100 thoughts on “BRAIN + LANE: Julien & Tyler Reveal Where Your Beliefs Come From & How To Stay Motivated EVERY DAY!

  1. The mentor for misfits and nerdy people, teaching them to be one of the cool people, RSDTyler! Awesome video bro!

  2. I just recently learned how to express myself through body language like how you guys are doing in this video and people are just amazed. It really gets other peoples attention. People literally treat me different. I can put on acts, be hella precise and confident, or do voices. Since I learned how to speak with emotion I am considering jumping into sales cause speaking like this is fucking working for me! Making tons of friends, girls are just in awe and I even got others to like me again. From what I read and learned from your videos, using body language in combination with your words is charisma. I also got hella precise in other things like video games, for example, in apex, I am now coming in as the top kill leader in most games. I use to be such trash at that game. My reaction time from my brain to my body got much quicker as well. I am just loving this, cause I get heard more than anything. Charisma is you being you and not being stifled. Hand gestures are also a gimmick cause it draws out presence like ringing a bell lol. It's kind of said I went through 25% of life not knowing about shit and how things really worked. Awe well, now it's time to crush every fucking moment.

  3. Damn what an great place to be. Imagine you are with an girl on top of the city … Oh the fantasies, fantasies

  4. Thanks for the video guys! Would love to hear more about finding/picking lanes. I’ve done a lot of the brain work but struggle finding a lane to put this energy and power to use.

  5. After my body adjusts to a more healthy baseline, I can feel in the moment the lower energy from eating poorly or skipping a workout. What started as investing in the long term starts to apply to my day to day. It's a really cool tipping point.

  6. When I tell you this is one of the best videos to date….. I mean that whole heartedly. Thank you for sharing your insight and testimony. Love you guys💙

  7. love you guys. i struggle so much with anger issues but ever since i've found RSD years ago i've become a much better person than i ever could be without it.

  8. Thank you guys for your work, my life few years ago was a total caos, now i believe more than ever that i am at the cause of my life due to you guys work.
    REally thank you.

  9. This is so resonant as this reflects my exact process right now. I'll describe my current system:
    Write in a journal and record things – tangible evidence
    Change at least one thing everday to move forward
    Post your life lessons online
    Meditate to be present in the moment and dissolve negative belief systems and trauma, depression, and geative thoughts
    Use resonance and attraction
    Show yourself compassion
    Open up more and learn about yourself
    Don't settle
    Experiment with your reality to dismantle and explore new belief systems
    Create systems that make all of the above easier and easier to approach
    Be real and honest in order to know what you're working with in relationship to what you prefer
    Allow yourself to connect with others
    Celebrate changes in your life
    Find a way to develop inner peace
    Understand that the world moves forward and better things are now available and so you might as well tap into it
    Know thyself
    Understand that yo're designed as a human being to operate at about 95 – 100% most of the time which gives you everything you want plus some
    Allow yourself time for mastery
    Focus on what feels best
    Practice love
    Presence is the ultimate teacher as it can dissolve negative feedback loops
    Practice emotional intelligence

  10. Very relatable, talked with tylers agent on free call last week, i had this exact same problem, living in a town where its normal to do drugs and if you have hope for something more your literally crazy, nobody ever made it out of here and did something with their lives so its easy to be hopeless and just accept the shit life

  11. Thank you so much for this great video. Me and my wife going through rough times right now. I work from morning till night 6 days a week. But it will pay out some day so we can achieve our dream. This is the motivation I just needed right now. The right mindset help somone to get through hard times. Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹

  12. So many truth bombs in this video I can relate to them all. I have momentum now on what I call my second transformation.. my first transformation 3 years ago had attraction and relationships at the core, now its direction, business building and improving myself internally to be a high value man and to give my gift to the world.

  13. I remember the old brain and lane video. It was my favorite. Use your belief as a vehicle. And trade in when a new model is available

  14. I get that these videos are dedicated to a specific crowd with a heavy focus on pragmatism but who are we to say what is a good life and what is not if someone uses their life to play video games all day and doesn't see the value in self help that's their prerogative who are we to cast judgment on them given that value in such things as self development and game are largely subjective. I would like Rsd to one day perphas look at such questions and give their insight on it especially given that Tyler knows a bit about philosophy himself

  15. ej dirst attluko dauni ,beidzot 3 gados atrodi lavodu,,,, lai tev bitress ……….. viss uzraksti man tu LV RSDHELVIJS thats all

  16. Our belief's only exist for our survival which is attached to our ego and this is why it changes from person to person. To understand our environment give's us a psychological preparation of the unknown which is representative of death in the case of the structure of our brains. The ego is a copying mechanism for the unknown and once we learn to overcome the ego and death can we truly recognize reality for what it is.

