Chris Tucker Impersonates Bill Clinton And Barack Obama | Netflix Is A Joke

– Africa’s great, I
went on some great trips I went to Africa one
time with Bill Clinton. That was fun. We went to like three,
four countries in Africa. And Clinton was great
man, we had so much fun. We had so many places to
go, we started getting bored sometimes we just start playing games. I started doing them
impressions of Bill Clinton and he started liking it. He was like “Oh shit
that sounds just like me” (crowd laughing) “Oh that sounds good, that sounds great” (crowd laughing) “I like that” (crowd laughing) He invited me to Africa,
man, he invited me he said “Tucker you wanna
got to Africa with me? I think you’d like it,
you’re black, I’m black I think you’d like it” (crowd laughing) “Come on, it will be fun come on!” So I started doing the impressions, man. Everywhere we went he wanted to do them. We in little parties at night, “Tucker come do me, come
do me, come on over here!” (crowd laughing) Every country we went
to, finally I got tired. We got to Nigeria, he wanted me to do it in front of the President of
Nigeria, and I was scared. Shit, if I mess it up,
they’ll put me in jail. “No not now!” “Tucker come on, come do me, come do me don’t act like that come on” “Mr. President, I’m tired you
know, it’s been a long trip. “Maybe I won’t do it this time” “Tucker, come on now, I
need ya, I set it up now. “Come on, don’t let me down.” (crowd laughing) “You want a ride home right?” “You want to ride commercial or private? “You let me know, Tucker. “That’s a long ass flight
home, Tucker. That’s a long…” Clinton got Barack elected! Clinton came out there and said,
“I’m telling you right now, “I’ma tell you the truth,
you ain’t gonna like this “I’ma tell you right now. “You won’t be laughing after I say this.” And black people, we love Clinton because we think he tellin… because Clinton know how to break it down. We just be listening, Goddamn. We be listening like he ain’t
supposed to be telling us “Clinton you ain’t supposed
to be telling this shit! “We’re not supposed to
be hearing all this!” “No I’ma tell you cause you need to know. “These Republicans are crazy as hell. “They try to put me out of office, shit! “And the economy was up! “They don’t give a damn. That’s
what I trying to tell you.” (crowd cheering) “I’m not bullshitting you” (crowd cheering) He said, “And listen… if you’re black you should
really hear this…” And black people be
like, “What? What is it?” “The Republicans are trying
to bring back slavery! “I swear to God, I’m not lying to you! “You know how to rattle us” “What!” “Vote for Barack, I
bullshit you not, do it. “I told you I’m gunna break it down today “I’m not gunna lie to you” He did good for Barack. Barack was like “Goddamn
that was good shit. “Bill, that was a good-ass speech “and I thought you was running
for president, Goddamn! “It was so good.” “You made it hard for me. “How the hell I’ma follow that, Bill?” “Well do what you gotta do Barack! “I told you I was gunna set you up “and that’s what you wanted,
that’s what you asked. “You want four more years, “You called on your boy
Billy, I’ma do it for you.” (crowd cheering) “I’m not gunna mess a round with you.” Barack, was happy as hell,
he came out there like, “Gimme five, yeah! “That’s my boy, that’s my boy right here! “That’s my dog right there.” But Barack knew he was
gunna be back in office when he got Bin Laden. Remember when he got
Bin Laden? He knew it! He came out there, man, he was ready. He did that… He was in front of The
Whitehouse and all he was ready. He said, “No, now, I got this, I got this. “Uh, America? lotty
dotty, we got Bin Laden. “Got his ass, we got him. “We got him yesterday
in Pakistan, 0400 hours. “Sent the SEAL team over there to get him. “Matter of fact, I went with them “and I saw him, I said, “Look, there he is right
there, look at him.” “And the one is fixin’ breakfast and shit “like he ain’t did nothing, look at him.” “I said, “Well shit, give me the gun, “I’ll go get him, I’m the
President, shit, I’ll go get him. “So I went in there busting his ass “I said, “Bin Laden, lotty dotty bitch!” “Let’s get the hell out of here, “Come on, let’s get on the plane. “I’ve chicken on this
plane, come on let’s go” (chill music)

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