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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I got quite a few requests for this one it’s alien voices female and male
singers and I’m just gonna dive right into it. I haven’t seen it yet but I can
only assume that there’s gonna be some crazy stuff going on so let’s check it
out here we go. I didn’t hear you, I heard all three of you that’s that’s
polyphonic singing by the way and it’s interesting because you can actually
resonate different parts of the vocal fold to get them to.. like David Lee Roth
when he does this kind of screams and stuff the folds are kind of splitting
they’re separating, you’re getting different parts of the folds that are
actually creating different polyphonic sounds. There’s nubin throat singers
that are guys that do like two and three and even four voices or sometimes
in three different octaves and it’s like the creepiest thing ever but anyway
let’s continue here we go. There’s there’s quite a few people that
are doing a lot of the whistle register stuff. Flagellate whistle register. Say that three times fast but anyway and yeah that that resonates
really really high up into the octave of the female register and there are a lot
of male guys that can do it. In fact Dimash is one of them and so he’s a
crazy man he’s also an alien voice. I’d like to continue to promote him because
I want to see that guy own planet Earth he’s just awesome. So anyway yep here’s
Mariah she’s doing her famous whistle register stuff. Hey you singers out there be careful on this because the way the vocal folds
resonate with the whistle register can actually really hurt you over time and
it may be one of the things that have cost Mariah Carey her voice amongst some
other things but um so be really careful with trying to do that because
it causes a lot of separation in the chord themselves and you have to come
back and put elasticity and moisture back in the chords so that you get good
phonation and that the chords close correctly after you do these kind of
acrobatics. Okay let’s continue. See you here that can kind of (sings) kind of fluty sound where the where the chords don’t sound like they’re really well connected.
That’s actually how you get this sound so you got to be careful to go back and
go again get good cord closure for good phonation otherwise you will not be able to put good moisture back in the chords
themselves okay. Whoops here we go. Sorry. That’s what I mean. Nuban throat singers. This what I was talking about. Okay so for those of you that don’t know
what’s going on on the screen here. They’re showing different note values
and you’re seeing a g3 on one side and a g6. So what that means is he’s showing
you.. they’re showing you.. so for each value of a numerical value like this. So
if you have a g3 then the octave of g3 is g4 and then the octave of g4 is g5
and the octave of g5 is g6. So he’s actually splitting his voice from g3 to
g6 so he’s she’s literally singing in three different octaves you know
unison or note in three three octaves I should say. Not three different octaves.
Three octaves and way back when in like I said nuban throat singers, Tuvan
throat singers that would do this kind of thing. They used to think.. say that
they were channeling spirits and that they’re actually several people gonna
you know just in time for Halloween by the way. No I think depending on when
this video comes out you’re probably gonna come out after Halloween but but
yeah so they would channel these spirits and they’re claiming that you know
they’re just listening to you know the wind and this and that and different
spirits that were overtaking them and singing through them. Which there may be
some truth to some of that. So anyway but not necessarily here but in some of
their cases so. You know what this kind of reminds me of is it reminds me of a jews harp (sings) you know it kind of has like you know different timbrel sounds like this
and it has a similar yeah I don’t know vibe to it to me so. Anyway there’s
different timbrel sounds to harp playing a harp. A jew’s harp. Wow I don’t think I could hear the
lowest note either I must have some subwoofers to let me hear that but you
know it’s kind of interesting too so you know there may be some fry involved in
that but it actually sounded like he went down that low. Now and guys in a
lot of this stuff this is just for fun and their alien voices as to why we’re
doing this, most of this isn’t really that practical and usable in singing
it’s just a good parlor trick so just sort of keep that in mind as we’re
moving along here. Growl at its finest for female roar. You
know um there’s a for those of you that don’t want to hurt your voice and you
still want to do some growl, TC Helicon or TC Electronics. I think it’s
just called Helicon now has something called voice live touch and if you..
there’s a setting where you can set the octave down I think and then you can put
like a gated reverb on it and you could just go (sounds) like this into it and it gives
you that growl effect without having to do that to your voice for you guys out
there that want to experiment with that. Anyway can humans sing like birds here
we go let’s check this one out. I feel like I’m watching a Disney movie
right now with Cinderella or something where the birds are putting the Wardrobe
on her out in the forest or something. Good control. That’s great. Wow that’s great. Looks like Julie Andrews I don’t know if it is or not but I think it is Julie
Andrews. Wow that was cool. Yeah that’s really hard so there’s a lot of Sopranos
that will do stuff like that that can take you know registrations up. So if you
get a chance and I don’t know you know if you guys are into all this stuff but
you probably seen Dimash do this too but there’s a gal named Disney Diva 7
and she does the Fifth Element song that was actually just never supposed to be
sung and then you know they did it on a keyboard and then she reproduced it with
her own voice and then other people like Dimash have come along and done it too
but you owe it to yourself to check that out because it’s got a very similar
thing like this where they’re got a lot of staccato notes that are really quick
and so that’s pretty awesome okay the next one is. This one here. It’s pretty. Sounds like a flute. It’s pretty. It’s neat. See at least in this case what’s really
cool about it it is usable and she’s using it in a very creative kind of way
which is really awesome so that’s that’s fun to see people bring their creativity
to the table like that so. That’s hard. So what they’re doing is they’re
actually using their falsetto register break (sings). They’re using their false
I don’t even I haven’t practiced that like. I practiced getting
rid of that break not actually emphasizing it and making that part of
my schtick but I’ve heard a lot of good German folk up you know a polka excuse
me folk people do that and just excel at this and it’s pretty amazing to try to
get that in pitch. Try to do this in octaves because octaves if you do octave
shifts (sings) like and you do that really really quickly like what they’re doing. Practice
that because it’s really really good for your pitch to be able to hear that and
to pull that off and they’re just doing it like it’s nothing so it’s pretty cool
that’s interesting. That was fun. Cool. Yeah and so like in Opera you know
there are coloraturas that do this where they’ll do these like really crazy high
fast you know things and Maria Callas is one of them. She can do a really good job at
that but there’s a lot of really great coloraturas out there that do in fact
do that but yes definitely alien voices, things that are very unusual so. Anway
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72 thoughts on “Alien Voices | Vocal Coach Reacts To Strange Voices | Ken Tamplin

