answering your Q’s about mental health (while painting on my sketchbook!)

hi guys welcome to a new vlog I just oh my god I just edited and exported last week’s video so look who is very productive today and right now I need to this a thing guys my brother is getting married this year and he asked me as a present as a wedding present if I could illustrate his dogs so he and his fiance they have lots of dogs and they wanting to I mean lots of dog shows like 30 dogs they have three because one recently passed away anyway let’s do this together because otherwise I’m gonna do this all by myself and I want to be with someone right now so you will have to keep me company I am forcing you basically to keep me company so let’s do these guys okay guys I’m done wait I need to practice dogs you guys because I am really bad at this I mean yeah so this was my explain this was my first trial look at that poor bastard I try to different differentiate them in terms of like the texture of the hair and this will look at these this is the one that recently passed away and she used to have like really short black hair so I’m gonna send these sketches to my brother and his fiancee I hope they like I have no idea what they are thinking about or what they are planning to do with these but I think there is dope I hope they like them hey guys good morning today is Wednesday yesterday my brother and his fiancee say yes to the dress said yes to the dogs and now I have to I think going to spend the morning painting lsbf’s duty and later on today I need to take some pictures for the sketch book tour for patron and I need to do my Japanese homework because I haven’t study a single day for two weeks last week it was for July we didn’t have a class and I am so far behind is embarrassing so yeah guys please give me company by the way bringing ice coffee in this container is the best thing ever [Music] hi guys good morning today’s Thursday so about the noise I just turn on my wonderful I see and right now I am on illustrator today is the first day in such a long time in which I have the morning free free morning the morning available anyway and I decided to do to start doing the storyboard for the Venus I already started doing this but I noticed that the method I was using was very how can I say this in very kind words non convenient because and let me show you this so this is my arena corner it misses the new graphic novel and I have been working on for some time now and before all of these boxes were here I wanted to use this entire wall for putting the storyboards aka miniature versions of each page here so I can see them all as a whole but the problem is that right now they’re in a very inconvenient place sometimes I lose one of the pages and I have no idea where they are so they’re not very handy to have when you’re moving around or when you’re working on a project maybe on the go or in a coffee shop so I decided that even though I love this format I mean in some way I will still use this format it’s just that I would love to see if I can print them like this so this is an a4 page letter size page and I want to see if this miniature versions are too tiny or not so let’s see if I can print this baby and we can start working on this [Music] [Applause] [Music] as you can see I think the size is too small for the storyboard because this is the size of page that I was using before and it’s half of the size that I need just to have like a sense of what’s going on on the page otherwise it will be too small ah this is the thing guys I love this idea because it’s way easier for me that cutting hand cutting all of this but I hate I’m not reusing paper so I think I’m going to print in already printed paper just to make it like more eco-friendly because otherwise I think it’s a waste of paper to use am I too dramatic with this thing I mean it’s not that it’s ok if you want to use new paper it’s just that I have so much already use paper and I think I can print on top of that so I’m gonna make this pages bigger and I’m gonna reuse already printed paper if that makes sense [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] just got to the office and look at what happened just like why why okay guys I think I am ready I have everything that I needed to work I mean to be able to work at home I hate not being able to come here because even if I came every day in an uber or any other sort of transportation even the slides walking or changing my routine affects my feet like my food it hurts really bad so that’s why the doctor told me to relax which is going to be really hard if I’m honest I dyed my hair yesterday because I wanted to feel alive again I feel like and I also painted my nails and everything Intel anyway let’s go home you guys [Music] [Music] hey guys I just came back from the doctor and wait a second I brought my mirror hi guys this is where vlogging from my home I just came back from the doctor and basically he said that I am young and I am healthy and that I should be recovering soon I would love to take this opportunity to do stuff that otherwise I won’t be able to do like for example focus on working on my graphic novel because now that I am forced to be sitting down I can like focus on the graphic novel on doing the storyboard my dad you guys it sucks don’t you think it sucks it could have been way worse thank God it wasn’t but it does sucks it does suck yeah there you go so now I think I’m going to have some amazing cold brew because I just learned how to do cold brew for the first time and and I think I’m going to keep working on the bed the graphic novel part by the way music project challenge updates then let me see if I can share the last albums that I’ve been listening to lately so my friends are texting me so I listen to Neil Young tonight’s the night very nice album James Brown as well very nice in this you guys so I have never paid attention to Sonic Youth in my life and I can’t believe this album was released in 88 because it feels like such a current band and songs and whatever and can you tell it’s my first time listening to Sonic