CAPS: do something about Mental Health

do something about student college mental health
CAPS and our twenty-twenty vision
for 2010 through 2020 at the University of Michigan
Where are we today? [Music begins]
Nationally: About 1100 college students die by suicide
every year and thousands more think about it
At the University of Michigan 58% of students feel isolated and lonely
even when surrounded by thousands of people on campus every day
26% of UM students say mental health issues are interfering with their studies
That’s more than 10,000 students And 40% believe their departments would think
less of them if they sought mental health treatment
What if… every student had someone to confide in
and every faculty member knew how to help? What if…
[music begins] No college student had to die of suicide again?
And everyone felt accepted? Our twenty twenty vision for 2010 through
2020 CAPS is doing something
The CAPS Student Advisory Board The MiTalk 24/7 interactive website
The C-CAPS Intake Tool Developed at Michigan
Now used all over the country. The QPR Suicide Prevention Program
The Mental Health Wellness Center Plus, walk in clinical services
phone consultations and drop in groups and how-to videos
Think of what the answers will be in 2020 We can do it
Together We are:
The Division of Student Affairs Counseling and Psychological Services
The University of Michigan We are Wolverines!
Do you have your own answers? Let us know!
Get involved. Give us a call. CAPS at
734.764.8312 Thank you to: past and preset CAPS staff and
trainees, U-M Mental Health Work Group, CAPS Student Advisory Board, Arizona State
University, Colleagues at U-M Division of Student Affairs,
U-M Faculty and staff and the many U-M students we have worked with
over the years. [more music]
Music composed by Alex Robertson Music performed by Michael Bechtel, Siobhan
Cronin, Alex Robertson Students in the UM School of Music, Theater,
and Dance Data reported from the College Student Mental
Health Survey random sample of all U-M students
conducted by CAPS 2004, 2006, 2009 CAPS do something 734-764-8312
[end music]

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