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  1. Throughout my life I’ve experienced derealization many times for a few minutes each time and last year I experienced it for 2 weeks along with depersonalization. Heavy heavy heavy. I don’t know why I did, I did tend to stress myself out a lot at the time, but nothing purely caused it. I think it was an episode, I’m unsure if it’ll ever come back. It still bugs me to this day. I still experience 5 minute long moments every so often.

  2. sometimes when i get dizzy and i feel like things slow down for a sec and like where I'm at isn't a real place like I'm hallucinating

  3. Wow this is exactly what I've been struggling with for 9 yrs persistently.. there are days were I feel super anxious and depressed. I have my days were I don't pay attention to it as much..I only don't notice when I'm having incredible day! It's crazy because I find myself being so confused! Confused about who I am. I feel like a spectator.. like my mind and thoughts belong to many parts of different ppl. When I'm shopping I'm so decisive on what I what. And making decisions are overwhelming.

  4. i found your channel when i got the notification for the video on dodie’s channel and i’m so happy i did

  5. I've been having depersonalization a lot recently and the only way I can cope with it and bring myself back to reality is if I self harm. It's gotten really bad. I don't have a specific trauma I've experienced, but recently I've had a lot of anxiety around my parents. The first 2 times they found out about my self harm they made me undress and if I didn't then my mom would do it for me. They yelled and screamed at me and grabbed me and made me feel so unsafe and so alone…I don't know if that's what is causing the depersonalization or what. I feel like I'm crazy 🙁 I have been severely struggling with an eating disorder…I have for a few years but my worst relapse was this year. And that has been stressful for my family and myself. I just don't know why this disconnected feeling is happening.

  6. I’ve had this since I was 14 and I’m now 20. Hardest thing to deal w in my life! I’m happy that I came across this vid cuz I’ve never known anyone who has this longer than a few bits.

  7. Hey, I know you probably won’t see this, but I was wondering if you think it’s possible that I have a derealization disorder. The way it is described sounds like exactly what I feel, but I’ve felt it for as long as I can remember. I’m only 13 and I can remember feeling like this as young as 4 years old. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through anything particularly traumatic, my life is pretty amazing. I just don’t know what it means or how to get it to go away. I’ve been dealing with severe clinical depression for about a year and a half now, and I was recently diagnosed with ADD. Since my mental health has taken this downfall these feelings of living in a dream or just not existing keep getting worse. Sometimes it feels like just a constant background of my mind. I really don’t understand my mind and it is so frightening. If you have any advice I’d feel so thankful. And thank you so much for your videos. You and dodie have helped me so much with dealing with this.

  8. i know i always feel like i’m in a police interrogation room with the one way glass in it and i’m looking into the mirror part and just kinda… starring at myself ?? i just feel very inside of myself and disconnected fro the outside world

  9. This is me ?…. my mum thinks it’s all just in my head and that I don’t have it. I would like to see someone about it… any advice ? I would really appreciate are it xx?

  10. …she wants to use the nhs… wow. there are people that are dying and cannot go on with their lives as though they are normal but she can! i don’t believe that she should be on the nhs waiting list, especially when she can avoid private treatment and her condition is questioned by doctors.

  11. I have something like this I think, every once in awhile when I'm depressed I cant focus, my brain blanks and I cant move. It feels as if I am not actually there, like I'm just a husk and not really alive

  12. Kati, I wish more people would try Esketamine clinical research studies. Esketamine was given to me in an i.v. solution and in a nasal spray. These two studies were enormously helpful in turning my depression around 180 degrees.

  13. Im here because im currently going through Klonapin withdrawal and I'm wondering what has happened to me. Im very happy to know that what I'm experiencing, isn't me losing my mind. Infact my body and mind are hyperfocused right now. Thanks for Sharing

  14. I have this but never realised until dodie talked about it. I had the guts to talk to a doctor when I realised I wasn’t going mad. Thank you dodie for being so open

  15. Dp dr is temporary and reaction to stress it's only suppose to last a few minutes it becomes ongoing when people think about it or get stuck in loops it's all in your head anyone who makes it a prolonging disorder that's on them

  16. Just started vid, symptoms so far seem ADHD-related and related to low self-awareness, are they all that similar?

    Great vid! I know what self-awareness and lack of it is, also the remedy. But, can anyone please tell me what causeses lack of it? Thanks!

  17. When I have depersonalization
    I worry I’m actually in a dream and in real life I’m asleep does anyone feel like this.
    Id love to not feel alone

  18. I've had DP/DR for about 15 years straight now. I only found out there was a name for it about 3 years ago and that gave me hope. I thought YouTube videos of people talking about it would be helpful but I'm finding it even more frustrating. Dodie so far is the only person I can relate to symptom-wise and her neverending quest to get some relief. I'm honestly thinking there is no cure though. So what do we do?

  19. For me it’s this trippy feeling, especially when I walk. It feels like I’m taking longer to walk somewhere and when turning corners like I’m somewhere else. It’s hard very hard and laying down is only time I feel okay. But it’s caused me vertigo and worsened my anxiety. I wish someone could tell me how to make it go away

  20. Is derealization also known as brain fog? The way she describes it is how I have been feeling for months while struggling with depression. I thought it was brain fog could it be derealization?

  21. A phrase I got off Jenna Marbles about days of nothing is that ‘It’s nothing but it doesn’t serve for nothing’ and that really helps me to take days off without as much guilt

  22. I’ve been struggling with this and it feels like I’m going crazy. Is it possible to feel delusional but not have delusions? That’s kind of a confusing question. I feel very scared because of the way I’m feeling. I can’t even function anymore. It’s super hard to explain.

  23. I’m the total opposite, I hate waking up and having nothing to do, it makes me immediately feel like I’m wasting my life and think about the meaningless of life, I try to be busy all the time

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