Fight Depression Naturally

Charlie Thomas from Oklahoma writes this,
“I’m retired struggling with staying up beat in the past I’ve had issues with depression,
but I don’t want to take pills. What can I do to stay off medications that make me feel
groggy, and by the way do nothing for sex life?” Why are so many Americans depressed?
You know this is a sad but interesting phenomenon, so when I was working as a plastic surgeon
at one point in time I thought almost about 50% of my patience were on anti-depressants.
One thing that’s happening is that family doctors are kind of prescribing half hazard
anti depressants when anyone has any problems rather than looking at alternatives for what
they can do, but our diet and lifestyle really has a lot to do with our mood. And we’ve got
really out of balance as far as how we were originally designed so when you think about
it thousands of years ago, how were human beings living. So most of us were outside,
you know we were hunters and gatherers. We were getting plenty of sunshine, lots of exercise,
eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting lots of nutrients, and now the way that we’re
living now, we’re in doors, we’re sitting in front of computers we’re eating on the
run, we’re really out of balance with it. So we’re seeing it show up in so many different
ways from different chronic diseases, but also in depression. So what research shows
is that if you start to do some things that bring your body into balance and are more
in line with how we were designed as human beings then a lot of the mood disorders are
alleviated. So for instance, exercise. There’s been a lot of research on exercise that shows
that you know just getting out and doing some brisk walking or any kind of a aerobic, or
even strengthening exercise that works just as well if not better than antidepressant
medication. So let me just back up for a minute. Is depression a clinical diagnosis or is it
more like a chemical imbalance? Well there’s really a whole spectrum of depressions. So
it can be something where it’s just kind of a situational mood than to actual clinical
depression where you’ve got some neurotransmitter chemical problems. Now even if you have that
one of the things we know is that our colon is actually a site, you wouldn’t think that,
secondary brains right? Where we manufacture neurotransmitters, so our digestion the foods
that we eat and having good colon health and bowel habits are something that actually improve
the amount of neurotransmitters that we make. What are some other natural alternatives to
medicines that we can take to help with depression? So exercise I mentioned before and I’m mentioning
it again because it’s actually the thing that has the most powerful influence in where the
research shows that it can be equal to if not better than taking antidepressant medications.
In addition to that we know that vitamin D which is our sun shine vitamins. So being
outside in the sun can sometimes elevate your mood you might notice. Because we’re manufacturing
vitamin D. If you live in a place where you’re not getting enough sunshine and particularly
in the winter time it’s known to have something called seasonal effective disorder or sad
where you don’t get enough sunlight, and so in those cases what you want to do is to take
supplemental vitamin D and sometimes during some full spectrum lighting can help as well.
Ok, well I think there’s some good news for Charlie Thomas, he can get exercise, he can
get work outside, get some sunshine improve some of his eating habits and overcome some
of his problems. Sure, and I’ll just mention there’s certain foods that we know that can
cause problems that are like pro inflammatory type foods or sugar for instance. There’s
even a book called sugar blues, where if you’re eating sugary meals it can cause your blood
sugar to spike, which initially you’re going to feel like you have lots of energy but then
it crashes and then you can feel some depression associated with that. So actually trying to
keep your blood sugar level stable is helpful for your mood, and then also because our brains
are coated with fat and all our nerves are coated with fat. Fat is actually extremely
important for good nerve health, good emotional health, and omega 3 fatty acids are considered
the very best types of fats that you can possibly consume, and there’s research showing that
people who do consume a lot of those have a much improved situation with depression
as well. Well thank you Doctor Horner for sharing your views on how to help with depression.
If you have a question about this topic or any other just click on the link bellow we’d
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