causes problems swalowing and the thalmus and everything else from the diffused electrical injury has caused this… so… But today is a good day because I’m walking. *cries* and I’m standing up. Hope you’re going well.

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