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Luckily, we didn’t have to
compensate them. We settled on refunding them
their membership fees… and canceling their memberships. What about that jerk named
Yook Ryong? He already canceled his membership,
so there’s nothing we can do. He met them through us
and canceled his membership? What a scumbag. Then shouldn’t we press charges
or something? The victims don’t want that. Why not? They say they loved him.
So, they want to get their refund… and not tell anyone about this. Are they insane? – Jeong Eum.
– Yes? You and I need to negotiate
among ourselves. These are the Zero Members.
The undateables. Zero Members? Do you mean the legendary
relationship eunuchs… who never had anyone agree
to meet them? Those undateables? I’ll give you three months.
Find their partners in three months. Three months? Are you kidding me? Do you think I’m kidding? They want me to fire you. They said to hold you accountable, but I begged and barely got them
to agree to this. But still! You’re leaving that jerk
Yook Ryong alone. Why are you taking it out on me? Yes, I’m responsible for not being
on top of things. I am. But if we leave him alone,
there will be more victims. Shouldn’t we report him? Making us lose eight members
wasn’t enough? You want to shut us down completely? What if word of this gets out?
What will the other members do? You can hunt him down
and kill him on your own time! Let the company and me live! Ms. Bong! Either resign or find matches
for the undateables. Choose one! – I can’t do it.
– What? Love isn’t a cure-all. Can you forgive… messed up behavior
if they say they love you? If something that despicable
is love, I can’t forgive him. I cannot condone it! How dare she complain about love
in front of an old maid? You’re here. Why didn’t you go in? How could I, with all the reporters? Hoon Nam. Do you think… someone can really die
because of love? – They can.
– They can? Bees have reproductive organs
inside their bodies. When they make love to queen bees,
they die of a ruptured stomach. – No way.
– But we are humans, not bees. Usually, what happens
in our world is that… when they put their nose
in every flower they see, the chance of getting stung by
the queen bee and dying is higher. Don’t go overboard on those flowers. Our queen bee has already
got her sting ready. I don’t think
the reporters left yet. What was that? (Credit Card Bills) How can love be a con? I’ll rather resign. (Job Recruiting Websites) (Cleaning Subway Stations,
Possible for Permanent Positions) (Office job, special governmental
position, admin work) English? That’s fine. I can sign up
for an English academy. I should write
my cover letter first. (Cover Letter) Hello. My name is Yoo Jeong Eum. I used to be a competitive diver… (Hello. My name is Yoo Jeong Eum.
I used to be a competitive diver.) I used to be a gym instructor
at the town center. Due to lack of students,
my classes were canceled. I had various part-time jobs. No, no. You’d better pay your rent… before I put up a new wallpaper
and put your room on the market. Quit, just quit! What an abusive boss! Capitalism.
I’m going to kill all of you! Smash it. Smash it. You’re all dead. Look at you. Is that how it is?
Fine, I got it. You’re dead! Come at me. Attack it.
That’s great. Here I go. You’re done.
Here’s my roundhouse kick! (Pay your rent!) What is it? – I’ll take the Zero Members.
– Do a good job. What was that? She hung up? You little… That’s right. I’ll meet them
and tell them the truth. I’ll tell them about their reality
and where they stand. And why they are called
Zero Members. (Global Trading) Hello. Is there Mr. Na Ga Yong? Yes, here he comes. I’m Na Ga Yong. (1st Undateable, Na Ga Yong,
works at a trading company) Hello.
We spoke on the phone earlier. I’m from Add Beauty
to Flowers Agency. Hello. Should we talk
while we walk out? I have a last-minute business trip. I don’t have much time if I want
to get to the airport in time. You’re busy. Then let me get to the point too. The reason I scheduled
this meeting was… Please hold on. Sorry. It’s my customer in China.
He asked when I was coming. That’s all right. I came to visit you today because… Hold on. I’m sorry. That was my retailer
in Thailand. The order got mixed up. I have no choice
but to go on trips myself. My subordinates can’t do
their jobs right. My gosh, I didn’t know. Let me help you. Taxi! I’m sorry. I can’t have this meeting
today. I’m in a hurry. Then when are you coming back
from your business trip? When can I schedule another meeting? I come back in two days, but I’m leaving again
the next morning. If it’s urgent,
meet me at the airport. Wait. Hold on. Can you give me a call then? Yes, sir. I’m leaving now. Sorry for the wait. I made this for you. Try it. Thank you. (2nd Undateable,
Ahn In Jung, chocolatier) This is so good. But Ms. Ahn, you’re beautiful
and have a great profile. I think you might be
quite popular among men. Please excuse me. I have a customer. Go ahead. Help your customer first. Is there anything you need? She’s nice. What is it? I’m sorry. Actually, I am face blind. Can I fall in love too? Of course… You can. – Really?
– You know that… When you watch the film,
“50 First Dates”, the woman can’t remember the guy. But they fall in love
and get married. They’re happy. Cut. – Good work.
– Let’s prep the next scene. Goodbye. I’m Kang Dol Jin. (3rd Undateable,
Kang Dol Jin, stuntman) Hello. I’m Yoo Jeong Eum
from Add Beauty to Flowers agency. By the way, the blood looks real. It’s real blood. – Are you all right?
