Curing Mental Illness-This WORKS!

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going on guys its glen here and in this video im gonna give you a few steps you can take
if your somebody that has a mental illness within your life such as depression anxiety
these steps are gonna help you get to where you want within life and to face fear lets
get step number 1 is that you need to value yourself treat yourself with respect
dont let other people put you down,because this is only gonna take you further down into
that dark hole that are in right now!i need to go out today so im gonna give you a few
steps along the way!alright guys another step that i have is to take care of your body eat
as best as you can cause this will effect your mood within your life and another step
that i have is to surround yourself with good people.dont surround yourself with negative
people because these are just gonna drag you down and make things even worse so do not
do this to yourself guys,and by the way if your a subscriber stick around till the end
because that is gonna be the most important step through this whole process!so im just
gonna get a quick coffee!alright guys so another step that i have is that you have to relax
the mind,de stress yourself there are so many apps out there that you can use to help your
mind,Calm is a really good app,just download that and see how you get on,dont put yourself
under too much pressure,you can do this so get that shit done!so my second last step
that you can take to help with your mind is to break out of your routine,dont get me wrong
there is nothing wrong with having a routine but sometimes when you are feeling at a low
point just get out and do something else to keep your mind occupied take up a new hobbie,go
on a walk talk to somebody else or hangout with friends dont be afraid to do this,just
the more you get out the easier things will be and you will be able to sleep a lot better!so
my last step guys is that if you are thinking of self harming yourself whatever you do,do
not do this there are people out there that love you you have to remember this!talk to
a professional or talk to a family member,you can get through this you might think you cannot
now but you can and you will!i recently done a video on being hesitant in life check that
just click the eye in the top right hand corner or the link in the description!remember there
are people out there that love you and want you to be happy do not forget this you can
get help you can help yourself and you can move on with your life and be truly happy
one day you will wake up and realize that this was just a small milestone in your life
thought you couldnt get over but you did!so guys that brings this video to an end leave
your comments below if you have found other ways to get over a mental illness dont be
afraid to do this we are a community after all we can all help each other!so if you have
enjoyed this video what are you doing,hit that subscribe button and give me a thumbs
up,i release videos like this every single wednesday,you only get one life BE FEARLESS

7 thoughts on “Curing Mental Illness-This WORKS!

  1. Leave a comment if you have found ways to help with a mental illnsss!💪🏼subscribe here:

  2. Thanks dude video really helps.
    Keep these videos going. Your an inspiration. The world needs more of that. I've had aniexty + other stuff too and this video really helps me. Defo will be watching this video regularly. Be Fearless!

  3. Anal-retentive photographer and designer in me speaking: Please don't stand with the picture centered over your head, have it offset to the side 😛

    EXCELLENT video – SO many "self help" videos out there are so misguided and so many others bury the lead in metaphors and explanations. Yours are short, clear, and effective. Your points are strong and speaking as someone who's been all the way into the dark side (and spent six hospitalized months because of it) I can say these are absolutely the keys to getting back on track… although I need to work more on the "take care of your body" thing (but I called a nutritionist this week and I'm starting to run and road bike again, YAY!).

  4. Cool Simple clear message pal 👌
    Sometimes you can’t relate to the big shot millionaires
    On the motivational vids on ytube best a luck wit the channel pal… I’ve been to the darkness and I’ve had great achievements in sport 🥊
    Took a wrong turn but am on the bounce back now self doubt self sabotage gets you nowhere some of the things a persons says to themselves they would never say to another…mind is powerful ✌️

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