‘Coach Dave’ Reminisces About Homosexuality Being a Mental Illness

religious coach Dave Dobbin Meyer who
we’ve talked about before doesn’t understand what’s so special about
homosexuality that people get upset when he criticizes gay people and he was reminiscing met very very
pond way I love when we considered homosexuality
and mental illness listen to this nobody does now but the always accuse me
being a gay-bashing doesn’t make it clear I love
the home section love what he does but I’d love in the
same way that I would love a a an alcoholic same way when I love a
drug addict there was a day when we used to think
that so sump pump that some type behaviors were
were mental illnesses was not long ago we
used to think that we think today that alcoholism is a min
or almost a week probably schizophrenic pedophilia we think it’s a
mental illness where is the day we used to think that that being gay homosexuals a mental illness yes oh there’s coach Dave
this is actually up completely absurd they did this is
absurd on so many levels first the ball the whole remember what
we use to do when we didn’t really understand stuff
isn’t berry good argument for why we should still consider homosexuality a
mental illness remember what we used to do this so
called The Witches would be be should we be reminiscing finely about that and what’s with the obsession
with going back to how things word humans have been wrong about so
much does he wanna go back to when we believe that the earth was flat I think that we should go back to 1986
which is when homosexuality was actually removed from
DSM which is kind of like the manual have mental illnesses and
conditions and ask ourselves shouldn’t religious
delusion be what replaces it that’s the question
we should be asking that is a good question unfortunately I
don’t think that’s going to happen ride it does kinda get a little blurry
when you’re talking about mental illness or just brainwashing from a young age there absolutely no
question about it and we we we certainly have to ask those who are raised completely anti-gay for example have they been brainwashed are they
mentally ill if they think that these are serious
question Louis II hope that coach Dave Dobbin Meyer is able to explore these in detail I
don’t really think we’re going to be seeing that segment on his show anytime
soon now I think coach coach dave is a lost
cause we’ll just have to i check up on a man every now and again
and see what our age things the same there was a day when schizophrenia was
considered to be a former demonic possession and we know that’s not true so listen to
everybody now tells you that if you dare you have these demons inside a view and I think at some point we’ll look
back and realize it’s a very different situation I don’t know if people like coach Dave
ever will but I would assume that five or six generations down from coach
Dave this very bizarre point of view that he holds
will have been a aged out i think is the best way to say
it Bryan Caplan economist Brian Kaplan joins me next

66 thoughts on “‘Coach Dave’ Reminisces About Homosexuality Being a Mental Illness

  1. People who rave on with religion in public are oppressive and crazed tyrants.
    They belong on street corners, not in positions of authority. 

  2. Haven't we been waiting for these people to age out forever? I know a lot of young people who rant and rave republican talking points, and are perpetuating the cycle.

  3. I love it how the rightwingers love making up titles for themselves, except this guy only has pretensions of being a coach.

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  5. Of course, Pac-Mam will say nothing about the fact that Abby Martin was fired for speaking up against his hero Obama and the NWO.

  6. I long for the day we classify extreme "conservatism" / religious beliefs as mental illness/impairment… because clearly these people are mentally defective/impaired.

  7. Coach Dave is whining that he cannot hate gays like he wants. Well, too bad for him that society is progressing forward in it`s understanding of LGBTQ.

  8. Ah, but an illness can be CURED!  So let's cure it!  And cure irrational beliefs in religious delusions.  Oh, and let's perform brain surgery on the greedy rich pricks so they stop robbing us blind.  And so many wonderful "improvements" on what that bitch nature has come up with.  

    Let's make everyone Exactly the same in every single detail.  Except economic opportunity.  Wait.  Does that help?  F it.  Let's just trust that for all that disgusts or disappoints us, the universe has some clue as to what it's doing and where it will end up in its own damn time.  Like it or not.  I'd like to see communism have another chance, for not likely this dick would go for that kind of rewind.

  9. The bible is due for another new translation. Or possibly " missing book" to be added. How many people wrote the bible? Anyway.

