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Hey guys.
So… I woke up this morning feeling a little blue. No real reason that I can think
of, just … blue. And I’ve been thinking
about it all day. I mean, everyone feels like this
sometimes. Right? So, here’s some of the things
that I do to cheer myself up. I journal. I write and doodle
anything that’s in my mind. And usually I try to do that
before I go to bed every night. I organize my room and my
backpack. Um, exercise helps. Sometimes even just a brisk
walk can really… just clear my head. And talking to people. Talking to people helps even
if it’s just talking to the clerk at a store, type of
thing, I find helps. And… of course remembering
that positive attitude… changes everything. Oh (laughs softly) and
my parents taught us uh, the laughing meditation. It’s a
it’s a Buddhist meditation. And You… just… laugh. You, you put your hands on
your belly like this… and you laugh really hard like a
belly laugh. (laughs) Yeah. Okay. So it’s a little
weird and awkward at first. But I promise if you keep it up,
you will start to feel better. And a little bit less stressed. But, sometimes, I still…
feel blue. And then, I feel guilty about
feeling sad, because… I am supposed to be the upbeat
positive one… all the time! I am supposed to be the upbeat
positive one… all the time! I mean I am known as being
an upbeat person. I mean, P.A.C.E.
Right? (giggle) But, I’m not always. And…
I started to think. Maybe I’m just being really
unfair on myself. You know? I don’t always have to be upbeat
and positive. And to expect that of myself
is; it isn’t fair. To camoflage myself to fit
into a mold of what I think I should act or feel…
or think? Well, that doesn’t help anyone
and it… it just gets you lost. So here’s my March thought
for you. You can’t have the Spring
without the Winter. And I think the Winter is
beautiful too. The key is knowing that you
are not alone… in what you feel. Everyone
has felt the way you feel… at some point.
And knowing that… makes me feel better about
not feeling better. Anyway. Thank you so much for letting
me share, guys. I really appreciate it. P.A.C.E.

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