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in this video I’m going to share with you the sneaky things I did to avoid food and to avoid being caught during my anorexia that goes from fake meals to tricking my parents to avoiding food and more so if that sounds interesting to you just keep on watching I’m making this video as information for anyone who does not know what it’s like to have anorexia and who is interested in the extreme things people with anorexia might do to avoid food the first category I’m going to talk about is faking my meals so for example I used to coat my plates or bowls with the food I was supposed to eat so if it was soup I’d coat my bowl with soup if it was yoghurt I’d coat it with yoghurt if it was cereal I’d leave cereal in the bowl if it was bread I’d leave breadcrumbs anything I’d said I’d eaten I’d leave traces of that somewhere in the kitchen on to avoiding food at meals so if we’d be having potatoes I’d always chose to have the smallest potatoes and the potatoes we’d eat still had the skin so smaller potatoes have more skin and take more time to peel so I’d go for the smaller ones and then I’d take really long to peel them and I’d try to peel them badly so I’d get rid of the most I could I’d be left with not much potato to eat basically when I’d have bread I tried to have the most dry bread so it would make the most crumbs and just have me avoiding more calories if we’d have a raclette I dont know if this exists everywhere but we’d have this big thing where we’d put our cheeses on so they’d heat and then we’d put them on our food basically and what I’d do was first of all I’d get all the crust off my cheese even though you can eat the crust but I’d get rid of that and then I’d put my cheese to the furthest end of the machine where it was the least hot so it’d take the longest to heat up and basically I wouldn’t have to have as many servings or I’d “forget” about my cheese and then I could pour the oil out and have less in that way If I was having something “smearable” like some type of sauce I couldn’t avoid or lasagna type thing or even a dessert or anything like that I tried to smear as much as I could onto my plate that also allowed me to avoid a bit of food which was in a way a win for me so at meals I would sometimes be eating and when no one was looking I’d put my food in their plate or put it back in the pan or whatever was most accessible to me then on to the fake food tricks so when I’d pack my lunches for school I’d usually pack whatever we’d had the day before so maybe it’d be pasta or rice with veggies or something like that and what I’d do was I’d put all veggies on the bottom and cover the top with rice so when I was packing my lunch I was like “oh here’s my lunch” and then they’d see the layer of rice and one or two veggies and think that the whole box was filled with rice when in reality there was only a thin layer of rice in that box another one was if I’d take sandwiches to lunch I’d pack them in aluminum foil so instead of putting my sandwich in aluminum foil I’d put aluminum foil in the aluminum foil to make it look like it was a sandwich but in reality it was nothing if I was gonna have a jam sandwich for example I’d only put jam on the rim of the bread so it looked like there was jam in the sandwich even though there wasn’t and then when I’d eat it I wouldn’t have the crust so the part where the jam was wasn’t going to be eaten along with the crust so it was like a double win another one was we had these bread rolls at home and I didn’t want to have these bread rolls so I’d make a hole in the bottom of my bread roll get out what was inside and I don’t know put it in my sleeve or something and then like have my bread roll that was hollow this one was a bit scary: one day we were going to have these individual boxes of lasagna for dinner and when they were heating up in the oven and my mom wasn’t in the kitchen I snuck in, took one of them emptied the pasta and cheese as best I could and tried to make it look like it was ad big as the others, managed to put it back in the oven and make it look like nothing had happened and when dinner came around I was no nervous but but I managed to get the one that I had emptied and yeah I managed to get out of having extra pasta and cheese so to make food disappear I would put my food down my sleeve, in the pockets of my sweatshirt in the pockets of my sweatpants sometimes I’d wear two pairs of pants or like a pair of shorts and a pair of pants on top just so I could sneak my food into my first pair of pants and not make it look like there was anything in my actual pants I’d have my dog sitting next to me under the table and whenever I could I’d give her the food I’d ask to be dropped off a bit before my school so that I could “walk to school because I was early” but in reality I wanted to dump my lunch in the bin without anyone seeing and that bin was the best bin for that when I’d have something in a bakery bag I’d be eating the top of it but underneath I’d already ripped off most of whatever I was supposed to eat so when I was done I’d dump the “empty bag” where most of whatever it was was was still inside on to the category of tricks I was supposed to be taking this vitamin medicine thing my mom would watch me take it but since she didn’t know what it tasted like I said that it tasted disgusting even though it didn’t and I’d take it at the sink so I’d put it in my mouth and be like eww this is so gross and then I’d pour water in my mouth to wash out my mouth and spit out the water with the vitamin mix and that was how I avoided something very vital that could have helped me I don’t know but I just didn’t want to have it especially because she was watching me I also had this oil for my skin that I had gotten from the dermatologist but I was not going to put that on my skin since oil to me equalled 700 kcals per 100g and if that possibly were to go into my body where would the calories go? would they make me bigger? I wasn’t going to have it so since I was supposed to be putting that on my body I’d pour it down the shower drain just to make it look like I was using the oil I stole the family scale and hid it in my room, and when I was asked about it I had no idea where it was even though it was hiding in my room the whole time which is another lie from my lies video for a certain period of time I used to exercise in my room and since my floor was creaky I used to do these special exercises just so I wouldn’t make any noise and wouldn’t get caught oh I’d also ask for pads because I wanted to make it look like I still had my period when I didn’t I also would try to purge and maybe I’d just purge a tiny bit but I’d do that in my room in a bag and so I had these bags with vomit in them like tiny amounts but still it really stunk and I didn’t know what to do with them so I had them on my windowsill for a really long time before I finally packed them up and buried them in the forest this may not be really sneaky but it was a really big thing I did to avoid having to eat and it was filling up my afternoons with activities so almost every day I had activities after school until late at night like I did that cause I liked some of the activities but I loved going there and doing them just so I didn’t have to be at home and have meals with everyone and I also would make “playdates” or appointments with people around my dinner so I’d say that I would eat at their house and when I arrived at their house I’d say I’d eaten at home. So that’s it guys for this video if you liked it give it a a like, click here for the video on the lies I told during my anorexia and don’t forget to subscribe for new videos on eating disorders every single Tuesday I’m Skyler V, you’re on SafeSpace and until next one bye bye

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