14 thoughts on “Dementia 13 (1955) Film-Noir, Horror, Mystery Full Movie

  1. No wonder she’s psychotic, living in a place with a constant background of orchestral music, I’m surprised she didn’t open doors etc to find the string section or percussion section in the hallway. Film Noir might be some people’s idea of a good film, but, not on your nelly for me, just doesn’t make any sense at all, waste of a good storyline (ish). I can never understand why this type of film appeals, pure rubbish and does not reflect life or even a psychologically disturbed life in any way shape or form, it just panders to the “Arty Farty” crowd who think that half a sheep in formaldehyde or a bed with dirty underwear on it is “Art” load of old bull crap.

  2. When I put on the English translation for subtitles the movie made perfect sense to me LOL a good watch if you have nothing better to do

  3. Great flick! Thanks for posting. This is the first time that I've seen the version with the (I believe) original "Dementia" title & credits. This film is uncannily similar to Polanski's "Repulsion". Oddly, to me, Philip Hardy has never included it in his Overlook horror film encyclopedia; considering many of the entries in the various editions over the years, his idea of what constitutes cinematic horror is decidedly broad, so again, his omission of this movie which most certainly contains a good deal of horrifying imagery is peculiar.

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