Coronavirus: How to preserve your mental health during quarantines and social distancing.

[Narrator] Concerns about effectively managing life’s demands during this time are completely normal. We expect that this may be a challenging time for many. And it’s normal to feel a variety of emotions. You may feel anxiety, worry or fear
related to your own health status. Be sure to talk about how you’re feeling
with others. This also may be a great time to use social media sparingly and
concentrate on things that make you happy. While we are social distancing, we are not socially isolating. Take time each day to carve out and talk to your friends and family on the phone, on Skype
or on FaceTime. Maintain a routine and take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Stick to a scheduled sleep routine. Eat
healthy when possible, and avoid excessive use of caffeine, alcohol and
other substances. Try and keep some variety in your new daily routine. Carve out some time every day to get outside, journal, meditate, maybe do some yoga. Or even take up a new hobby. You may also be worried about finishing up your coursework online for the rest of the semester. Make sure and work with faculty and staff. We are here for you. And we want to
make this transition as easy as possible. To help you, we’ve developed a new
website: This site includes lots of good information as you navigate this change, as well as information about how you as a student
can still access some of our S&T resources, like the Writing Center and the
Student Success Center, from your remote location. Finally, make sure that you set
aside time each day to work on your coursework and come up with an organization
system that works for you to keep track of what assignments are do when. Even though we may be physically apart, we can get through this time together!

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