– Of course, I am. This is my job and my dream. Women… don’t like this, right? I’m sure somewhere in the world,
there’s a woman… who can understand your dream. I bet there is. Someone will
understand. I’m sure of it. No wonder why they were called
the Undateables. They’re legendary! Sixth generation
only son and eldest. He writes poetry as a farmer. He is a street performer
at night in Uijeongbu. (Kang Dol Jin) (Ahn In Jung) (Oh Doo Ri) Wait until I get my hands
on that jerk Yook Ryong. Even if I cheat on you,
don’t you cheat on me – Hello?
– Is this… Yook Ryong’s phone? Yes, I think it is. And who may you be? You gave me your card
outside Gangnam Station, saying you want to meet up
for dinner sometime. Don’t you remember? – I have short hair.
– Short hair. I do remember.
You looked like Meg Ryan. Oh, my. Meg Ryan? Do I look like her? Do you have time for coffee? I can’t today.
I’m a little busy, so… I see. I really wanted to see you again. In that case…
No matter how busy I am, I still need my coffee. Where should we meet? Of course, I know the place. I’ll see you later. Oh, my gosh. Are you going out? I wanted to go grab some coffee. That’s a cafe over there. Employees get half off, too. Why would you go out for coffee? Well… My high school buddy
wants to meet out of the blue. Bring him here.
I’ll make you coffee myself. There’s no need to do that.
It’s okay. Really. It’s fine. Bring him. We roasted the beans today. – Are you monitoring me?
– Yes, I am. You’re so mean! In this current state, if you
cause trouble one more time, you’ll be leaving this job early.
You know that, right? I know that. I do, but… his wife went to her mother’s, so he has to watch his kids.
Two of them. – So, I can’t make him come here…
– Just go. Okay, sir. Are you… It’s me. Add Beauty to Flowers. Hey. Get over here. – Get over here.
– We can talk through. Hey. I won’t care
if it was one person. But eight at once?
Are you kidding me? I… I wasn’t planning to, but… I was told I could meet them all
at once. You could meet them all at once? Who said that? What psychotic
matchmaker agency would say that? It’s not a company.
A relationship guru. My cousin is a relationship guru… – Don’t give me that.
– Hunnamjeongeum. It’s a relationship column… written by a real relationship guru. – Do you want to die?
– Wait! No! No! – Do you want to die?
– I’m afraid of heights. But it’s true. Look at my face. How could I have seduced
eight women at once with this face? I really learned it all
from that relationship guru. And I used to be an undateable. – Stop giving me excuses!
– Sorry! Sorry. But there were bad girls too. They always used me. Why must I always be the victim? I wanted to get revenge too! Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth! Just repent, you punk. How dare you? Hey. Hey! Get over here. Hey. I’ll give you one last chance. Go to each victim and apologize
sincerely. Got it? Got it? It’s a consent that I may
press charges against you for fraud. I went to each and
every one of them… and worked hard to convince them
to sign it. Seven out of eight signed it. Only seven? Who do you think the last one is? Yoo Ri? Coach Yang, you scumbag. Anyway, you’d better be on standby
and remain within… a five-minute radius
until this is resolved. If I call, respond in five seconds. If you try to go into hiding, we will cross the river
of no return, and meet in court. Understand? (Single Life is Torture,
A Couple’s Life is Paradise) Fine. Three months. I’ll get it done in three months,
no matter what. Yes! Let’s see. What do you want from me? What do you want? What? I mean,
how can I find matches for them… in just three months? It’s Mission Impossible. It would be easier to rob
a Swiss bank. They say it takes three seconds
to fall in love. Three months is 7,776,000 seconds. So you can fall in love
2,592,000 times. Right? You sounded like
a science major just now. So, eat first. Eat. One, two, three. This… – really works.
– What was that? The magazine said this would work. To give a kiss on the forehead. Seriously. A doctor must have a lot of time,
reading magazines like that. This is better than I expected. Take a look. This is Le Chic, a magazine
that’s popular with guys. I hate magazines. I never read them. There’s a relationship column here. It has some useful tips. I get why it’s famous. Forget it.
Those are all theoretical. They aren’t. Take a look.
This column Hunnamjeongeum… is super famous among people
who were never in relationships. Hunnamjeongeum? My cousin is a relationship guru… – Don’t give me that!
– Hunnamjeongeum. It’s a relationship column… written by a real
relationship guru. I heard other matchmakers… team up with these relationship
experts and work together. They give special lectures and
coach the members. It may be effective. How could I have seduced
eight women at once with this face? I really learned it all
from that relationship guru. And I used to be an undateable. Give me that. (Don’t obsess about order,
and go for the moment!) (Feed her ice cream,
while she’s reading a book.) (Hunnamjeongeum
by the editor, Charlie) Yes, this is Le Chic. Yes. The editor, Charlie? Le Chic. Charlie speaking. Hello. I’m Yoo Jeong Eum,
a matchmaker at the agency… Add Beauty to Flowers. I called about Hunnamjeongeum,
the column you wrote… I’m not interested in buying.

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