  10. "Coach" wants it so he can use it as an excuse when we find out he loves the taste of a penis in his mouth…

  11. Have you seen CuteFuzzyWeasel's Feeding the Trolls series? He's given Crying Coach Dave a thorough skewering for his bigoted hypocrisy.
    Feeding the trolls 44: CoachDaveTV

  12. So I guess if one is gay AND has a mental health illness then one is doubly f*cked?! Jeez,I wonder just how I get outa bed each day! And this individual wonders why we make such a fuss! Hmmm,how much of a fuss does he make whenever he's accused of mental illness for his religious beliefs?!

  13. We have anomalies and mutations within the human race.  Some twins are born conjoined, yet we think normally they should be separated. Some people are born colorblind, yet we know normally we see colors. Some people are born with missing arms and legs yet think normally people have arms and legs.  Some people are born homosexual yet……people seem to accept it as normal. Biologically and anatomically speaking, we clearly see males are meant to be with females and vice versa.  Homosexuality is a birth defect. It's abnormal. But, just like a fat person would be hurt by calling him/her fat, a homosexual will be angry at me for stating the apparent facts.  P.S. I'm not religious and I'm liberal.  

  14. No, religious fundamentalism will never be in the DSM because there are too many  people with that condition.  One of the main components of mental illness is being affected by it in your daily life so that it screws up  your daily routine of working or socializing.

        Unfortunately, due to the number of religious fundamentalists in our country, its  virtually impossible for their lives to be "affected" so greatly. This is because theres enough of them  they can  group together and make coherent communities among themselves, and still maintain businesses etc.  The only  disruption they cause is for other people who don't  agree with them.  If  religious fundamentalists ever do get placed in the DSM then its  only assumed  that  combative atheists need to be put in there as well. They seem to be the polar opposite ideology of religious fundamentalist but still hold  similar behaviors to the religious zealots.

  15. Death is a good thing.  It removes an entire generation along with all its bullshit which gets hopefully diluted out with each successive generation.

  16.   dfdf dfdaf come uc Christians they dont worship God they Worship Lucifer go and watch Osiris Horus Mithra Paul vs Jesus and understand where ur faith came from all ur holidays are Pagans Holidays Sunday Christma Eastern Motherday fatherday Birthdays Halloween thanksgiving Vday he died for our sin he shed blood for our sin three day three gods in one the cross. Christianity is Pagan religion that why Christianity is in decline in the west since ppl are well educated and they realized  it is man made  religion. Think about it God doesnt have an image but ur God does and he was a man who got killed by romans how can u kill living God 

  17. Well apparently since this is such a big topic,we have no more important concerns.Secondly arguing about this is as dumb as when people say slavery was good for black people since they had free food and room and bored(yes unfortunately I heard people say that).Perhaps we should be more concerned with Russia but that's just me.

  18. Hes right.. The penis wasn't designed for the tailpipes of people or animals.. Simply put? It's like shoving the square peg in the round hole.. As an adult you would be mentally flawed for trying so.. Science bitch

  19. Coach Dave brought up pedophilia, he must really miss his son, is he still in jail?

  20. Christian love is so worthless. If you can treat anyone in any way and look down on someone for a core aspect of who they are that doesn't affect anyone else and still call that "love", then you have watered down the word "love" to uselessness.

    Alcoholism is considered an illness because it harms the subject. Just drinking alcohol in moderate amounts isn't. Why should it be different for homosexuality? If you are having gay sex so much it harms you psychologically or affects other parts of your life like alcoholism, then sure, call that a mental illness (same thing for heterosexuality or even religion). But this guy isn't considering the subject when deciding if something should be called a "mental illness"; he thinks it should be considered a mental illness simply because he doesn't approve of it.

  21. I think that religious people with an obsession about sexuality mentally ill. We should feel sorry for all the bible wankers out there whom think that their specific sins are less han someone elses "sins"…

  22. When Dave says he things this type of thinking will "age out" 6 generations down the road, I think he's being a bit too optimistic. There are people today who still believe being dark-skinned is punishment from their god. 

