day in the life (mini vlog) ft. oral presentation

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be doing a vlog of my day or half my day. As you can see I look like shit because I just woke up. So I’m gonna get started with today’s work I guess and I’m gonna go brush my hair and which should take a long time because I am hella slow so… see ya. Back again guys. I just finished brushing my hair. I’m gonna tie it up with a bandana so it can stay in place when I have a shower. So I’ll see you guys in the bathroom. What am i doing. Arrived at the shower, I’m going to start by brushing my teeth. As you can see I brush my teeth guys before eating breakfast, as I said in my unpopular opinion video, yeah! I’m going to go and have a shower now, that’s what I’m saying but there’s no audio. (song is People Everyday by Arrested Development)
I’m back from the shower, just had a shower and I am going to start with my face routine video so I changed into something more comfortable and I’m doing a face routine for a week which is a video i’ll upload after this so this is just my face routine that I am doing right now. So I’m washing my face with a face cleanser and I’m going to apply a toner next to clean excess dirt of my face. Yes I am using a Winnie the Pooh towel, don’t come at me I couldn’t find the face towel so here’s my Winnie the Pooh towel I’ll see you guys back at my room! Hey guys back again, and I’m going to be applying my um deodorant because you should always use the deodorant. And then I’m gonna go on and moisturize my skin with Nivea. Yes, I can already feel you guys judging me with my bed sheet, it’s cool okay. So this is my outfit for today I have a shirt that is that has been thrifted and a jeans that has also been thrifted. So here’s my socks I’ll be wearing with that and a pair of Vans shoes The weather today is 25 degrees so yeah my outfit matches perfectly. So here’s this transition that I tried to do but failed miserably and here’s me after with my clothes on! I don’t know what I’m doing. Okay… so I forgot to apply perfume so I’m doing that. I’m going to try to style my hair so it can stay down completely so I’m using on gel and toothbrush cause I don’t have a gel comb and yeah, I proceeded after to apply my hair clip to the side of my hair to give me a more angst look. I’m trying to be cool guys but I’m failing miserably. Anyways I tie it down with a bandana so it stays down (wow! sentence on point there) [typewriter] [Music] Here’s being giving my oats a taste test and it was great! I really don’t know what this video clip is, but I just put it in anyways I guess. So, I am on my way to the bus stop and here’s the video of my face there’s gonna be a lot of feet footage on this like my shoes because vlogging alone is hard (facts). [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So I’ve arrived at business school and here is me just… showing that I’m alive. We in class boisss. gang gang. so I try to take some footage in class and I did, today I have an oral presentation and I’m presenting today so, I’m going to be taking a footage of my presentation. Anyways, here’s a video of the teacher talking. [teacher talking] Here’s the first presenter he talked about, I think racism in the workplace and yeah. Apparently he didn’t have a PowerPoint because he didn’t have an HDMI cord and he didn’t have a USB so I don’t know how that worked out, but it didn’t at the end of the day. And here is me presenting and you guys can listen to my presentation because why not [tragic sounds because why not] [ahhh wtfff] [why do i sound like this tho? for real] wow! that was freaking terrifying, geez This was the last presenter of the day. She also talked about racism in the workplace. Everyone’s just talking about racism I guess, that’s why I just chose to do ageism instead. So class is over and I am out of this place. I am going – I’m going home [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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