Youth so yeah Daydream Nation insane please give it a go I also listen to licks fair and wonderful The Cure also my first time listening to a cure of course I know who they are and I know like the main songs but I’ve never listened to a full album and now I’m listening to Eric Clapton and after that that letter finally into classics there you go a station to station which by the way it will also be my first debut OE Debbie what we album so I’m really excited about that so I’m going to turn on the fan because it’s boiling haunts dream some coffee and keep working trying to make the best out of this day which by the way it’s already gone with because it’s almost four o’clock but anyway let’s just let’s do this guy’s before I leave I asked you I asked to you guys to leave some suggestions for videos and I just want to thank you y’all for all your comments and our suggestions you guys have the best thank you so much for all your love and support regarding this a situation hi guys welcome to my living room I wish you could see me right now but I’m sweating my ass off while sitting on the floor it’s a really really hot summer day in Brooklyn New York and I have not one but two fans on because there’s no way in hell I’m going to record this video without a fan on I’m so sorry you’re going to listen to a lot of sounds because there’s two fans on I live near a subway station so you’re going to listen to the subway on the train go by every once in a while so I hope you don’t mind and last week I asked you guys if you could share with me subjects or things that you would like me to talk about because I broke my toe last week you really notice I broke my toe and it can bike or walk freely or exercise or do anything so I can’t go to my office my studio and I won’t be for at least four weeks which is kind of nerve-wracking if I think about it so thank you so much guys not only for suggesting things for me to talk about on this like next sit down talkie type of videos that we haven’t done in such a long time but also for keeping me company in this like weird should I say hard time for me it’s not it could be harder than this but um and way more horrible but yeah thank you so much for keeping me company guys it’s been it’s been quite a couple of weeks for me anyway um I divided all of the comments that you guys sent me on my youtube channel and on my patreon account and I divide that divide them on sections and today I wanted to talk about mental health because I feel really nervous about talking about these guys so I’m so sorry if I look nervous or if I sound nervous the train is passing again this is like also a little fYI if you don’t want to hear me talk about mental health because if it is a sensitive subject for you to just like please skipper or wait until the next video because we’re going to talk about like time management and other more fun nerd things in the near future so this is an FYI for you so I feel nervous guys because I feel like I’m such a not an expert about this there’s so many people who are way more qualified than me to talk around this subject but you guys really insisted to talk about this I’m also going to insert a few like a painting session I had yesterday Sunday because I think it was it was going to be visually more way more interesting for you guys to watch me do something instead of just like me talking it’s been like a really like a really weird journey for me in the sense that so going to therapy or having depression or anxiety in my family was a very common thing so I grew up with all of my siblings being in some sort of like medication so going to therapy was something that it was talked a lot and I also went to therapy a couple of times when I was younger because when my parents got divorced my family went to therapy together and when it was actually such a nice opportunity for us to like bond or get closer so for me therapy has been always like a very normal thing to do and I’ve always been kind of like an anxious mildly anxious functional person in the sense that I’ve always managed to even though have anxiety more in the past that right now I’ve always managed to do everything I wanted to do despite my mild anxiety I don’t know if you guys know this but a couple of years ago ed and I moved from Chile where I grew up in and my country to live abroad and we have been living all over the place just to like find a place that is good for us the right place for us and living abroad it’s really stressful and in some somehow and I have been living in this like survival mode for so long because we barely had money to pay the rent or like just to do stuff like to buy food and being in this survival mode was kind of strange because when you’re in survival mode you don’t have the time to think about how you are which now that I say about it sounds insane but if you’re going through this Oh baby I feel you because I was working like crazy I was working so if you go back to my Berlin videos where my accent was like all over the top i-i-i was probably working 11 hours every single day with no breaks only because we needed the money to pay the rent and we were struggling a lot financially so since again we were both in this survival mode we didn’t have the time to think about our feelings or like pay attention to our anxiety or whatever and I think it escalated up until next year October last year where I really like collapsed I’m I was over working a lot I didn’t had any like breaks or time off and when I had time off I felt super guilty about it I felt like I really had to deserve a break in order to take one which is insane like it was the only way that I could not feel guilty about it and it was when I reached that point in which I decided to go to therapy because even though I felt that I had the tools my own tools to deal with it I wanted an expert’s opinion so to speak that could help me friend you really need therapy or now friend this is fine it’s just like a momentary thing in time and you’re going to get better don’t worry or like you need just a couple of sessions and you’ll be fine and then I met my