Are You ASHAMED Of Your Mental Illness?

hello I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like-minded community today’s video is coming up right after this for those of you who are longtime subscribers you will notice something different around here I no longer have a beard unfortunately my girlfriend made me shave my beard off because she wanted to see what I would look like without a bit I want to hear from you in the comment section down below what you think to prefer me without the beers or with the beard let me know and if you new here you wouldn’t have seen me before with the beard so it doesn’t matter enough about me let’s get into today’s video I want to do something a bit different in today’s video and I want to read to you a quote that is true in my life and how I feel and I think it might help and inspire and motivate you the quote is as follows I am not ashamed of my mental illness and you shouldn’t be either now I love this quote because me personally I have not ashamed of my mental illness there is nothing to be ashamed of I have not ashamed when I tell people I suffer from anxiety and depression and I suffer from mental illnesses I’m not ashamed and you should not be either you should not feel bad you should not feel guilty you should not feel ashamed that you suffer humans have emotions humans go through things in their lives anxiety depression ADHD bipolar it’s an illness it’s a mental illness just like any other physical illness you wouldn’t say are you ashamed to have a cold you you don’t get shame to say you have a cold so you should not be ashamed to sin or feel a shame that you suffer from a mental illness there is no shame people sometimes might feel ashamed of their mental illness because of the stigma attached to it people with mental illnesses are crazy no that’s not the case at all people feel ashamed because of the stigma attached to mental illness however I promise you you should never and not feel ashamed because you suffer from a mental illness I personally do not feel ashamed and I hope that you don’t feel ashamed either let me know in the comment section down below are you ashamed or are you not ashamed to say that you suffer from a mental illness if if you feel ashamed that you suffer from a mental illness please let me know why in the comment section down below if you’ve enjoyed this video please give it a like don’t forget to follow us on social media my Instagram is authentic mental health I will be following a few of you back so diets around now and follow us for quotes motivational posts posts of me personally my girlfriend just authentic mental health posts take care guys and girls and I’ll see you in another video

28 thoughts on “Are You ASHAMED Of Your Mental Illness?

  1. I apologise for not uploading for a while, I have moved into my new apartment! I also apologise about the Audio problems! It will be fixed tomorrow❤️✅💯

  2. Today I misbehaved with my fellow because I was depressed, I let her know that I'm depressed and sorry for the misbehaving. She said" I have nothing to do with it and this is your own loss if you behave someone badly". So I was ashamed.

  3. I am ashamed of my mental health
    Because I always felt that it was My fault
    My worst nightmare is having people find out
    I still feel like it is my fault that I am not trying hard enough because I am not good enough. I feel stupid When I have panic attacks and anxiety

  4. how do you compare cold to ADHD or depression or anxiety!
    am ashamed of my mental illness because it drove away every single person even my family. am all alone because because of it. I suffer a lot of it.

  5. I am and it makes it hard to get by like when my work says I need a doctors not because my anxiety is so bad that I feel like I can’t even leave my bed or house idk what to do anymore ):

  6. Well in my country … people really make fun of depression and anxiety so I'm really really trying my best to hide my self I don't know if ashamed or not but of course I don't want them to know about me they will laugh at me …… by the way you are handsome with both have a good day 😆🌸🌸🌸

  7. I feel ashamed for having depression and anxiety… And the reason why i feel this was is because i torment myself and i just bother those around me. And when i get my episodes… Whether it be anger or suicidal episodes. I just don't think and i do actions recklessly. I may even be sent to a mental hospital soon and i feel ashamed because i have gone so low in my head that i will be treated differently than others in my family are treated and the most important part.. I have seen and heard of people who used to go to school with me when i was younger and all pf them are finishing their studies and having families. While I'm here still stuck with the same mental issues since i was 15 years old and i am currently 23 years old. I am unemployed (which was my fault because of my social anxiety, i want to keep studying but i am in debt at the moment and i am only causing headaches in my households because of my suicide attempts… I'm a total mess and i just don't see the way out..

  8. I dont feel fully ashamed of my mental illness. As far as my self goes. Im learning to accept it as it is. However when it comes to others i have fear that they may not like me or love me how i am. It hurts to feel that way. I know there are people that do. That doesnt matter the fear is still there and i still feel that way.
    Thank for the video.
    Peace love and blessings to you

  9. I'm no longer ashamed to talk about my mental illnesses but when I was I was ashamed because of how people negatively responded to it.

  10. I’m ashamed of my mental illnesses because I’m constantly having panic/anxiety attacks and people don’t want to be around me. I take all 6 medications everyday and I try to utilize my coping skills but I still can’t calm down… I’m tired of people labeling me as a freak because of my mental illness.

  11. I am ashamed of my mental health,
    Not because of being mentally ill but because of my scars, and I've got nobody to talk to so I keep it inside.

  12. Thanks for telling the truth. Mentally ill people are still massively abused. This is the main crime against humanity.

  13. I’m ashamed because my life is so perfect, I have a good house, 2 good parents, am good-looking, have good opportunities, no other health issues, and in a good school system and town, so that’s why.
    Can you maybe do a video on that sort of thing if you haven’t yet?.. I know this is late

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