in this video we’re going to be
discussing what Asperger’s syndrome is some behavior characteristics of
Asperger’s syndrome and why it’s part of the autism spectrum coming right up what’s going on I’m dan I have
Asperger’s syndrome ADHD OCD and dyslexia I make weekly videos and autism
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up we’re going to look at why Asperger syndrome is part of the autism spectrum
and why it’s been taken out of the formal autism diagnosis hey everybody
I’ll be doing well and that the snow hasn’t made an interruption in your life
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beginning everybody already to comment so I’m gonna keep reading a comment from you
guys and this one it is from 74 blonde girl they said very important
information to know the earlier the diagnosis the more success a child has
and that is absolutely true that’s in relation to a video I did last week
which I’ll link in the end slate or above here do you guys can check that up
okay on with the video so what is Asperger’s syndrome Asperger syndrome is
a lifelong neurological condition that affects the brain in communication and
social development and it’s also part of the autism spectrum now Asperger’s Syndrome is more on the higher end of people with like an autism spectrum
condition which means that they are more likely to be above average or average
intelligence but also show signs of issues in social communication maybe
potentially written communication social situations
food textures all kinds of different areas of life Asperger syndrome is named
after Hans Asperger who was doing research in the field of autism at the
same time Kenner was doing research in the field of
autism and they were developing the terminology Hans Asperger decided
that he would call it Asperger’s syndrome what was nicknamed Asperger’s
syndrome then he only identified it in males but actually it’s actually
identifiable females as well but Asperger’s syndrome is the name given to
a set of type of characteristic behaviors that apply to certain
individuals who are part of the autism spectrum now some of the behaviors of
Asperger’s syndrome include repetitive behavior so eating the same thing
watching the same thing listen to music one of the one of the most easy ones to
spot is like routine so following strict routines that you have to do this in a
day and if the routine sways away from that then the person can get quite irate
or upset or maybe a bit not cool or kosher with the situation if the routine
is spoiled now this is again down to the routines and the patterns that people
with Asperger’s syndrome like to see patterns like to maybe line up their
toys or their their games or line up their things or have things quite neatly
and organized and organized manner because again it’s all to do with this
listing repetitive behavior some other kind of behaviors and traits would be
that they have issues with social communication they also have issues with
certain types of food smells and sight because they’d be hypersensitive or hypo
sensitive to light and sounds and this again are clear characteristics people
with Asperger’s syndrome I did a video extensively on this which I’ll link in
the card above you guys can just check that out so how does Asperger syndrome
relate to the autism spectrum now if your total spectrum is a huge spectrum
that portrays a lot of different types of symptoms of different people but they
all relate to a certain type of condition which is the autism condition
work to neurological issue in the brain Asperger syndrome would be held right up
close to the higher functioning autism spectrum disorders so you have high
functioning autism then Asperger’s syndrome and then I suppose you’d have
like ADHD after that so with Asperger’s syndrome it’s usually people who have
good good to moderate verbal communication and they can have really
good intellectual abilities so they may be able to be good at mathematics and
maybe excelling in a certain area maybe science or creative ideas and that is
kind of where Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning
autism do differ that is a difference between high-functioning autism and
Asperger syndrome and if you’d like to see a video on that please give this
video a thumbs up and then I’ll be able to know if you want to see a video high
functioning autism versus Asperger syndrome and that’s
it’s classified because they have the communication issues and social
interaction issues of people on the autism spectrum but they also have this
intellectual ability of a above-average IQ most of the time which means that
Excel in certain areas I know myself like I have a degree in chemistry I’m a
multi musician self-taught and I make youtube videos you know and like all
those things really I love all those things and I find that science and
chemistry comes easy to me so I guess a lot of people on the autism spectrum
will have excelling areas like that and could be gaming it could be writing
could be anything but that’s that’s super super cool so now here’s the
interesting part now the Asperger’s syndrome has been
diagnosed since the mid 90s maybe earlier than that and it was diagnosed
Asperger syndrome right up until about two or three years ago and it was on the
actual diagnosis called the dsm-5 now the dsm-5 is a basically standard
classification for mental illnesses or mental conditions or neurological
disorders and all that kind of stuff for the doctors and all the medical industry
used to identify different types of medical conditions for mental capacity
and neurological disorders now that’s big as soon as we used all of
that time until I think it was 2014 or 15 that they actually took Asperger
syndrome off the dsm-5 because they wanted to include it in the autism
spectrum disorders now it’s not called Asperger syndrome is called ASD or
autism spectrum disorders and the reason it did that is because they felt like
because of its complexity that Asperger syndrome didn’t really fit some of the
diagnostic process anymore and so an autism spectrum disorder would be better
classified so you can get a bunch more of people within that classification
rather than having oh you have Asperger’s syndrome and this you know
it’s like oh this person is on the autism spectrum or they are artistic
so it makes it a lot easier because a lot of confusion came from the fact they
said you know if you have Asperger’s syndrome are you autistic well yes but why
isn’t called autism well it is but it’s also called Asperger’s Syndrome and
it became kind of this confusing thing so that is why they’ve taking it out and
it’s more of a generic term of an autism spectrum disorder if you’re wondering what I am wearing
guys I’m wearing my own merchandise this is be creative it says ASD autism
spectrum disorder which is again obviously from that and if you’re
interested in my merchandise the link is in the description below it’s super cool
I’m super proud to have stuff kind of represents autism in a positive
monitor if you’d like to learn more about autism and Asperger’s please make
sure you hit that subscribe button above here and if you’d like to see my last
video it’s over here and here is a video that YouTube think you will like I’ll
see you next time guys peace