therapist and he of course told me like oh no baby you you need therapy ASAP and therapy has been like the most wonderful thing in this world to me I’m not longer in therapy because I officially graduated from therapy but I just wanted to share all the things that I learn on this but on that process because it helped me tremendously in the way of how I approach life in my freelancing part of life and also my personal life my work my projects everything one of you guys I think Shane asked me to the keynotes from the things that I learned on therapy and I am so happy I can share with these things with you because they truly have been so useful for me and the first thing was to feel all the fields ia was really good at being dismissive on myself you guys and especially with for example this thing that happened with my foot like my broken toe it’s really easy for me to be dismissive on I am not supposed to feel like this so I’m going to postpone my crying or go I’m going to cancel my feelings because I am not worthy or it’s not the proper time to do this blah blah so for example I broke my toe it hurts like hell is really frustrating I can’t do lots of things I won’t be able to go to my studio and I will have to work from here everything takes longer to do love LA and I want to cry like I really want to cry I mean not right now but when I was feeling these things last week I really wanted to cry and my first thought you guys was I’m not supposed to cry because this could have been way worse like I could have broken my my hands or a finger or I could have broken like my entire leg and not and really not being able to move like at least I can walk slowly like it could have been really really like the worst situation so all of these thoughts even though they’re true and they’re right what they’re doing is to cancel why what I feel because I genuinely wanted to cry but since I was thinking these things I thought I didn’t deserve to cry and what I’m doing right now is not being dismissive of my feelings and that if I really want to cry I should allow myself to cry and to be angry and to be sad and to be frustrated at this and this sucks Lola and once I felt all the fields then I can move on and be in problem-solving mode I felt that I think that if you go straight ahead to problem-solving mode you’re not going to allow yourself to feel the fields and they’re going to end up showing up those unfelt fields in other shapes or form which is something that I also learned in therapy my therapy was Fran anxiety is the result or like the residue of not of when you don’t feel the fields properly so basically all the anxiety that I was feeling at that certain moment it was because at some point in time in the past I didn’t mile ow my self to feel stuff because I was too busy working or because I felt like I couldn’t I didn’t deserve to be crying or to feeling the fields or because it wasn’t the proper time to do it and all of these things guys at top at some point this unfelt feels they do show up as the shape of anxiety or you end up exploding because your husband was like chewing too loud and suddenly you’re crying and yelling over it I know I’m making like a very funny remark about this when it truly went when it happens it’s not funny at all but what I’m trying to say is you have to feel all the fields at that particular moment last but not least guy is something that I learned while in therapy was asking myself well what are the real odds of this thing happening when spiraling down or over worrying I was really good at over worrying about things and spiraling down at things and when you write down what are the real real real odds of that thing happening and you realize that the real odds are not that high you tend to be more rational about what things are happening around you I know it’s a very tricky tool to use because we were not 100% sure what are the real odds of something that have something happening in reality but it helped me a lot of putting things into perspective if I’m sitting down on an airplane and I’m spiraling down or I’m being really anxious or for example I’m over worrying about things that are going to happen in the future I’m like okay what are the real odds of the plane crashing right now or while the real odds off this thing really happening can I do something can i truly do something about it now or is it worrying truly helping me right now when you stop when you start writing things down it helped me a lot to again put things into perspective and realizing that not because I think about something that thing is going to happen so yeah guys I just realized I could be talking and talking and talking and talking about this for a long time but I don’t want to overwhelm you and this has been so helpful for me going to therapy and I really encourage you that if you’re going through some like weird time and you even like if you don’t know if you should go to go to therapy at least ask and especially if they think if you should go to therapy or not because they might know better what is their situation and how to deal with it it’s wonderful to still see side of like the residue of going to therapy like I can still see it on my daily life and how I I am coping with things and how now I feel way more calmer about stressful situations and things that they’re out of my control and I don’t know it just wants to share everything I learned because it’s been really eye-opening for me I always say this but I now mean and more than ever thank you so much to my patrons because they allowed me to film this videos and to have a more slow pace working schedule especially regarding my like you guys I had no idea what I would do without you patreon so thank you so much for your support and for allowing me to still be paying the food and the rent of my flats and my studio even if I’m not being as productive as I used to and yeah I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you guys next week bye guys it’s still super hot if you excuse me I think I’m going to have some delicious iced coffee now and yeah and I’m going to melt

