Autism & Mental Health – My Autistic Anxiety

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4 thoughts on “Autism & Mental Health – My Autistic Anxiety

  1. My anxiety is really bad this year. Nothing really works anymore. I try to distract myself with shows or movies I find funny, but if I've seen it too many times, the jokes aren't distracting enough. I usually end up stress eating which is not healthy and then I feel sick because my stomach is already upset because of the anxiety

  2. I’m autistic and I can relate to you so much. Right now I’m a freshman in college and this past semester has been super stressful for me. My anxiety has gotten a lot worse and I have insomnia, frequent panic attacks and I go through cycles of really negative thoughts. I’ve been experiencing more anxiety in college but less meltdowns and shutdowns since I can be my true self now that I’m away from home and I’m not putting myself in environments where I will experience sensory overload.

  3. I try to breathe, most of all. I also bring headphones with me everywhere in case I need some protection (usually when my anxiety peaks, the sensory troubles become unbearable). I also always ALWAYS have some sort of stimming toy. Between those three I can usually find something to calm me down before I have a nuclear meltdown.

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