Anti-Gay Rant Actually Schizophrenia & Mental Illness

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business video of a woman testifying against the anti-discrimination
ordinance at the lincoln city council which one viral this week so many people
thought the stimulus and they want in the interview the woman or to recruit
killed the woman is better because of the wild anti-gay claims she makes and it turns out this is a mentally ill
woman who is actually uh… a protected person i
don’t know what that actually means in that particular state but i still
with something that she is not even fit to take care of herself yeah probably i
guess that means you can say whatever you want michigan say whatever she wants rather
yeah okay so this is some of the video and then walk into some or the
background about and and the most interesting thing about the video is the
guy who’s over her right shoulder who seems to be confuse the estate released about what’s
going on with the court flunkie days like she’s seen people can recieved the an i_n_s_ goes m_t_b_e_ mister
rupture and testify morality and justice more likely she’ll
get intelligence or a homicide getting defensive on the other hand
passes away weaver breaks another homicide later unesco united nations has gendron
bioethics consciences combined on the days go to gender studies decided
by left in the science in hospitals right children can be eliminated the fed’s
stated in this december eleventh article uh… don’t like that and i think that it turns out she was completely uh…
outta control but also completely out of a she’s had a huge percentage of gay men
in school grounds molest boys partly because they don’t have it needs yet she added whitney houston was found
without clothes in a bathtub every corpse found without clothes as a
partner who did away with them also talked about hillary clinton’s
roommate for four years in college being a gay woman arrow are no what the relevance of that is with the
you know no idea you can’t you not to key in on that as it turns out this is a woman who was
diagnosed with schizophrenia she shouldn’t be taken seriously her family
is in disbelief that this even spread the way it did so we’re not going to ridicule her i
think what’s fascinating about this willis and mental illness is very sad sometimes the distinction between mental illness
and rabid bigotry in homophobia is not that clear valign right i think
that’s really the remarkable thing the line was very blurry here we’ve had people on the show who have made similar claims the what
this woman is making and at least as far as we know they have been diagnosed as
schizophrenics or uh… are are under the care about but neither you nor is there any way you
would be very uh… he would be very strange if the whole
family where with our alluding to hear were schizophrenic right com but uh… rep right uh… who lives very
very sad time guest so when they said we may be what we need to be considering a
sometimes when it when i interviewed anti-gay nuts maybe they’re not anti-gay
notes there just schizophrenic like this woman well you should you don’t preach that the topic you
should maybe preface the whole interview by saying is it possible that you are
mentally ill as this woman wouldn’t know that if you ask their right but still let me just to cover our bases
week we could ask the question to get the quite accurate diagnosis of

61 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Rant Actually Schizophrenia & Mental Illness

  1. but a BIG careful, in defending gays from homophobia NOT to then perpetuate the myth of mental illness. Please remember that the same people in authority who claim this not too long ago made out that being gay was a 'mental illness'!! In fact the inventor of the computer, Alan Turing, was tortured by the State for being gay in the 1950s and ended up killing himself.

  2. She really doesn't sound that much different than your average homophobe. Or have we already forgotten that gays have been blamed for Katrina, 9/11, tornadoes, & birds falling dead from the sky?

  3. The things she's saying that are clearly disorganized and weird, are still not far at all from the truth about what most homophobic people think about gay people. That it's dirty, full of molestation, violence etc. It also kind of looks like a costume/wig she's wearing, maybe she got it in her mentally ill mind to dress up and make homophobes look stupid. Who really knows what her real deal is, the schizophrenia keeps her safe and not a threat because people won't take her seriously.

  4. Well, homophobia is a mental illness, and its sufferers are wont to be out of touch with reality; this woman's delirium is quite typical among the anti-gay crowd, alas. They definitely need reparative therapy.

  5. Just because they haven't been officially diagnosed yet doesn't mean that most of these right wing religious nut, hate filled Republicans aren't complete and total LUNATICS.

  6. Sounds like every right-wing talking point that I have ever heard all wrapped you in one pretty little box. Nothing new here.

  7. Its a bit wrong to say the line between homophobia and mental illness is fine, im bipolar and im not in any way homophobic, im sorry this woman is mentally ill, but in my opinion id say unfortunately she would be homophobic either way!

  8. Funny, one of the related videos that comes on the screen after the video is of Fred Phelps. Speaking of mentally ill…

  9. mental illness is no excuse for being a stupid and hateful person… maybe her family should have prevented her from making an ass of herself.

  10. david is right – what the key to this viral video is not that she said it but that people listened to -many in agreement – most homophobes are either closeted scared gays or unbalanced people like this poor shmuck – the average healthy person doesn't give a rat's ass what their consenting adult neighbors are doing…its the one's who are afraid of their own inner demons -gay based or mental illness based – hey soon maybe all bigots will be listed on the DSM-V

  11. She sounds like Pat Robertson, the wackos from Concerned Women For America, any Southern Baptist, and Michele Bachmann and her poofy husband Marcus. They've been saying this crap for years and no guys in whitecoats have taken them away in an ambulance to the funny farm. I think this episode demonstrates that homophobia is a self-reinforcing mental illness. The gay-hating nuts just get nuttier.

  12. I hear you. That's what I thought when I found out she was ill. Her family was mortified that people were upset with her but she doesn't sound much different than Paul Cameron, Peter Spragg, Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann or any of the other so-called "christians" and "pro-family" types.