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  1. There is no such thing as retiring from therapy, but I know that you maybe didn't mean it in that way and more in a way, that you have sorted things, that you were struggling for now. I'm going to therapy fourth year this year (I think), twice a week and I speak about lot of things aloud, so we can all feel more normal and I totally get you. Just want to let you know, that you are not a failure, if you will seek therapy again in the future (but I think you know that as well). Love you. 🖤

  2. Thank you Fran. I'm going through something myself now and your video has made me feel so much better. x

  3. You did an EXCELLENT job at explaining the steps on overcoming depression/anxiety. I firmly believe we all need therapy at some point in our lives, and that’s okay. The doggy drawings came out great 🙂

  4. "If you are in survival mode you are not able to think about how you are" This is SO true! I am Brazilian so is really sad to see people suffering without even noticing, until they barely can wake up in the morning. We are facing a really bad recession here so the most part of the population are running the survival mode. And things are pretty bad because of it. I hope we find some way as a society to heal someday.

  5. Que video más valiente, valioso y generoso. Gracias por hablar de estas cosas, compartir, visibilizar… Yo también he ido a terapía muchas veces, y le debo tanto crecimiento y sabiduría a darme ese tiempo… Un abrazo desde Chile, mucha paciencia y cuida mucho tu pie para que mejore pronto!

  6. This is really encouraging. My 11 is gonna start going through therapy. Her dad and I have been divorced for eight years but with that and moving 1k miles away, it's taking a toll.

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  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal feelings with us Fran. I can relate to being overworking and trying to keep things together… I namely said to my fiance yesterday that it's not normal that Frannerd's videos always look happy and positive. You are a real inspiration to me, it's been 2 years I follow your channel and I'm enjoying it everytime you post anything, I'm like "Ok Fran has a new video, I have to stop working, take a cup of tea and watch it !" Lol. But yeah I always thought everything about you is perfection. So yes right now I feel better, very proud to be one of your fans, because you just showed me we are not that different and people are not always as happy as they showed up.
    I'm sending you love from Madagascar 💛

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    P.s. I love you and your vids soo much <3

  11. After a long work shift your voice is so nice to hear. I love your videos because they make me feel so relaxed and artsy😊

  12. Absolutely know how it feels to live in survival mode…it was super stressful until January of this year and landed in hospital, from panic attacks.
    From that moment, my health was a dire concern and I needed to get healthy with my mind and my body. I engaged in seeing a Psychologist and 7 months later so much has changed.
    I decided to work less, take the pressure off myself, conflicted for sure but it was not serving me. Moved to a new place where I could save more money. Its not perfect but its a start. I learnt not to do everything myself. That was my downfall. Don't be afraid to ask for help, even its super difficult to say things that are so personal and may bring shame. Make sure the person/s, are safe to share with. I am building up my resilience. Moving off the survial mode rank and going up the ladder.
    Thank you Fran x
    Be strong. Be well. Be ok. Be.

  13. No se qué paso con tu pie pero yo estoy esguinzada y es lo pior , como dices podéis ser peor pero dueleeee y estar sentada es complicado
    Así que I feeling you girl 😭❤️

  14. Eres una artista admirable querida Fran. Es muy valiente hablar de nuestras preocupaciones y sentimientos. Y sí cuando atravesamos por situaciones dolorosas o difíciles no sabemos como afrontarlas al principio y hasta las evadimos, pero el tiempo es sabio y cambia la perspectiva y ayuda a seguir. Gracias por inspirarnos con tus ilustraciones 🙂 🙂

  15. Nooooooo que dolor con el dedo 😭 yo estoy esguinzada y es lo pior , como dices pudo ser peor pero dueleeee y estar sentada es complicado
    Así que I feeling you girl 😭❤️

  16. Me llegó mucho esa parte del Survival mode y es cierto que diciéndolo suena terrible pero de verdad no te das ni cuenta. Ayer escuchaba a alguien decir algo muy cierto: Ser un global citizen siempre se ve mas glamouroso en las películas que en la vida real, porque estás constantemente luchando para adaptarte y es, a momentos, tan difícil y frustrante.
    Yo llevo sólo poco más de 3 años afuera y recién ahora me siento más segura y adaptada al medio. Es dificil ser un inmigrante 🙁 pero a veces vale la pena. Te admiro mucho por haber sido capaz de lograr tus sueños aún ante esa adversidad. Eres realmente un modelo a seguir 🙂 Love from NZ.

