Centre of a Secret Spy Mission? Saviour of Mankind? — Day 40 of “100 Symptoms”

At the center of a secret spy mission?
Mankind’s final saviour? Such a situation is fairly common in schizophrenia and
psychosis. It’s a common delusion. It’s religious persecution: Paranoia turned
into feeling like you’re on a secret mission. Either put on the task by the
CIA through secret messages that you decoded on the TV or religious feelings
and visions… where you think that you are vitally important to the
unfolding of fate in a huge religious kind of context People with delusions about being the center of intense focus have a mixed experience. Sometimes they are the object and sometimes the implement of surveillance. We’re watched…
Or we’re watching. By that I mean sometimes we watch while other times we are watched, and at the same time, we may study a situation for whether some agent
demonstrates their role in the delusion. We may imagine and feel like the
situation is dire and carries ultimate significance. I’ve heard of schizophrenics or
psychotic individuals who are boarded up in their high-rise building in the city
looking out the window at all the people going by telling the story about how
each is involved in these various espionage activities or classified
projects of some sort. if somebody believes that they are the savior of
mankind that they’re going to end things singularly and decisively in some kind
of big showdown… That’s characteristically delusional. We
all work in this world together and it’s a shared experience of joint action, what
happens in the world, so figuring that the self is of ultimate significance? that’s troublesome, it can’t be real,
so that’s why those experiences are just delusional and why we consider them part of the psychotic delusion. The beliefs of religion and spirituality are diverse and wide-ranging. But whenever>one individual says “I am the one”… That speaks to me of cultish obsession and delusion.
That’s all it speaks to. It doesn’t make me think “well in some way maybe I am the Savior.” –No, that’s BS basically that the mind is doing to itself when you can’t
get out of that belief system,
you can’t get out of that belief set. Hmm… Anyway, thanks for tuning in.
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