  13. is that why "christians" had obsessed over jews until they realized jews were an essential part of their armageddon or end of times?
    are you aware the ONLY reason why "christians" now embrace jews is because before the end of times, every last jew will either convert to some sort of christianity or other or be killed. and until that event occurs, the "christian" end of times won't happen.
    so idiot, go push your bullshit & lies on other ignorant, gullible, stupid "christians" such as yourself.

  14. oh, i see, so pointing out intolerance, bigotry, fear mongering and hate in and of itself is a bad thing. is that what you're saying liberals should refrain from doing…pointing out the evil stupidity of "christians"?
    that liberals should let the evil of "christians" continue because then they would be labeled intolerant of "christian" evil practices? is that what you mean you god damned ignorant evil "christian"? huh? answer the question you evil, ignorant bastard!

  15. The fact that the woman is indeed clinically mentally ill couldn't possibly be the reason "liberals" would call her mentally ill. :-/ Btw, "liberal" is only a pejorative in the closed-minded small-thinking of far-right conservatives.

  16. Are we supposed to be accepting of bigots, in this case the very people responsible for subjugating 10% of the population, creating 2nd class citizens? I think not. It is one thing to differ in opinions & respect one's right to have different opinions. But it is an entirely different thing to tolerate the subjugation of fellow citizens, to tolerate laws which are blatantly unconstitutional. You confuse the two. Once you start legislating your so-called "morality," you have crossed the line.

  17. "they're open minded and accepting unless a person is homophobic or bigoted"

    Whoa smart idea ex-lax! Let's be tolerant of intolerance. Makes total sense.

  18. What's interesting is the audience's LACK of reaction. Evidently they can't tell the difference between a schizophrenic and a regular run-of-the-mill homophobe.

  19. You can't ask them if they've been diagnosed with a mental illness. It's a violation of privacy and rude.

  20. david has this weird little tuft of hair poking up on the back of his head, well almost the back of his head. it was distracting lol

  21. Whether or not she is mentally ill, she got these ideas of homosexuality somewhere. But please don't judge all of us in Lincoln for this woman's severely misguided views.

  22. this lady's family also said she is under their care 24/7…which means they brought her to speak at this counsel meeting and let her ramble incoherently for as long as she did.

  23. "Why do gays like to see people parachute?" " P-E-N-I-S goes into the anus…."
    i never thought about it but I guess i really do love parachuting!!! she's brilliant!

  24. I find this very offensive as a schizophrenic person, talk about stereotyping… I am bisexual myself, I know many gay, lesbian and bi people who are my friends… Stupid guys…

  25. Actually, gays were blamed by religious nutjobs for ALL of the things mentioned. If you missed it, then you weren't paying attention. I didn't get all those thumb's up because I was talking out of my ass, but because so many people recognized the truth of my statement

  26. schizophrenia must be a terrible disease, I can't imagine myself having schizophrenia… Neither can I.

  27. you think you can beat the astroid from the volkswagon
    beatle from the calapso transvestite? its really all down to beelephobia and homoerotic dysfuntion. Understand? you probably wouldnt your all a bit of a weirdoo!…like u walk by the lake while the gremlin eats ur fanjita…..aye?

  28. i loveyou man you are a personification have the ugliest version of conservaty and pseudoscientific bullshit possible
    oh yeah i follow you it makes my day everyday

  29. Her 'rant' was completely coherent, meanwhile, the brigrantine liberal agenda of this commentator seems to stem from a man of questionable stability.

  30. David here appears to have missed your point, on the pathologization of political adversaries; I agree entirely that this is indeed a hypocritical tendency of the left.

  31. I am Far Left, I will avow that The Left is VILE & EVIL if PC-RULES are broken.



    However, This Woman Spoke Truth. These "CHUMPS" are POLITIC PIGGIES.
    Charlie Manson would "Deliver" David from his "DEMONS" of "POLITICALL CORRECT-NESS!"

  32. Just because she's schizophrenic doesn't mean it's the root of every belief she has. It's possible to be mentally ill and still an ass hole.

  33. I think that everybody deep down sees homosexuality as some kind of disorder. Nobody hates them but homosexuality is just not normal and no matter how much brainwashing gay lobby – it never will be.

  34. I wondered if some of those words weren't neologisms, she didn't sound quite right (I mean aside from all the bigotry and misinformation).  I hope she's getting the help she needs.

  35. OK,Now we know the problem.The  problem is simply this. I want and sometimes demand that EVERYBODY think like ME  and hold the same values I do.YOU should be LIKE Me do as I do,but Mostly DO as I say. THERE'S the problem Now that WE have that settled. I am going to offer some reasonable advice.IF You believe There is A CREATOR GOD Then That's fine with Me. I personally  believe there is. IF You do NOT believe ,Then THAT is YOUR business. I do not and never will hate you,accuse you ,or in anyway try to make life difficult for you The HATRED on BOTH sides is a very very big problem.FIX that one (within Yourself)then the rest will take care of itself..IF there is a GOD,especially a GOD who LOVES ALL of us then HE is able and  willing to FIX anything about any of us that does not please Him.
    And I personally believe He can and will.And ALL on His time table and on His terms.

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