  17. Please dont put used paper into your printer. It can cause issues. The paper is charged when it goes through so the toner can stick to it. When you try and feed another page through it doesnt charge properly and can also damage the drum (very expensive part).
    If you have an inkjet printer it might be able to be reused but still iffy. I know that toner based printers you shouldn't for sure. ❤ I'm big on repurposing as well, I usually fold my pages clean side out in half and then clip with a bulldog paperclip. I use them for notes etc.

  18. Yo uso mis papeles impresos, los corto en 4 y les pongo un clip de esos negros poderosos y lo uso para hacer listas del supermercado o de lo que sea

  19. Thanks so much for mentioning mental health. Your examples aren't crazy because thats actually what happened to me and why i started going to therapy. My boyfriend was playing video games to loud and before that i didnt give myself time to feel the feelings so once his game got too loud i started crying so hard! It took a few times of similar things happening and then a 3 day anxiety attack for me to finally ask for help. I wish people talked about early signs of anxiety so that i couldv'e gotten help sooner.

  20. Fran, porfa habla del proceso de tu terapia en el podcast.
    Siento que la terapia y los medicamentos nunca me funcionaron. He vivido con crisis de ansiedad durante 11 años. Y lo que dices me hace sentido, sobre no "vivir" el sentimiento.
    Mucho cariño y nanais.

  21. Thank you for sharing your heart with us Fran!!! I'm a parent of a teenage boy who is now starting therapy and it's wonderful to see the hope returning to him!!! Take care and I hope it cools down where you are..we'd DIE without A/C!!! And healing vibes to your toe!! xo

  22. Te entiendo perfectamente porque ahora estoy viviendo con mi novio en Chile por primera vez (soy ecuatoriana) y sí siento que estoy en este survival mode 24/7 y todo el tiempo asustada porque tenemos el dinero contado por ahora. No sé, estoy muy muy asustada todo el tiempo.

    De hecho, pintar mientras veo tus vídeos me ha ayudado un poquito porque por ahora no tengo dinero para terapia (y siento que en Chile es mucho más caro que en Ecuador 🙁 )

    Muchas gracias por hacer este video, Fran.

  23. That was some helpful stuff you imparted. Thank-you, Fran! I hope your injury heals quicker than your doctor thinks. Take things easy.🧘🏻‍♀️

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  26. Fran, thank you. Actually waited for you to talk about mental health. At that moment of the video where you were talking about “feeling all the feelings” I just exploded and started to cry. Same happened to me with my therapists … so your video worked like a little therapy session for me, so thank you again. Wish for your to recover soon.

  27. Hola! Fuerza.
    Me acorde del video de 50 cosas sobre mi, donde decías que nunca te habías quebrado un huesito… Bueno. Sucedió. Ánimo. Y gracias por compartir tus aprendizajes en terapia. Besos desde Conce.

  28. Esto que has compartido me ha servido mucho en este momento en particular, y gracias por inspirar a las personas de habla hispana del mundo que se dedican a actividades artísticas.

  29. You are an amazing person! Thank you for all your generosity! I hope you to have an unexpectedly quick recovery!

  30. Te admiro mucho Fran, llevo siguiendolos por mas de 4 años y a pesar de todos esos problemas que han tenido, siempre en sus videos o en los podcats, nos ofrecen junto a Edo, momentos bonitos y alegres, siempre sacan lo mejor de ustedes, muchas gracias por todo, les deseo lo mejor del mundo, espero que Edo vuelva pronto, siempre que se va de viaje, algo extremo te sucede je je, como lo de la caldera y ahora tu dedo, Edo es como tu amuleto ja ja, que tengas un bonito fin de semana y muchas gracias por darnos lo mejor de ti, me inspiras mucho, bye!

  31. I love that you talked about mental health, Fran. It's not so popular in the Philippines. But I go in just as a 'check-up', it's really always enlightening for me. 🙂

  32. Hey Fran, this was one of the best video ever in your channel. It's great to be open about this subject. I learned new stuff about survival mood and mental health issues. Thank you for sharing this! Please make more video like this.