  17. It feels good to asborb this content knowing they came from a dating background and are following our life journey with near perfect relate ability and accuracy. The funny thing is the type of audience they will attract now will probably connect with them deeper and have more $$$$

  18. Thanks to your videos and some thinking, I've entirely stopped drinking, smoking and smoking weed, amongst other things that I've done in the past. It's been a month and despite me hanging with friends who still smoke regularly and smoke weed, or friends who drink alcohol, not once did I have to fight an urge to drink or smoke.

    I thought smoking was going to be the hardest to quit, but I quit everything cold turkey and so far it worked perfectly. I feel like I have genuinenly gone up mentally. In addition, speaking off the top of my head has become much easier after an eventful week. Wouldn't have been possible without the food for thought you two have given. So, thanks Tyler and thanks Julien!

  19. it's my dream to live in america if these guys wanna take helping people to the next level they need to send me visa to live & work in amerka

  20. Tyler I'm blown away you haven't done a video on fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) and rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system)
    This is soo important and can apply to so many concepts in life.
    I've studied this for years and I'd love to share this with you for the benefit of thousands of people!

    For example: phrenetic energy (that dirty caffeine high type, forceful, non present energy) is something very active in fight or flight.
    Conversely, Rest and digest, feed and breed is the opposite. This is that grounded in your body feeling. Being in the moment.

    This ties into neurochemicals and hormones such as serotonin, noradrenaline and cortisol.

    Looking at Tyler's eyes, they're very relaxed. This is something I've commonly observed in those who are very present or very relaxed. But in addition this is tied to low cortisol.
    Considering the way you hold your body (holding patterns) affects your mind it would be beneficial to hold ones body in a relaxed manner. Eyes relaxed, posture relaxed and upright.
    The more one wins in daily life, the more the winner effect comes into play. The lower the cortisol and higher the testosterone with challenges. It creates a different mindset and physiology.
    Also, Tyler if you haven't already look into the Wim Hof method. The breathing technique could eliminate social anxiety and approach anxiety temporarily. Cold exposure lowers inflammation which influences the brain and body..
    This is the tip of the iceberg.

  21. @julienHimself, do you sometimes return to your Switzerland Hometown? How do you feel there? Do you visit your parents in that small Village? How to you feel after staying there after 48h hours? 🙂 I do and I still feel scared. Working on it. How do you feel?

  22. The *BIGGEST* Brain drainer: BAD RELATIONSHIPS…

    shout out to all who find themselves woven into a shitty situation where it’s hard to leave.

    This video is so on point with what I’ve been feeling in my life recently. I’ve come across some of Owen’s older videos on cultivating good emotions with a good structure/eco-system… and I’m realizing that my partner does not fit into the healthy eco system I want to cultivate.
    And I still find it hard to let go… I’ve known since year 1 and always just thought it would get better. I’m on year 4 now and am trying to work up the courage to get the f*ck out.

  23. I have practiced this and became an embodiment of this idea of change. I cant believe how much i am continually changing. Thanks to RSD and some books-> the power of now, levels of energy, and the best one breaking the habit of being yourself which introduced me to he science of all this. Now i takk to only 9s & 10s, surf, learn bachata, and girls love me for being present as fuck.

  24. What are we talking about here, money? There is brain and lane aaaaand value systems. Not everybody wants to suck jeff bezos dick so to speak

  25. Hey! Just started my new channel! delivering value about social anxiety, confidence, authenticity and attracting the people you want into your life. Please check it out. Thank you!

  26. I can vibe with Tyler's energy haha he's so intune with what he is talking about that it creates an urgency to let YOU know. That's why he talks to fast it's like AHHHHHHHHH I JUST WANNA TELL YOU THIS COOL SHIT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! That's when you know you love what you do.

  27. I like these videos helping people get on “ the ladder of self improvement” but what advice do you guys have for people 3-5 years on the road to self actualisation?

  28. Hello Julien. I have your product shift. In it you say that unless you have some major health issues or extreme mental issues you can learn how to get good with women. How would you classify a major health or mental health issue?
    I might have one and I don’t know if I can learn success with women or even should stay away from it.
    Thank you

  29. 35 mins of pure gold! Thanks guys you’re both awesome.
    Actually stopped the video and took notes , made the lists
    (that actually worked it’s incredible how your RAS starts to focus on positive things when you actually make the effort to think about good things)
    ( it always feels like negative thoughts are the default and they won’t go away but once you accept that they are a part of you and say ‘ okay let’s focus on the positive now’ it’s even surprising to be able to shift focus that easily
    and that makes you question the rest of the LANE and think ‘what else is possible?’

    You guys rock!

  30. Every time I watch Tyler I feel way better than before watching. Something shifts in my heads when he speaks about deep concepts. This profound knowledge is a true pill for some people to wake up

  31. Owen – "Your belief system can change from a cup of coffee"
    I'm like – "That's so me"
    got me laughing hard recognizing that truth

  32. thumbs up if booze gives you extended focus, willpower, sticktoitness, emotional management, more quality decizions etc NOT fucking green bullshit


  33. You guys both went really hard on this and double-teamed my mind with knowledge and wisdom that resonates on infinite levels. Thanks

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