100 thoughts on “ASPERGER’S SYNDROME (Explained)

  1. I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's (high-functioning autism) at 25, and your channel has been such an educational plaftorm for me. Thank you ♥

  2. My parents have suspected I'm on the autism spectrum since I was little, should I seek a diagnosis as an adult? Also your videos are awesome!!

  3. I would love it if you did a video on High-Functioning Autism vs Aspergers Syndrome! I think I'm on the spectrum but I'm still working out how to explain it to my parents so that video I think would help me

  4. Ya let’s talk about HFA/Aspergers
    Good video Dan. Being on the spectrum is such a unique thing to me and how similar but different everyone is. There’s so many ways to look at it. Especially how it changes over the years. Talk soon pal.

  5. I got diagnosed at the age of 3. They didn't tell where I am on the spectrum, only that it's a light form. I'm turning 18 next month and puberty makes things a bit worse.

  6. Yes that was very cool you mentioned a number dsm5? in new zealand my sons has a diagnosis of asd 299.00 is this the same thing? I am also still finding out what all these different things are as I only thought there was just asd and that there was no more hfa or aspergers so some in lighting would be good.

  7. I've recently gotten diagnosed with ASD at age 30. I'm afraid to bring it up with my parents since they will try to convince me that "there is nothing wrong with me" and that "psychologists are full of BS". Do you have any advice?

  8. My son has asperges syndrome and a lot won't recognize it at all and say things like –
    "oh so he's just mild so it doesn't really effect him right?"
    Drives me nuts.

  9. Hi I've been watching your videos recently. Tomorrow I am seeing my psychiatrist and I am going to talk to him about a possible ASD test because I can relate to some of them symptoms you mention.

  10. Still waiting for diagnosis. I still find it difficult to talk about because my symptoms are not typical. I found Samantha Craft and Rudy Simone's lists for girls the most helpful. A v-log on brain biology and how white/grey matter differentiate between NDs and NTs for a "what is ASD?" my literalism thinking though the v-log was going to be this, lol

  11. Hi from Australia 🙂 I subscribed a while ago because I really enjoy your videos.

    I am a female with Aspergers. I received a late diagnosis because I presented as a really anxious kid. As a little girl I felt really pressured to learn how to be social and communicate properly. I stuttered and stammered for the first five years of my life. But my mum continued to correct me and teach me new words.. so whenever I had trouble I would use a built in thesaurus to find another word of the same meaning and move on without people really noticing.

    Having an older sister helped me mask a lot of my symptoms as well. However, while the preventative measures on all my quirks worked externally.. on the inside I was completely overwhelmed.

    I was diagnosed over and over with anxiety/depression, and at 22 after a welll over due melt down, Bipolar Disorder.

    It took another 3 years of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers for a new psychiatrist to pick up on ASD.. and now, another three years on and I am finally working to understand how I tick lol.

    Thank you for your posting so openly. I have considered doing something similar like a blog about my experiences.

    I think you would find a man named Tony Attwood very interesting.. maybe look him up. He works with young people with ASD.. and has written some of the only in depth information about females with aspergers/asd and the differences in diagnosis.

