David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

thank you very much it’s good to be here
in Boston and thank you very much for coming here
tonight hi yup I teach film I make films I am I would like to know am NOT a meditator what does meditation can you say anything about how meditation might connects to your creative process or to
the might help the creative process at my
students or myself yes they can will you ASA will yeah as tonight stock is consciousness
creativity in the brain and and if you have a golf ball size
consciousness when you read a book you’ll have a golf
ball size understanding when you look out a golf
ball size awareness and when you wake up in the
morning a golf ball size wakefulness but if you could expand that
consciousness then you read the book more
understanding you look out more awareness and when you
wake up more wakefulness its consciousness and there’s an ocean I’ve pure vibrant consciousness inside each one of
us and it’s right at the source and base of mind right at the source of thought and it’s also with the source of all
matter and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaches a technique called
transcendental meditation it’s a simple easy effortless technique yet supremely profound that allows any human being to dive within experiencing subtler levels of mind and intellect and transcend and experience
this ocean a pure consciousness this pure consciousness is called by modern physics the unified
field it’s at the base of all mind and all
matter and they now say modern science says, all of matter everything that is a thing emerges from
this field and this field has qualities like bliss intelligence creativity universal love energy peace and it’s not the
intellectual understanding at this field but the experiencing a bit that does everything you dive within and transcending experiencing this field
a pure consciousness and UN live in it he won folded it grows and the final outcome of this growth of
consciousness is called enlightenment and
enlightenment is the full potential up all of us human beings and a side
effect have been lining this consciousness is
negativity starts to reseed when I started
meditating I was filled with anxieties bill with
fears kind of it a depression and anger and I took this anger out on my
first wife and after two weeks of meditation she comes to me and she says what’s
going on and I was quiet for a moment because it
could have been any number of things she might have been referring to I’m I plan he said what do you mean and she
said this anger where did it go and I didn’t even
realize it had lifted now these negative things like anger and
depression and sorrow there beautiful things in a story but there like a poison to the filmmaker their poison to the painter their poison
to creativity they like a vice grip if you were super
depressed you can hardly get outta bed let alone
think ideas have their creativity flowing so its money in the bank to get that beautiful consciousness
growing which is flowing creativity the ability
did catch ideas at a deeper level intuition grows this field is a field a
pure knowing that’s you dive in there you
sort it doesn’t know all how to go you know how to solve
solutions it’s like an ocean up solutions and you you can just feel this thing
growing but the ultimate thing for me is the enjoyment up the doing the enjoyment
of life grows huge I love making films now more than ever
before ideas flow more everybody has more fun
on the set creativity flows there’s no people look
like friends not like enemies it’s a beautiful
beautiful thing and its ass in basic science this field
a pure consciousness is called at meh the self the self-service all at that level as Doctor John Hagel would
tell you it that level love life we are all one where one diver city appear unity down below its it said %um it’s a great thing for the filmmaker thank you i would i would like to have that glass
of water if that’s possible okay this is Jay my friend and assistant really good it’s not quite as good as pure
consciousness but really how you doing up at good on my name’s Alex Harvey M meditating for a while I want to know if there was a moment where you realize
the effect that pure consciousness have in your work right from the very beginning and and like I said I might have been am and II think I had so many anxieties and
fears and I felt those lifting and bliss is a thing in this field the
Unified Field bliss they say is the sweetest nectar a flight bliss is physical emotional mental spiritual
happiness and you can fine break with this bliss
and it’s this happiness from with the N they say have a sane
true happiness isn’t out there true happiness lies with
them and I always wondered where is this
within and and they don’t say where it is and then they don’t even say how to get
to it this is the beauty of this technique there’s lotsa forms a meditation but
with transcendental meditation to me the key is the word transcend to
die all the way in it’s a huge round between the surface have life and this
fundamental pure consciousness but it’s there and
when you’re in it you know you’re in it its familiar
but it’s you and right away a happiness but it’s not like a goofball happiness
its it said it’s a thick beauty it’s a thick beauty to appreciate life in living and
Weiss suffer suffering starts to go and people
say we gotta have anger you gonna have an edge you know to create you gotta know what
about anger you gotta have energy gonna have clarity
to create you gonna be able to catch ideas you got
to be able to be strong enough to fight on believable pressure and stress in the
whole thing in this world that will lift because this whole thing
is tied to world peace but it’s gonna be a better world but it’s
still a very tough world and this just gives you more and more and more ability to say it
just looks beautiful it’s way way way way better and this
happen right away thank you you bet

57 thoughts on “David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

  1. Perfect moment with water. It tells so many about blissful ignorance of humanity and even far more.

  2. I've developed a real fondness for Mr. Lynch. In addition to being a fantastic artist (and I'll be the first to admit I don't understand some of his art), he just seems like a truly personable and sweet guy.

    Which is strange because TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN is one of the darkest, most unsettling things I've ever seen. I'm a little afraid of where he got those ideas…

  3. What an inspiring way of explaining, such a profound truth within us all, over the years I've grown to appreciate his many layers, a true surrealist filmmaker, a gem in his field,

  4. I love this. I'm so interested in those kinda things and love listening to Eckhardt tolle as well. I didnt know David lynch was into Meditation and enlightenment stuff i am honestly impressed

  5. So familiar and overwhelmingly pure. A pearl amongst a sea of pearls separate but connected to everything

  6. What a fabulous head of hair ☺ Totally love what he says, an ocean of pure consciousness which is connected to God /Universal Love at all times, diving within changes you deeply ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  7. Okay i'm a very sceptical person when it comes to meditation stuff and all those things about transcending out of the world. Can a sceptical person like me who's experienced TM tell me if it actually works even tho you don't believe in it?

  8. This speech reflects my experience of meditation EXACTLY. Honestly, I've been reading about this for years and years even from masters like Jiddhu Krishnamurti and this video is one of the best I've ever seen. Amazing.

  9. St. Luke preached that the Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us! The Temple is the Body and Heaven is in the Mind!!

  10. Lynch is an incredible human being talented , creative , intelligent and kind. And I've always been a fan , I remember the first time I saw this back when he was on the tour going to all the many places talking about TM. I have yet to find a good TM teacher because I would give anything to have what he's talking about. This 8 minutes describes the one thing I want most in the world. That is second to a good woman who truly loves me , shes what I want most of all.
    Maybe the TM can help me find her. I dont care about money, property or fame.

  11. Bliss is so wonderful. Where does it go when I'm not experiencing it? I want to keep it in my pocket so I'll have it.

  12. Credit** This Video With my subsequently Learning Transcendental Meditation & my path to the an eventual Spiritual Awakening.. Namaste Mr. Lynch – you changed my life -thank you

  13. The perfect execution of the inner work that has clearly been achieved here. Beautiful to witness x

  14. This was so deeply moving. I learned how to TM when I was 8.. back in the 70s. Really Blessed to have hippie parents. πŸ’—

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  16. Impossible to notice Mr Lynch would have a hard time speaking tho a large audience about TM. What a great man! Beautiful speach

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