Being transgender no longer classified as a mental illness

new at 10 being transgender no longer considered a mental illness the World Health Organization announced this week their reclassifying being transgender and hopes of D stigmatizing it new sighs Lena Hal and hearing local reaction to the change and how it will impact teens in our area she’s live in studio Lena while a Colorado Springs organization that works to help youths identify as LGBTQ plus tells me this is a move that could help save lives it’s meant to move toward getting rid of the stigma that has marginalized transgender people for decades it’s about time up until Monday being transgender was officially considered a mental illness and so seeing a movement towards the health community recognizing that being transgender isn’t actually a mental health disorder feels like a real strong victory for the lgbtq+ community this week the World Health Organization decided they will no longer classify being transgender that way one of the parts that’s so important about this decision is an affirmation of there’s nothing wrong with who you are Jesse Pocock executive director of inside-out youth services works with transgender teens every day she says with the stigma associated with being transgender teens that identify as such are more likely to commit suicide they’re five times as likely in Colorado to attempt suicide so these are young people who are really getting the message that who they are isn’t okay the United Nations health agency which sets the standard for medical professionals across the world says labeling transgender a mental illness was causing a stigma so they changed what was once called a gender in congruence to a sexual health condition instead so these changes hopefully will really start transforming our insight of the society to be more inclusive caring loving accepting cetera and keep in mind up until the 70s this is how the World Health Organization also classified homosexuality as a mental disorder were certainly way behind terms of Rights for transgender people here in America and obviously in the world but this is a step in the right direction now Colorado law protects those who identify as transgender with getting the medical care that they need but the World Health Organization says this should also further improve care for transgender folks across the world always watching out for you Colorado Springs Lena Hal and news 5

54 thoughts on “Being transgender no longer classified as a mental illness

  1. It is definitely a mental illness. People are just afraid to call it that because of backlash from the mentally ill. Geez.

  2. It is definitely a mental illness. People are just afraid to call it that because of backlash from the mentally ill. Geez.

  3. Can someone please send me a link to a article explaining about this choice, because i keep seeing that they say it isn’t but never explain it, besides that calling it mental health causes a ‘stigma’.

  4. Our whole society is saturated with these virtue-signalling morons!
    These people look like adults but they have the short-sightedness of children, and don't realize that forcing these SOCIAL CHANGES based on their Private FEELINGS instead of sober consideration is a BETRAYAL of the TRUST which that society has put in them!

  5. The WHO is effectivly a joke at this point
    More concerned with political correctness than objective correctness no matter how many people it hurts.
    and the DSM has been co-opted and corrupted by pharmasutical companies with every version past the second
    Mix these issues together and we've got a recipe for disaster.
    USA Suicide rate: 0.013%
    Pre-op Trans suicide rate 8.6%
    Post-op Trans suicide rate 42.0%

    These are numbers both sides of the asile agree on.
    One side says it's the result of mental illness.
    The other says it's the side of oppression.

    My issue with this is: The suicide rate of Jews in Nazi Germany was 1.48% So the side citing oppression are saying the USA is treating trans people 2,738% worse than the literal nazis treated the jews in the actual holocaust – despite us affording them every demand and bordering on making insulting them illegal.

    …But clearly the WHO is right and there's nothing mentally wrong with them at all. (Even though the WHO themselves said the reason they declassified it was [sic] " leaving it there was causing stigma")

    Please note recognizing a disorder isn't dehumanizing someone. Telling someone who is nearsighted that they need glasses if they want to drive isn't oppression, is it?

  6. Its a proven fact you can't bilogically change your gender or dna or x and y chromosomes and transgender youtubers and scientist and doctors and god its proven it is a mental illness time and time again they juts want to make it seem like its not because so much suicide and they want to please some of those people which is wrong

  7. It is and I have a family member that suffers from it. I love her with all my heart and we are helping her deal with it. She’s doing better everyday and truth is helpin her

  8. Well they're obviously wrong about my paranoid schizophrenia, stops taking meds resumes debate with toaster. "you're right babies are stupid they can't even talk I guess they dont need their brain, eat them and I become a god? But I was going to go vegan. Oh vegans too? Better than a tofu sandwich? Chocolate chip cookies? I love chocolate chip"

  9. Being homosexual is one thing but to say that your body is wrong but your head is right is another….people shouldn't be obligated to change their language just to make you feel better about yourself.