    Thanks again, mate 🙂 Jess

  12. We had no school yesterday because of the snow storm we had. Today i gave à gift to my teacher and wraped it in five layers with lots of duck tape and ribons it was funny to watch the teacher unwrap His gift hihihi.

  13. i would love to see a vid about aspergers vs HFA. also, what would u suggest for me to do, my parents cant afford to have me get tested for ASD but i very strongly think i have ASD and feel like i cannot explain why i do certain things to people without saying that. thank u!!

  14. You have a BRILLIANT channel ! I was diagnosed about six months ago (20years old) so so many things you have mentioned in your videos click with me. I have set up my own social enterprise trying to help people with mental health issues, autism and domestic abuse victims. Good luck with the channel ! Keep it up 👍🏻

  15. Again, absolutely loving your videos! Aspie family over here (even though our official diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder with Adhd, ocd and panic disorders too 😂). Odd question but would you have any tips regarding massive shifts like moving house?? May be speaking from personal experience here with a family of adults and children all on the spectrum currently having to move house and noticed how hugely it’s affecting all of us. Unable to actually do a video myself with How our Australian internet is being hugely uncooperative haha

  16. When I was formally diagnosed in July, they still seemed to be using DSM 4 up in Scotland. I got classified as having "Childhood Autism" instead of Aspergers, but I would have been previously classified as having "High-Functioning Autism". Apparently the biggest difference is that in Aspergers you don't have a developmental delay as a baby/toddler in learning to speak and walk etc. but I did. But it will soon be just classified as an ASD everywhere.

  17. Thanks for the information on Asperger's syndrome ( A.S.D)! You are someone that I just learned about on my own surfing YouTube than I found you!! I really like watching your videos because I feel like we can relate too each other! I have a hearing problem like its to loud for me on the bus and it feels like a million people are yelling into microphones! I told my mom and she soon bought me a special headphones that can make the noise loud enough for me to think its to loud or to soft!! Maybe you can do a video for things that kids with Asperger's syndrome can help them with needs!!! 😄

  18. Decided that I would comment again, I like your videos. We had end of course testing today and I hated how it messed with my schedule. It was 4th > 3rd > 1st > 2nd…you're correct when you say that people with aspergers hate schedule changes. It gets annoying. Have a great afternoon and I'm hoping to see more great content from you in the future!

  19. Asperger's hasn't been taken out of the official Autism diagnosis. The term "Asperger's Syndrome" just isn't being used any more. Aspies are now classed along with other high functioning Autistics, that's all. Aspies are still considered on the Autism spectrum.

  20. Can you please make a video on Aspergers and dating?!? Like how can a neurotypical keep their partner with Aspergers happy and vice versa? Do’s/don’t’s of dating? Tips? This would be extremely and greatly appreciated!! Love your videos!!

  21. Like each video/vlogs you make, always a pleasure to watch & learn 😉 I wasn't knowing that Asperger and High functioning autism was 2 things (If I've well understood) Here in Quebec, people often say it's the same thing :/ So yeah, I wish to see you make a video about it to learn what is really the difference between both 😀 Peace! 🙂

  22. I just watched a movie called "The lighthouse of the orcas". Good movie. There is an autistic child in it. And if anyone loves orcas it is great for that too.

  23. I think the generic grouping / classification is extremely useful when used within our educational system and of course medically..bbut key factor for this categorising is for government (UK) funding purposes which is now being sadly cut.

  24. My son is 12 and he is in the midst of being diagnosed with Autism. He is very tech-orientated and you remind me so much of him ❤️ I’m learning a lot from you, and I thank you for being so open with your diagnosis 😃

  25. Looking forward to the next video about differences of high functioning autism Vs Asperger's. I thought ASC had become the preferred term now.

  26. Just bought your book, can't wait to read it with my son.
    When is the mood descriptive merch that you mentioned in the live vlog coming out?

  27. You are more clever than the average person… It makes them feel insecure, so they try to convince you that you have something wrong with you! Stick with today & reality! Just be better than yesterday.

  28. If you did show these traits and it was concluded that you have aspergers what exactly would you be diagnosed with. Would they just say that you have autism/high functioning autism or would they specify that the kind of high functioning autism you have is what used to be classified as aspergers.

