Dreezy Talks Dating Jacquees And Defending Him Against Ella Mai

position your position where is
benefitting you more than it’s benefiting out people gonna feel some
type of way but unless they come and talk to me and we communicate about it
and to where you get the full understand about it I can’t really like I can’t
start my life for you know what I’m saying
no I feel you and I’m glad would go out there and to this day I just hit Brooks
yesterday like I’m doing the Spotify documentary they want to use the music I
want to make sure you get paid for your cut let me know your split let me know
even though other boy I talked to him in years I want to make sure he get his
fair split right always like that like it’s no hard feelings I just he was just
in there late we was working together like I want to get him on my next album
I just I’m not gonna you know what I’m saying nobody wanna know but I know
Brooks want me good relationship now me and Brooks good right he go like you
know they got the dogs over there Rick good he he went platinum and be a young
way I know he working with some new some new artists and stuff we got some new
music that we working on talented Andy a good good engineer here for the sound
and he dedicate each sleep brief studio so anybody like that is gonna win
especially knowing that you good in my book cuz if I were in Brooks definitely
going yesterday over here over here speaking of I know you say he was in a
relationship with your friend your relationship over time you kind of like
a chola rapper wave it was like some about these rappers okay we gotta go
into details but you like you know what this rap thing this RB thing so we know
that your relationship with John Cleese how was that like dealing with just
having your relationship publicly and dealing with groupies and shit like that
I miss a little heart you know because I mean is
I’ve been running my business so long like my slate so clean that when I
started getting my name like involved in all this other nonsense I kind of get
irritated a little bit cuz it’s my brain you know saying I work so hard for my
brand I don’t like people like judging my character or what’s going on based
off personal things you know what I’m saying but at the same time I don’t
really care you know like I feel like jacquees was and still is he a great
vibe he’s a great man for me like you said I
was always on a street way but I got tired of competing dudes behinds okay phyto
would chew on the middle of seven nights out in the street trying to open your
windows and you trying to pull my hand out like no so you want them crazy ones
but no crazy psychotic in this very taxi and I think you know when I met doc
Wiese it was just like it wasn’t even that it was just like first I was seeing
him he was trying to talk to me I’m just saying I don’t know
then I started thinking like dreezy is you say you so stressed out you always
say you want a man that wanna do sit like that Chris is always like let me
take you out let me just you know understand I’m like let me try
and I went out with him and we have fun like we go all dates never been done
just smoking in the crib we do that – of course cuz I like to smoke he likes
smoke but we go out like we go bowling we go out to eat right like we find
little bars look cool places to just vibe out and just be cool we both in the
music I like how he run his business like he got properties and cars and he’d
take care of his family like a man you know I’m saying so it’s just a lot of
stuff that I saw and I respected him that is like you ain’t even gotta be
streak because I respect you more for just being yourself
I hate me because they be trying to be tough right low and bringing them along
yeah so I definitely feel like he complimenting me every time we walk in
the room you know he got a big presence but he always put me first like my lady
right here let my lady sit down lately I’m saying like it’s just always respect
he I was going to meet my dad he always wanted me to meet his mom his family he
got no kids like right let me try it out and you know there’s a lot of Kingston
stuff but you know I think we’re always gonna be friends regardless what you can
what you could deal because everybody go hear something cool Google that way too
bad that’s what I look at the Google got no right which mean it outweighs the bad
which mean you got to be more good than bad
and that’s not always see it and you know sometimes I get to a point with
it’s saying like that bad are wearing a good but I don’t know I might need to be
single for the rest of my life cuz how crazy yeah I know you loose
Muhsin windows but guys it’s a lot of things these guys need to work on
but I think I got some things I need to work on like okay like my daddy say you
know people are trigger me but it’s how you react to the situation in you know
what I’m saying and I don’t know how to control my reaction like people do unreasonable
things and I just be like whatever cuz look at you now like you frowning up
like you ready to go down right now thinking like we’re gonna need some
anger Matt and of today’s episode we’re gonna sign you up a little
bit but I need to work on myself but I would say before you just be like let me
wash my hands just think about other stuff that you can work on too you know
and don’t just you know just I just think that job y’all super cute together
I’m like you said just a gentleman parent one thing I wanted to bring up he
was having some drama with my focus I’m about you doing my songs with this LM a
person and I like how you came I wasn’t I want trying to check element right
like I’m gonna always be I’m here for females
right anything but it’s just like just the loyalty in me to ask anybody I’m
around or that I care about or that I see and like I said I
was there when it happened like I saw when she tried to climb on it and now
I’m like dang I was there when they’re happy like yeah I remember one story
license like bro you gotta perform what’s the phone trip right he’s like
you got

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  1. how u siding with dreezy on this. That nigga jacques was out here straight performin that girl single like seriously at his shows lol

  2. Amazing platform. Would love to see more entrepreneurs in business outside of entertainment. Understanding is over 50% of the solution‼️ 💪🏿

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