Creeping around in Until Dawn-Psychosis

my name is Jorden Fisher and I play the
character Matthew Matt my god we got to get out of I don’t
understand what this is insane we need to go get help
hello guys hello Samantha looking for me we should look for the
others Mike and Jess are off to sixty-nining each other and who knows
where Sam is she’s in the lodge why are we still talking about this let’s go Hey
look fire tower No what is that I don’t know what are you gonna do stay calm relax
there’s a steer check us out is all no no no madman
gonna hurt us just look it’s okay come on if we do manage to get someone on the
radio real then we tell them we need help what do we do while we wait we go
back to the lodge and get everyone else oh we should stay here in case whoever
does needs to get back in touch with us let’s get that radio working first no kidding I can’t see what is that it’s
just a security like motion sensor probably why’s it so windy all sudden Ramos
inside yeah sorry Anna still missing after tonight
in their disappearance 30% great power
gotta be a switch or something around here so no power No you take this might need it
aye-aye captain Oh sorry you’re still missing to Beth my name is Emily
Oh would mountain by the ski lodge something sensor Sammis I’m coming I’m coming
this is pretty good study over here Matt you’ve gotta do something right now
what are you waiting to up speaking let me think
don’t thank you idiot just get me out of here Emily you’re upset you need to calm down
you’re gonna be fine stop yelling at me and let me work this out okay yeah you just take all the time you need
not like I’m going anywhere I’m gonna try and get you in please
please not just do something I’m coming here I don’t want to tip it you she wasn’t up there I don’t know I
didn’t see her she must have come down here I haven’t seen her either what is
going on around here Chris it
what Chris may just want to say what happened back during the shed I know how
hard that was Josh was your friend then should we stop no I wouldn’t say I mean
thank you thank you for saving my life ash what was I gonna do as you alright yeah I just I know you
and Josh were close Chris let’s just find Sam okay that’s what we’re doing oh
my god Ashley just stop okay I don’t want to think about what just happened
Chris we’re finding Sam wait a minute did you just see that did
did I see why that quit what that was that and we’re like what like a
see-through shape like oh boy I’m serious
why don’t you believe me I said I saw it doesn’t that count for anything through
hell tonight okay your mind is fried my mind is fried I don’t even trust what
I’ve been seeing no you are wrong I saw it and I am sure
Chris all right all right maybe maybe it’s maybe you did see something let’s
just let’s just keep our heads are we going crazy down here it’s the only
place left Sam could be ash I wish we could just go find everyone else and
what if Sam needs us what if she’s in trouble
Oh God let’s go I don’t think so I mean I don’t know
what everything that’s so freaky around here doors slamming in candles lighting
it out of nowhere you see that translucent white figure just passing
right my eyes we could be seeing things I’m not imagining things
yeah well I mean I saw things too I saw it happen to Josh the shed you know that
next that’s what I’m worried about oh I know no you know what I’m really
worried about okay I’m worried about Sam what’s happened to her there’s some
maniac out here that she could be dead too
don’t say that please Chris there’s no handle wait Christmas let go what can you see
it no you weren’t looking at your phone ooh
dip what are you tweeting hashtag there’s a freaking ghost after us – calm
down okay there is no ghost here the ghost of whitey you’re free to help
because of what happened with Josh paying attention I saw it I saw a ghost
and it looked like Jesus what do you think they followed us up here from the
CIA they didn’t because ghosts don’t exist okay okay it was talking to us at
the seance Chris I don’t know what did that how does the picture just jump off
the wall like that ah here you go
oh my god you can’t tell me you see that’s you yeah I don’t know I crazy
person is showing us the way of course you can see in the windows see what it’s
tiny furniture no it’s a whole scene with dolls and
everything yeah and look this little key what’d I tell you that ghost is helping
us whoa what is going on Oh God it’s like
it’s not like anything that’s us hiding there waiting for Hannah
last year but it’s it’s so accurate I mean that’s exactly where I was sitting
and that’s where Matt was was set up by someone who was there or someone or
something that was watching us maybe it’s a warning
I think someone I think someone put this here to mess with us no it has to be the
ghost is trying to tell us the maniac killed Hannah bad I think it’s this
bastard that he’s easier trying to fuck with our heads why would he set this all
up Chris he’s trying to tell us that he’s gonna come after us all to it’s
it’s Hannah’s diary I really think josh is doing better now
that he’s out of the hospital I saw him today this was before a couple months
before we all came up I saw him today and he seemed better
he’s pretty upbeat but he talked like he’s been doing therapy for such a long
time I guess I didn’t know mom and dad never let on funny how you could not
even know your own brother I kind of need a good cry thinking about how