  23. We left a message for "Coach Dave" saying we love him – we don't like what he does just as we don't like what the alcoholic or a drug taker does – it's a mental illness – not so long ago false prophets & heretics were treated  as sinner ………………..etc. – Unfortunately he never liked our post and deleted it – guess he rejected our love & understanding xx

  24. The homophobes who keep lamenting about how homosexuality was only removed from the DSM as a mental illness due to politics fail to also mention that the reason homosexuality was put into the DSM as a mental illness in the first place was also due to politics. No legitimate scientific experiments were carried out to determine if indeed homosexuality was a mental illness when the APA decided to list it in the DSM as a mental illness. They simply lived in a heterosexist society where heterosexuality was considered not just the norm but the only one correct way to express one's sexuality and affection. Anything that deviated from that narrow range of sexual expression was classified as a mental defect. The American Psychological Association (APA) was simply going with the flow and with where public opinion was at that point in time.  The reason it was removed from the DSM was that the APA was in danger of losing their credibility since many comparative experiments had been carried out by researchers who found that there was no difference in the mental capacity functioning, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) etc. of heterosexual subjects versus homosexual subjects. The APA was under pressure to provide a study, experiment, or scientific evaluation that supported their assertion that homosexuality was a mental disorder. They couldn't because it was never a mental disorder. Homophobia and heterosexual supremacy were the only reasons homosexuals were deemed mentally unstable. 

    The stress and depression and much of the self-destructive behavior that gay people engaged in was not due to their sexual orientation but due to the discrimination, repression, and oppression they face due to their sexual orientation. It's called Minority Stress and all groups of people who are targeted and vilified solely based on innate traits that are immutable and that they cannot change tend to suffer from this. Of course, coach Dave wouldn't know anything about this because perhaps he doesn't belong to any category or class that faces institutionalized discriminated simply because of who they are. After all, he is a White, Heterosexual, Christian, Male.

  25. The vast majority of people who reminisce about the way American culture used to be?  Mostly straight white men.  Mostly older dudes, to boot.

    This isn't a matter of bigotry, it's just a matter of ignorance.  You couldn't likely be black or a woman or homosexual in those days without having a fair number of problems with how the general public treated you.  

    Straight white men have never, at any point in American Culture, been publicly humiliated or denied their rights the way other minority groups have.  

    A lot of older folks just don't understand that our way of seeing things has changed because we've learned more since then, and realized how wrong it is to treat people a certain way because they are different.

  26. why is it that pedophilia is still considered as mental disorder, there is no clear answer why do they take homosexuality down from the list other than the changing about people acceptance, there is a clear scientific evidence about schizophrenia but not so much about homosexuality

  27. In the last two decades the entire human genome has been mapped and cataloged. Every combination of genes that makes up physical and behavioral/hormonal traits has been identified. Sorry to say this, but there is NO GAY GENE. It simply doesn't exist. For those to suggest that homosexuality is a hormonal issue, is simply lying to themselves. As a 45 year old man, I have half the testosterone in my body as a homosexual 25 year old male. Yet, I have no desire to have sex with other men.

    Homosexuality is a behavioral disorder. Period. Get used to the real science showing this, because that is the reality of this condition. The problem is that most geneticists don't want to talk about it for fear of of the political backlash and losing funding for their research.

  28. He needs to keep that “love,” to himself. Gay or straight, none of us want any dave on us. Ever. Coach Dave needs to stay at home, locked in the garage, giving himself all of that “love,” he has to give

  29. What the fuck is wrong with you, son? Why don't you stick to picking on people your own size? Because if you ever get this Jew's face (meaning me, personally), I will quite literally bite your nose off and spit it down your throat. And, believe me, nobody's gonna give a shit, west of the Hudson ('cause you ain't nothing but another limp-wristed fagela in my world)

  30. This guy needs to be hunted down and put out of our misery. Human cockroach doesn't begin to describe this cunt. Time for some salem style trials and stake burnings for these people. Give them the same treatment they have been dishing out for millenia.

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