100 thoughts on “Armed parishioner kills gunman at Texas church

  1. These types of stories are not uncommon. The media will not report on them because it damages their anti gun narrative.

  2. mass immigration, MK-ULTRA support soldiers and no forced mental health care are factors that harm us. carry guns people – they help us. the guys are trained and know what to do. the killers need to be studied to find problem solutions. gun reform is not an answer.

  3. Thanks the government for allowing them to protect themselves? Let that sink in! Do we run the government or do they rule us? Allow what a joke

  4. What the heck came out of the lady's mouth at the end? Manipulation of "PR" like that! Of course a non-profit would have a budget of ~80% PR (reach out) and ~20% aid (real help). They only come if they know. Evil perspective she has

  5. "This ONE story" she says, except there are multiple stories like this just this year even! A responsible gun owner stopping a crazy person. If I were in the church I'd be so glad one of those heroes was there.

  6. The man in church the civilian who protects others is called a militia he is what the constitution is all about the gun grabbing baby killing democrates want your guns so these lunatics can slaughter you.

  7. Imagine that, a dumb broad on the news who has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. "Common sense gun control" If that isn't an oxymoron I don't know what is.

  8. That is the way it should be. To defend one self or others is a god given right. No man / women / government can infringe on that. Listen to yourselves do you believe the garbage narrative spewing from all your mouths.

  9. nice oranges on that blonde……………..she should just squeeze some OJ and package it…………………preferably with her mouth closed.

  10. Imagine how many more would've died had they not been armed and were left at the mercy of the timely arrival of the police.

  11. There is always a silly dem virtue signaling about how they dont like gun violence ,not prepared or realistic about dealing with the world as it is but as they would like it to be . Unfortunately as the bible says there is a time for peace and time for war

  12. To say that Trump is responsible at all for anti-Semitism is preposterous. The accusation is just more Democrat race baiting.

  13. Tell this girl whatever her name is that Q Anon is not a conspiracy. Do your research. Stop covering for the corrupt swamp Deep State.

  14. "I don't want my church to turn into a shootout" …. nobody does moron —- "Common sense gun laws" is another moronic statement .. bad people don't obey laws

  15. Who in the hell goes to texas to open up on people? Half or more of the population open carries. If you shoot at them, they will shoot you back!

  16. Emily is ignorant more lives are saved by guns than taken by guns. The reason so many other shootings have ended so bad is because they usually take place in gun free zones.

    You cannot depend on law enforcement or anyone else to save your life or protect your family, that's your responsibility, and when seconds count help is usually minutes away.

    If something like this happens don't be caught off guard and at the mercy of evil.
    You need to be prepared, able to defend yourself, and protect others in danger.

  17. The hate in this country is coming from Demonrats like Stephen Colbert, Joy Behar, and that little guy Richard Maddow???

  18. one way to slow gun crimes is { stop and frisk ] take guns from people that should not have them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent.

  19. Fake news. “Trump retweet’s white supremacist’s” how do y’all attach the peaceful qanon movement with violence and hate crimes. You are fake news!

  20. For some reason Democrats do not understand the criminals do not follow the law it doesn’t matter how many laws you make against owning guns criminals will still own them

  21. In the United States of America it is against the law to own a gun if you are a felon!! Every single day felons are arrested carrying guns share that information with a Democrat and see what their responses?

  22. Metal detector at church's would had worked but that's sucks.but every time I need to go to the court house i hate it

  23. …when a Leftist uses the words "common sense" in any context ("common sense gun laws", "common sense immigration reform"), use one hand to cover your wallet, and if you have a gun, reach for it…the Left uses "common sense" whenever they want to take something away from you…a right, an option, or something else….

  24. That woman’s dumb
    A good guy with a gun is the only answer to a bad guy with a gun
    And yes I’m a Texan
    Bad people will never ever ever follow the law
    So this is a permanent solution

  25. "Common sense gun laws" yet goes for the gun grabber talking point of "universal background checks", something that is already done if you've ever gone through the process of purchasing a firearm.

  26. There are sheep and sheepherders. This man is a sheepherder, protecting the flock (a very good thing). I have a lot of respect for him. He might not think he's a hero, but we know otherwise (he is a hero). My hats is to you, dear sir, and you have my respect.

  27. Your government doesn’t control you being able to defend your self( they act if they do) it is your right as an American to defend you and yours! Government can’t and want take that right…

  28. The author's of the Constitution knew that unless the terms of citizenship were specifically stated, ruthless totalitarians could get control of America so,…

    By limiting citizenship specifically and solely to those who swear allegiance to defending individual “liberty” and authentic “justice” as plainly stated in the Preamble,… they denied
    citizenship to everyone that doesn't, no matter what their religion!

  29. Wow, on cnn i heard ( crickets ) …wait, maria is talking. Blaming the man that has always supported the Jewish community, remember moving the embassy ? Standing up to the middle east ! No it wasnt in Maria's coloring book

  30. A Gun is a Tool that's it nothing more. How you use the tool has to be your choice. Good or bad.
    Don't tell me that people shouldn't carry guns. More life's would be saved if everyone would have a Gun. I think more people should be able to carry Concealed, I wouldn't want to carry opened as it makes smart mouths call you on to a fight.

  31. When seconds count, police are just minutes away! Who is the blond idiot who spouts off about universal background checks?

  32. Emily you are wrong. The evidence proves you wrong. History proves you wrong. A safety team is vital to the protection of the whole.

  33. Those like Northam and his bunch of "no reality fools" want no one to be able to defend against these crazies, thereby showing just how absurd their talk sessions go off the rails!
    That shows that Northam &Co can't believe we are more rational than

  34. Armed parishioner kills gunman at Texas church Republican America
    UnArmed parishioners die like dogs at Texas church Democrat America

  35. I love this anchors style. He let the foolishness unveil itself first -no need to argue, let the panel handle it. The comments on this feed are PRICELESS! I agree, I dont believe she goes to church either (as mentioned below), because if she did she wouldn't be talking that ignorance she spewed in front of all these people! Je-bus!! (Yeah, Jebus in the Bible too! Google it. LOL)

  36. Guess what. They didn't want it to happen either but, you can't stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. You are responsible for your own protection. The talking points against it are tired and proven ineffective, grow up and face reality it is not a political game. If your afraid of guns don't buy one but don't stop others from protecting their loved ones, and possibly you too regardless of your ignorance.

  37. There is no gun problem, and there is no need for reform. There are enabled crazy people that do horrible things. And a horde of gun grabbing commies

  38. The right to bear arms does not come from government. This right is protected by the constitution, not given by the constitution. It is a natural right that shall not be infringed . This news broadcasts is a big fail, as this should have been stated. It is a fact!

  39. I wonder if anyone sees the difference between this situation the one with
    Dylann Roof one prayed and died the other started busting caps and let the bullets do the f**king talking !

  40. "Bill" DeBlasio (an assumed phony name) is a self-declared COMMUNIST…
    HOW is it even possible that not only is he not in JAIL for belonging to a organization whose aim is to overthrow the US Government, – but is 'also' the Mayor of NYC? Are ALL out "leaders" and legislators IN A COMA. APPARENTLY so. Along with a majority of voters as well… Prove me wrong.

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