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Advocacy is a real key piece of any
foundation’s mission particularly if it has a tie to federal funding. Right now
brain aneurysm research is really underfunded compared to a lot of other
diseases that have just as broad as a reach as brain aneurysms do. Congress is
bombarded with a lot of different priorities and a lot of different issues
a lot of different diseases even that call their attention. It’s really not
until a constituent or someone who lives in their state or someone they know
comes to them and says that it is important to them many members of
Congress we have found through these advocacy days or reaching out to them
separately outside of the annual Lobby day. We’ve realized they have a personal
connection themselves they may not have wanted to champion that but once a
constituent comes and brings it forward to them then they really want to move on
it. So that’s why it really is important to come in to talk to them to see if
there’s a personal connection with the member or their staff and to let them
know that their constituents back home really do care about it that’s impacting
their everyday lives. It has a tremendous impact on legislators to hear
from their constituents about an issue that matters to them and they think
hearing advocates stories is very impactful. When I was a freshman in
college my grandmother had three ruptured brain aneurysms and at that
time that was the first time that I had ever heard about a brain aneurysm and
they think by doing this work I have come to realize how common they are and
that a family history like mine is is actually not as uncommon as I thought. It’s really important if you’re going to go to the hill and take up valuable time
from congressional staffers who meet with people all day to really let them
know what the asks are gonna be to give them context for what the rest of the
season looks like on the hill and what policymakers are paying attention to
outside of brain aneurysm research and funding. So we make sure they have that
context we make sure they have the background the statistics they need for
the meetings the talking points the specific legislation that has been or
will be introduced. It’s a lot of information. Federal funding is
incredibly important according to the the latest numbers that we’ve seen
approximately two to five million dollars of federal funding goes to brain
aneurysm research per year. This is really a very very small amount of money
when it comes to how much money the federal government is spending on
research funding as a whole but increasing that by some small amount
could have a really large impact on the research that is being done you

5 thoughts on “Are you impacted by a brain aneurysm? | Brain Aneurysm Advocacy

  1. I recently got operated ..via coiling. Needed to know if all future worries r taken care of or still probabilities of after effects of rapture

  2. I'm happy to be alive after an un rupture aneurysm … my life has been changed, I'm not able to perform pretty much at any job

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