100 thoughts on “ASMR Cashier Roleplay – Scanning Your Depression Snacks at 3am

  1. This video was so sweet. 🙂 I also kind of forgot I was even watching a video at one point. X) I would absolutely love it if I ran into someone like you at a convenience store. Also, I like the no death pact. My friend and I actually made one. It's good stuff.

    I wish you well. Hugs you back

  2. I liked how real this particular one was. I've had a 3 am trip to a Subway where I interrupted a group smoke break, and I just joined them and shot the real shit for a while, before they made me the greatest sandwich I've ever had. There's unmatched humanity in moments like these.

  3. Intento disfrutar el video pero siempre que escucho la palabra depresion, me llega una lluvia de memorias de mi horrible pasado. Y no puedo olvidarlo :C.No se porque me aferro tanto a estas memorias, pero aun asi difruto de estos videos que me hacen olvidar de esta maldicion que tengo.

  4. Cashier: *Holds up cookie dough* "Death is coming."
    *leans closer and whispers* "Death is coming."
    -Alright is this some sort of a sign or something?
    Cashier: *Holds up a packet of cosmic brownies* "Death is coming."
    -Well, now I'm afraid to leave the store

  5. I feel awkward talking about my depression to people so it's nice to have a chill depressed cashier to vibe with 😅 #DeathIsComing

  6. Damn, if a cashier started talking like that about her depressing life I would grab her by the arm and take her on a vacation to cheer her up.

  7. If only woolworths and Coles supermarkets in Australia would replace the self serve checkout voice with beckah's voice.

    "Unexpected item in bagging area" would be a lot more soothing.

  8. I'm sitting here at 4:30am alone with a huge bag of sweets (ostensibly meant for sharing) surrounded by mountains of dirty clothes. So… this hits pretty close to home.

  9. What I meant to say that I'll always love you and your videos softlygaloshes ASMR I'll always will ❤️😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️😘 ❤️😘 ❤️

  10. Damnit how is this making me sleepy and burst out laughing at the same time. And he's fuck the depression goblin no M&Ms for him

  11. I was saving this for when I need to sleep easy before a work day, but damn it's so relatable and hilarious that I cant sleep and am extremely entertained! Welp, who needs sleep lmao

  12. I really love how open you are in this video and going far as saying the word fuck to make us feel like a best friend talking.thank you so much.

  13. I filled myself up with xanax and prozac before watching and it was so relatable that I started crying but thank you so much i rlly needed this video 💙

  14. I'm watching this in the middle of a severe depressive episode and it's actually very comforting to hear someone with such a large platform joke so casually about it. People usually look so uncomfortable when I make these jokes as a coping mechanism (except for those friends who are actually as mentally ill as I am lmao) and hearing you do it too makes me feel less alone. Thanks for being you, Bekah.💗

  15. This is probably one of the nicest videos I’ve seen. It seriously is very relatable I do feel at home while watching this. Thanks a lot.

  16. I uh, just finished Elfen Lied…so while its not legit depression imma need some snacks and probably a hug after that.

  17. As someone with depression, ADHD, and a myriad of other mental health issues, ASMR has helped me with getting my brain to "relax" at night. This video however: Chef's kiss / Pacha meme

  18. I have a good idea for an ASMR video. A collaboration of a few asmrtists all giving personal attention and saying nice things. Like a snuggle party 🙂

  19. I really love how frank and unapologetic you treat the subject of depression in this video along with a dose of humor and charm. Thanks for this <3

  20. this feels very genuine and comes from a real place of understanding, makes it feel a lot better than most cookie-cutter neurotypical positivity, thank you ❤

  21. So it's actually 4am and I'm depression snacking pretty hard tonight, and damn I didn't expect this to hit so hard… 😅😞

  22. 7:50
    The small ones could taste better because the surface is bigger in relation to the inside then it is on the big ones. That's what I think I'm a 14 y/o so it's more of a guess haha

  23. You have achieved a self-aware post-ironic meta state of depression in which you can empathize and meaningfully interact with other depressed people through the use of humor about mutual unhealthy coping mechanisms as a coping mechanism and forming anti-suicide pacts with them.

  24. As someone whose whole life is basically unwashed tearful 3 am depression snacking, I appreciate this greatly. 😢🌯😥🍕😪🍪😭🍫👍

  25. Honestly, it's 11pm where I am and I've avoided eating due to nausea due to pills that I'm on due to depression and i just really needed this video

  26. AMO totalmente estos videos con temáticas así y la forma en que actúas xD se te da muy bien actuar, hay momentos en que parece real xd saludos desde Argentina <3

    15:44 Y sí, eso me ha pasado muchas veces xd

  27. Your so fine and I really enjoy this and I just came back from the ER and I watch this and it made me satisfied 😘😏 I do love you 😘😘❤️😘💋

  28. Softlygaloshes Asmr I'll always love you and your videos and if you were my girlfriend I'll always love you but what else is your future goals. My dad eat those brownies alot too and I just ate McDonald's while watching this and now I'm gonna relax

  29. I love this channel first kisses personal attention now this honestly your awesome

    Edit:I commented this before hearing the biggest mood ever death is coming salmonella here I come

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