Deaf in a Hearing World

When I was a freshman in my high school I was very depressed. because I was in a new high school having no friends I was a deaf, hispanic girl wearing cochlear implants – thats a device that helps me hear. When I arrived at my new high school it felt like a completely different world. I didn’t know anyone. Nobody cared. Nobody asked me how I felt or if I was okay or not All the people usually avoid me because I was deaf or gave me a disgusted look “Is she deaf or what?” they would usually whisper like that. I didn’t like that. I felt very sad. I was living in a cold, grey, and isolated world. I was in my poetry class, There was a brown-haired guy sitting in front of me. He gave me a note. It shocked me. I never had a note before. I opened it. He was asking me if I would like a friend. He was a complete stranger. You know, I didn’t trust anyone. But I was still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Eventually I became his best friend. He talked to me like I wasn’t deaf. And I was happy. He made me feel like I belonged. I usually hang out with him. We’re always drawing something new or working on the story He remains to be my best friend today. My best friend treated me like I every hearing person. I truly learned the true meaning of friendship I can’t really hear but I’m willing to help my friends. He changed me and I’m really thankful to him for that. I’m really, really happt to have a friend like him.

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  2. okay, but some of the words she uses are so big and i still don’t understand how she learned them without hearing.

  3. For some devilish reason ,I wanna now what happened after this ,I hope she’s still with her friend and is not depressed.

  4. Don't let anyone tell you what to do, what you can or can't be and also try to ignore these people who are like: Hey she is deaf, yes that's weird.

  5. Keep to learned Sign Language for peace of friends needed learned or read with lips our Hearing talk is blamed bullies.
    Im deaf from Mexico City can 100% classmates friends and no longer gropus schools not needed friends to past 20 years no longer back friends solo deafness and jobs into street no prices, no family, im from home alone ???

  6. See they always bullying the most nicest people, people think bullying is funny or it makes them popular but it really doesn't, it really just shows you who you really are as a human being. I've been bullied Because a girl thought I was "ugly" although I envied one thing about her which was her hair and I love curly hair, but it gotten better in middle school&high school though

  7. Her voice dosent bother me but her mic dosent seem good and it sounds like there’s a echo so that makes the quality seem bad ;–;

  8. For those who are saying deaf people can’t talk,
    Yes they can.
    They just usually don’t and can have trouble talking.
    That’s mainly because they have trouble hearing themself.
    So, stop saying that.
    They also usually use sign language if they want.

  9. My sister Is deaf and I can see how she struggles sometimes with communicating to other ppl and so me and my family always try to help her when we can

  10. Please stop bulling her for her voice she probably has an accent but i have a deaf friend who’s been deaf for his life which means it would be harder for him to speak because he’s never heard anyone else speak. This girl might be the same

  11. This brought me to tears because I have hearing aid too and I’m Hispanic.. and also I’m deaf too because my left ear can hear theand the right ear can’t hear nothing, I have my hearing aid on my left ear.

    Like omg ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. i feel bad for her because i have been through the same thing as im deaf no one desevers to be judged just because their diffrent

  13. I dont know you but I love her accent and voice, it remembers me of my family talking english (I am latin american thats why my family doesnt talk english that much) and by the way, those two will get married?, just wait

  14. I saw this anime called a silent voice and how a deaf girl named Shouko became friends with people and this guy named Shouya bullied her and as a result he lost his friends and years later he reconnect with her

  15. Aww, she sounds nice. Although she couldn’t hear what she said from what she recorded.. I sometimes shut my ears when something is loud coming

  16. She is really really good at taking not because she is deaf it doesn’t mean that she is dumb and stuff she talks good she can hear because the device in her ears

  17. I feel so bad for you girl am sorry we need people to support this girl with respects! We need people OK! WE NEED PEPOLE TO HELP OUR KIND THAT HAS PROBLEMS OK am sorry for yelling I just got mad

  18. My name is Prescilla west black female i am deaf cant hear i live at the farm with my parents and me I don't have any boyfriend, friends test message 2335704

  19. I understand you soo much
    And the fact she can speak is very Incredible
    My mom and dad are Deaf
    So I understand you and you are great Person for Speaking English!
    And How you can speak is great
    Have a great day ! ?❤️??

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