lonely he must feel everyone being together here on the
mountain is gonna be so awesome cozy fires and hot tubs and oMG Mike I
am so psyched to spend some time with him I can’t read this it’s so sad Chris you did see it Chris for real I saw
something hey hey look at this it doesn’t seem as old as some of the stuff
down here it’s a catalogue that is so random look where the bulbs is circled just when you think it can’t get any
creepier it’s bad of course I don’t know if I want to keep going where in the world are we now did you
know this was here this is like a whole nother hotel I know I don’t think I can
take any more of this yeah I’m at my limit here too all I wanted to do was
forget last year ever happened to be honest I’m not sure we Hannah thought
she was doing yeah well you know how it is when you’re crushing pretty hard on
somebody great Sears basically saying that we put a vulnerable friend in a
terrible situation and essentially caused her to run away and never to be
heard from again if it was you don’t you think you would
have run away I mean it likes being made fun of people don’t make fun of me to
your face what Chris we made her look so stupid in front of all of her friends
and the guy she liked I can’t imagine doing anything worse to somebody hey these are these fake why would
anyone make fake newspapers that’s you know what no ash no I’ve had it
enough I’m not going down any further into this nightmare Chris Ashley I
understand okay I’m really freaked out too but if Sam’s down there all alone
with a maniac and we leave we’re basically killing her ourselves god damn
it Ashley come on why are you always right it’s not always right well when
you’re right you’re right I don’t want to be I want to leave no we’ve got to
find Sam let’s go Chris I’m getting a really weird feeling
from all this what do you mean well I just I can’t shake the feeling that
those fake newspapers have something to do with the guy who killed Josh without
like like what like it’s a setup or something yeah but I mean how it’s just
it almost makes sense but I just feels like we’re missing something that’s us I mean what is this like a fucking hit
list Christ hello Chris it’s from last year this is
a little was a little uncomfortable huh never seen this video
she’s just so-so why she’s so excited and alive she has
no idea oh geez Wow forgot you’re such an awful participant yes it is horrible
couldn’t there worse looks like you were enjoying your salary that’s the worst
part isn’t it he were just playing a joke it was supposed to be funny yeah I
never want to see this video ever again Oh what is goin on a-slash
slow down okay I can’t handle this ghost in these videos and anything don’t just
calm down it’s gonna be for a second when calm down why should I calm down
cause I am free this has gotta be someone messing with us
think about it ghosts don’t look up video cameras don’t play games then who
would set this all up seriously I’m asking I don’t know maybe the same
person who tied you up and killed Josh Yeah right the same person who might
have Sam right now maybe you’re right I wish I wasn’t oh crap look at that what might be Sam’s
alright let me see if I can get this yeah I got it but ah damn this thing is
heavy be careful you gotta come through ash I
can’t hold it what I think I just don’t see him over there I guess are you sure
I don’t know but come on I think we should check it out yeah well I’m pretty
sure whoever’s bleeding came through here okay so we really gotta get moving
like now I’ll catch up to you max wasn’t trying to scare you
sorry hey sorry all right take it easy Shh psycho Chris I just saw him
what where where’d he go I don’t know but we’ve got to be quiet
he’s gotta be still really close awesome Sam I don’t get it it’s a dummy yeah no I
can see that why is it dressed up like say I don’t know why would someone dress
up a dummy like say Chris I don’t know and I’m kind of freaking out where the
hell is he ass ass what’d he do to you fucking face/off we’re always talking around it and now
we’ve wasted every was wasted what do you mean every second that I spent with
you was the only thing I ever wanted to do with my time sure told you how I felt – because here’s the twist
Chris has made one fatal choice already today and now he must make another Chris
you can take that gun in front of you and shoot Ashley or you can shoot
yourself whoever’s left can live the choice is don’t be so silly Chris wait stop you need to it should be me
Josie fuck crime let me choose to save you
if I do one last thing in my life let me do this
president leave No you have gone too far now don’t you see
huh don’t you see that this towards you porn has gone too far
now what gives you the right to play God in these people’s life what make is just
special then you’re sick you’re a sick fuck now what the hell have you done for
them what the hell have you done to them psychopath psychopath you used to be on a revenge to understand on
my ex in the frantic I was spider-man within the black suit that was powerful
but almost lost food mr+ lay how I keep my composure through internal fights
when addressing the mic duty stark nights where the Bruce Wayne what a
trick be here’s some truth that I left free Bruce Banner of rap if you ask me
when my will to win and the track meet the secret is holy

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