12 thoughts on “Do Dietitians Make You Gain Weight??? | Kati Morton

  1. hi.. i experience the hunger when i start eating. its like b4 i eat, i'm fine. but after i start eating its hard to stop. how long does it take for that feeling to go away and until it doesn, what can i do to prevent over eating or binging?

  2. thats exactly what scares me. when i start to eat, i get hungrier :(.. so i tend to put off eating breakfast till about 12noon. coz i think, well i'm gonna be sleepin well into the night – 1or 2pm (due to reali bad insomnia – which sometimes means more hours to binge) then maybe i should start eating later. put off eating for a couple hours. i dont know what times i'm supposed to eat.

  3. This was the worst part for me when I went ip. I went in the first time & they just had me maintain and two weeks after I left I went back in and I had to gain weight that time. My 1st meal I cried because it was so much food & then they started me on ensure plus. The emotions/feelings I had when they were having me gain weight were horrible. I guess this is why I keep things a secret so I don't have to do that again.

  4. When I moved back to WI back in 2010 I was suppose to go IP and then residential but I didn't. I told my mom I would just find a treatment team knowing that I wouldn't. I feel like if I go back to treatment I will be failing them once again especially since they think I am fine. Its sad that they live 3 minutes away and yet have no idea that I still cut and still have my eating disorder. But then again growing up I was able to keep what happened to me a secret for so many years…

  5. Well that's why I just see my therapist. Last time I told my family i was going into treatment, my oldest sister treated me like shit and this was when I was still leaving in PA. She literally yelled at me and told me I was being selfish. Plus, I don't think I am sick enough for treatment….

  6. hi im in treatment now actually and im working with a dietitian now and shes really great………………………………im finally entering maintenance and im scared can u put up a video about maintenance and how that's a whole other hill to climb………….

  7. Kati, I know this is an old video but I have a question. What's the difference between a healthy weight range and your own, ideal weight?

  8. Hi kati and kate. What if u r resistant to following the meal pl ans AND decreasing exercise? Not playing games but really struggling with increasing intake. Seeing both dietician and therapist but so afraid of losing control of things AND guess I am also giving control to my dietician. Help…love ur videos and u are my walking buddy now since I have no other support systems.

  9. Now when I just started eating properly I feel hungry 24/7. Just every second and that's so scary because rarely was hungry before and now I'm the whole time

  10. Hi Kati, I am struggling with a restricted eating disorder. I am frustrated because my state insurance company refused treatment for me since I am "bigger" but losing weight fast with restricting and over exercise. I have been in this place 2 other times and before and before this relapse I was treated for binge eating disorder. My hair is already starting to fall out, I get headaches every day, digestion is slowed, I get lightheaded etc. I have no idea what to do. I feel like I am not "sick enough" for treatment and I am also scared that if they do approve my appeal, will treatment be a high calorie content or would it be tailored to me to help me get to a healthy weight. I hate this and feel very hopeless and depressed. Do you have any ideas on what could help me?

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