  10. Yea trans have 40% suicide rate even after surgery but they are shining imagines of health right? Half of them kill themselves but somehow they are mentally sound???

  11. No BULLSHIT it's a MENTAL ILLNESS all u can die in the name of the holy god and go join ur gay overlord in hell

  12. I thought they were gonna present science and facts. But they just denied gender dysphoria as a mental illness to get rid of a stigma?

  13. I hate people who say that its a mental disorder. You can’t argue with these people. You just have to leave them alone. I think IGNORANCE is the true mental illness.

  14. How much proof do people need that Satan exists. Everything he does and twists is the opposite of what God has instructed for mankind. Satan moves through the spiritually discerned and plants his seed and pulls the strings. Pulling and tugging, swaying people to walk away from God.

  15. Yeah, all the standard for medical professionals worldwide is wrong. Even if they are…why would you want to keep telling people there's something wrong with them and making them feel like killing themselves? That makes YOU sound mentally ill…

  16. The reasoning behind the declassification is to destigmatize transgenders. This was politically motivated. Absolutely no science was presented. How about we decriminalize rape so rapists won't be stigmatized?

    I don't know who's more delusional. Transgenders or their sympathisers.

  17. I really feel like transgender is a instance of a backstab. Look at it this way, if a transgender moves onto you on a night out, but they never told you that they were once a male, then you happen to have sexual intercourse with them! I would feel personally violated and used, since I don’t believe in the movement of transgender. Besides, how would I know the difference? So wrong and morally unacceptable.

  18. Carmen Colibri
    Prayer for Trump Supporters

    May they please learn the empathy to imagine and experience outside of their own life, and truly become close to understanding the pain that others endure, that they have not faced in their lifetime, may god bless them with the gift of genuine empathy so they can see beyond their blind vision and no longer be inconsiderate of their brothers and sisters, may they aim their hatred where it rightfully stands.

    Prayer for Transgender People

    May they love themselves everyday, and may the light of the stars wash away every act of violence they have had to live through. May they be proud of who they are and love every part of their beautiful mind and body, may they never hurt themselves as they are flawless the way they are, God loves you, I love you and there are many of us in the world who love you, may they always remember that 💕

  19. It’s a mental illness. Why? Because normally people don’t cut off their penises, dress in woman’s clothing, grow their hair long, and say, “I’m a woman! Respect who I am or you’re a bigot!” These transgenders need help, not pandering.

  20. You can re classify anything but that doesnt change the fact that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Not a stigma. It's a fact.

  21. LOL

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" – Jiddu Krishnamurti

  22. So if you can't say anything nice, you just won't say anything at all ? Is that what we're doing now ? Is that science ?

  23. Its still a mentall illness
    Snowflakes ruining everything these days
    Their is only 2 genders
    The rainbow logo ruined by cock suckers the swastika used to be a peaceful logo as well until it was also ruined
    Only brainwashed sheep in the retarded are fallin for this crap sadly there'rres🤪 only to piss off grammar Nazs anyways this earth is full of these idiots

    Go ahead and have a fake sex change thats all it is anyways due to limited technology
    Eventually we will have gender dna voice body editing technology aka the ultimate genderbending tech change voice height weight appearance ect

    become the opposite gender with working body organ parts become a female give birth go back. 2 being a man the next week just hop back in the machine 1 minute later your back to your original form
    People should still tell others their original gender as for not to cause problems for when they find out the truth eventually
    You will still be considered freaks by others
    If you have to try to force others to accept you then ya probably have a few problem issues or what Not

    . Hail Science
    Liquor Guns Bitches Trump

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