  29. Absolutely love your videos! I do want to mention one thing though.. I have Asperger's and Sensory Processing Disorder and trying to follow what you are saying while you have music playing in the background is a bit difficult. 🙁 I find that I have to reallllly focus to keep track of what you are saying, while I constantly get distracted by the music. I have to thank you though, your videos are very informative, and very helpful. Especially when it comes to trying to explain Autism and Asperger's to folks who don't have it, don't understand it, and don't know how to help you if you do. Thanks!

  30. So what about social pragmatic communication disorder it should be part of ASD but it's not. I have social pragmatic communication disorder, and ADHD and an intellectual disability i was just diagnosed this passed October. I have all of the autistic traits of autism including hypersensitive hearing, i stim have ticks that one is undiagnosed. Restrictive and repetitive behavior.

  31. also, in my experience, more than a neurological condition, it is just a neurological diversity. It doesn't mean that an asperger person is less than a neurotypical one, it is just that it has stronger skills in some areas and weaker skills in other area. And, luckily, having an intelligence that is above average, for many of them it is possible to improve in those areas where they have more problems.
    So, in a certain way, it is almost a blessing, because you can have natural organizational skills, focus ability, you are more sensible to physical stimulus in a negative but also in a positive way, so you can find joy in very small experiences and find beauty in many aspect of the life, and you can have an amazing ability of analysis of the world and of yourself. There are so many aspect of the syndrome that can make of you a really special person, that it is difficult for me to think that it is something to cure.
    Yes you appear quite original and odd, but as for everybody else, it can be a positive oddity, instead of a negative one.
    the struggle exists, but more because asperger people have to fit in an environment that is not suitable for them.
    I have noticed that in an environment where there are many asperger people, the conditions, the relationships, the environment itself, tend to be more asperger friendly and it is a neurotypical person who has problem fitting in.
    the only problem is that, apart from some special fields and environment, the rest of the world is naturally built around the exigencies of neurotypical people. And this makes people with asperger appear odd and problematic in those situations.

  32. Lol SoCal is so unseasonably hot because of climate change drying the land so much so that it's literally on fire in December! The bright side is that every day is a beach day. Wish we had some rain!
    I'm very confused as to whether I have high functioning autism or Asperger's. I have perfect pitch I can dictate music perfectly and I hear music and colors in my head constantly. I'm super sensitive and aware of the world around me such as current events in politics… but my social skills seem to be hovering between socially withdrawn and very socially comfortable with smaller groups of friends. I think I really need a formal diagnosis but none of my family takes me seriously and I feel like something about me is very very different from everyone else. I'm 24 now and can hardly function sometimes due to my anxiety. What do I do?! I've seen several therapists and psychologists and I feel like they are constantly misdiagnosing me!

  33. I'm 40 and pretty sure I have Asperger's. Both my kids are one the spectrum. One non verbal autistic and one Asperger's. Thank you for the video 🙂

  34. I have been recently been diagnosed with Asperges I find it really hard to tell people about it incase people don't believe me because I am a woman with it.

  35. hi I am a partner to a aspie who was diagnosed quite late on he was 18 at the time and your videos are really helpful in helping me understand him more thank you

  36. I swear on everything I am no one understands what it's like having this being diagnosed as an adult or near adult hood and having parents that wouldn't even listen to things like well can we try this so that maybe I can get a good start in life and being told no. Then because you're forced on to government assistance people tell you you're no better than invaders to a country.

  37. Been diagnosed since I was 15 and now I’m 19. Mine is very minor it’s just my emotional side. My friends help me so much along with my family

  38. Can u do a video about emotional side of aspergers I need to be educated on that and tell my friends more info about it so the understand

  39. @The Aspie World- Hi, I just came across you're channel a few weeks ago & decided to subscribe to learn more about the topics of Autism & Asperger's Syndrome.
    I was wondering if you could do a video or two about *how to get a Lawyer for Autism & Asperger disabilities*?Because, I have a feeling that I have BOTH since childhood! I didn't find out until mid year of Middle School after my teacher's telling my what my disabilities are & why I was in one of those smaller classrooms with other students with other disabilities n what not. My parents are trying to help me get what I need & I've been denied probably over 3 times from the Stat & now my parents are wanting to take the State to court for not doing their job properly & lying about what I have as a person. This is a big issue that I'm having so, I was wondering if you could help me out?