  33. Fran, if that inner voice of yours will get smart again tell it that nobody would "be allowed" to cry or feel anything than – since there is always somebody who has it worse. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel sorry for yourself when you loose something in your life (be that your old home, security or health – even if it's not permanent). Loss hurts, let it be and than it will let you move on as you already know now:). I hope your anxiety gets better and better and that you find your true home! Best of luck!

  34. Fran, te recomiendo que leas el libro "Girl in a band" de Kim Gordon bajista y vocalista de Sonic Youth. Es una artista multidisciplinaria también y te va a inspirar. Descansa Fran!!! No siempre hay que ser productivo y estar todo el tiempo a full.

  35. I like the three clockwise the most the fourth one is okay but he does look hungry.

  36. Fran <3 I hope your toe heals quickly!! I've broken both my pinky toes so I know how much that hurts!
    And thank you for talking about mental health, it's so important. I've just recently learnt to feel all the feels and it's an interesting journey. I think the whole concept of feeling first – make logic decisions later is so important and it can really be applied in relationships as well. When you're in a very sad state, it's hard to see things straight and if a partner/friend/parent is trying to give you all of these clues and tips when you're in that state it easily gets overwhelming. I try to tell my partner "I need a hug now and solutions when I've calmed down" every time I feel sad/stressed/frustrated and it helps. I think we should tell ourselves this a lot and do it for ourselves too!

  37. Lovely video. Very interesting. 'Feels' is a fad word. 'Feelings' is still correct English. Thus: feel the feelings.

  38. Gracias Fran por hablar sobre tu ansiedad, estoy en un proceso similar y sentí al escuchar tu proceso podré ir superando esto de apoco. Un abrazo desde Chile (sigo amando tus videos como desde el primer día)

  39. Thank u for sharing your insights Fran ☺️❤️✌🏽⭐️💓 i am learning to let myself feel right now and this is confirmation that I am okay for crying

  40. Hi Fran, thank you I love your vlog, Ive been-binge watching you for weeks now! I wish you weel with your toe…
    I have a question: isnt it frustrating/inconvénient that the gouache covers up your drawing when you paint over it? Ive been wondering for a number of videos now. Love you!

  41. Thank you for talking about anxiety. I’ve been dealing with it lately and it’s tough. Thank you Fran 💘

  42. First, thank you so much for sharing your experience with mental illnes. I too have battled chronic depression, anxiety and panic for as long as I can remember and believe me thats a long long time! (I am old enough to be your grandma!) I grew up in the times that didn't allow anyone to mention mental illness…especially woman. So lots of stuffed feelings and self-loathing for my feelings. In my mid-30s I could not stuff any more and I just shut down. Luckily, my two dogs at the time reminded me that I did have reason to live (afterall…who in the hell was going to feed them) and I made the right call and asked for help. Long story short, I ended up seeing a psychiatrist for therapy and taking meds to help with the chemical imbalance in my brain. At the end of that six months of therapy, I completed a six year psychoanalysis with him where I committed to daily sessions for six freaking years! Hardest, yet the most rewarding ,thing I've done to date. Needless to say, I applaud all the young people these days who feel compelled to share their experiences, including you, so that others who might be struggling can get the help and support they need. Enough said. There is no shame in mental illness…it is a disease and should be treated without shame; just as you would get treatment for a heart condition or disease or your big toe! We have a lot of work to do to get rid of the stigma around mental illness and it warms my heart to see you sharing your experience openly. oxo (If Ed needs help with his dissertation…clearly I can pump out the words…so more than willing to help him out!) oxo

  43. Thanks for sharing Fran. Yesterday, I just ended my therapy of 4 months. I mainly did it to see if I am good to move forward with the tools i gained. I love that you said you can still see the "residue" of your therapy. That gives me hope. Thanks again for sharing. 😊

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    Que Cereal y té se recuperen pronto y que Ed llegue sin contratiempos. Cariños desde Los Ángeles, Chile

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  56. I don't think I've ever related more to a mental health talk more than this, I often feel the same, I'm in a job now where I earn more money which is great but I'm still pretty miserable, it's not what I want to do its just better money. I've been considering speaking to a specialist for a while now but I think I need to at this point, there seems to never be a time where I stomach is not in knots and my head hurts and I want to cry, but thanks so much fran your videos always make me smile ❤❤

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