  40. Hello 🙂 I've got a volunteer who will be working for me, he's not been diagnosed but his family think he has Aspergers. I had heard of Aspergers but didn't know what it was. Thank you for explaining things for me. Your video is really helpful. 😊

  41. I Have a Incredibly Strong Dislike to both the "Taste" and "Texture" of Meat all meat Now. I dislike it in my mouth. I can't Hardy eat it very much anymore and its gotten worse in the Last 2 years since November 2015 before that it was just certain types of Meat that I didn't like Such as : Ham, Chicken, and Turkey, but now it's All meat in general.

  42. I was diagnosed with Aspergers last Wednesday, I’m 14 years old and in year 10… I have lived with my brother who has autism. When I was in year 7 I started having really bad anxiety problem and started not coming into school. In year 9 my anxiety got so bad I my attendance got to 60% at school, my school directed me to CAHMS due to depression. I have been seeing the same lady for nearly 2 years at CAHMS, when she directed me to a diagnoses of autism test thingy.😂 so it turns out I am an aspi, which at first I completely didn’t believe but when I looked into the details it explained a lot about me. One of the problems I have is I don’t cope with things very well for example, I struggle doing tests, I just don’t cope. I have mentioned how I feel really anxious about my GCSE’s to CAHMS and my school but they aren’t listing. I’m really scared because I have been becoming depressed again recently and day to day life is an awful struggle. Do you have any tips about school? How to cope? Btw I’m currently in a public school meaning it’s very busy😂 do you have any tips about coping with loud noises and people getting in my personal space? Your videos are amazing btw you should be really proud of how far you have come!!!! ☺️☺️

  43. Nice vidoe, but a bit oversimplified and inaccurate for my taste. I am an Aspie myself and I have found it to be a different, more specialized development path, that enhances some abilities and hinder some giving Aspies a different personality type in which their coping mechanisms (which share similaritites with the autism spectrum) appear as the «symptoms» you described.

  44. I got diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers at age 9, and I feel like I've only been declining with age in terms of productivity 🙁

  45. This is the first video that I've watched on your channel. This is really helpful:) Hi, great video. I'm an teenager and recently I was looking at my personality type (INTP) and I found out that the INTP personality type is the same type as Albert Einstein (which is really cool). So, I found out that Einstein most likely had some form of Autism or Asperger's. Since I really had no clue what Asperger's was, I researched it and the symptoms described me SO WELL. I decided to take a "Do you have Asperger's?" test online to find out. This test has research from an actual psychologist. Anyways, I got a score of 39 out of 50 and a score of 32 to 50 is considered "highly likely to have Asperger's". Since then, I've been watching videos and reading articles on Asperger's. So yeah, I really want to get a diagnosis. I feel like I have AS but I'm not sure. Any advice? Thanks for making this video:) (PLEASE REPLY ASAP:) ~A.Kinz

  46. Thank you for doing these videos. They are very informative and helpful. My 13 year old son has aspergers. I find getting information from an aspie is much more understandable and is very much appreciated 💖

  47. I think I might have Aspergers.
    I definitly have ADHD, my mom got diagnosed, my dad has it undiagnosed, and I show all symptoms. My mother thinks both ADHD and the Autism spectrum is a fashionable disease, and blocks off whenever I bring up the fact that I want to get checked.
    If I get diagnosed or not, I am glad to have found this channel as it helps me deal with the symptoms and struggles I face most of the day. Thanks for making such inspiring and educational content

  48. I have the same as you….Asd ,Ocd ,Adhd…Yeah its best to do Dx early…than they can make you behave…..and not to be embarrassing to ones self and everyone else…….In my opinion…It seems in essence the core of the human condition…in my concept we have more insite into the human condition…derrrrrrrrrr…I like you. 🙂

  49. I'm an adult and just got diagnosed, it's frustrating cause I was always quick at learning stuff but kept myself down for fear of being estranged by others and now my studies are fucked up and I'm forever scarred and can't study cause I have some sort of block in my head that tells me that stidying and being smart will lead me to being alone. I'm basically starting over my life at 22 and it's hard, if it was diagnosed earlier it might have been easier with some help.

  50. Hhmmm…. did Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory have Asperger's Syndrome?
    I just found your channel and came back this far to binge watch lol
    Great video!!

  51. I think I may have Asperger's. With that being said. I think those who don't have it, have the disorder. Great video. Very informative.

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