  1. Hi Ken! SODA STEREO is waiting for You. You won't regreat, I promise. SODA STEREO PROFUGOS 2007. Regards from Argentina!

  2. These notes Ken do sound like alien sounds they do have a alien vibe sound to them especially avi Kaplan his sounds like an alien that one guy is super low it sounds like a growl Ken that woman growling that sounds like it would hurt her voice I guess that woman sounds like snow white with that bird sound it sounds like snow white singing im wishing for the one I love these are some awesome voices that female in the voice sounds like a native American as well with her flute fawcetto sound the yodeling girl she's great as well these are some talented people with these alien voices great stuff and talented voices and unusual Ken god bless you Ken I liked what I heard Ken peace out to you as well

  3. DLR's uvp (unexplained vocal phenomenon) got an explanation… I wonder, however, if it came naturally for him or did he practice it for purpose?

  4. These performances are so incredible that it is hard to understand why it is so that some singers do become much worse in two decades and lose their ability to sing as brilliantly as they originally did.

  5. Lilian Hathaway is trip. Should note she considers Rachelle Ferrell her mentor, some great videos of them singing together. Love their scat battles, Ferrell always wins BTW.
    You should check her out, she's better than Di Smash. Just saying

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  7. I don’t know why but after I listened Dimash, I think he is like the only alien-guy in the world. Other singers are just ordinary…

  8. I thought singing was just making a good noise. But now I that I decided really learn singing, I never thought this is so complex! Even enunciations are hella difficult for me.

    I thought this video was published a year ago. Lol

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  10. Hi, what Kaplan does there it's a oriental type of sing known as tuvan thorat singing. To acomplish that you need first to learn to make a technique called kargyraa. That one is a nice exercise to develop drives and improve the overall singing. Lalah Hathaway is monster singing, I guess she did this on the snarky puppy album called family dinner.

  11. Pena que não tem legenda em português,eu me divirto com suas expressões,mas podia ter legenda pra entender o que vc tá falando 😘

  12. Hi Ken, can I just say that I really like your channel. You are so professional, so funny and so kind. Your channel brings joy and a smile.
    I learn a lot about music and vocals. Your shirts are fantastic also. Anyway, whats not to like ;-). Greetings from The Netherlands, a Dear

  13. I’m sorry I don’t get the whole obsession with dimash. His range is amazing and he’s technically great when doing classical style songs. But as soon as he does like power pop ballads it’s awful. Just my opinion

  14. Have you ever heard of a native Peruvian singer named Yma Sumac,who started singing in the ‘50s?
    She had an 8 octave range.

  15. Hey Ken, just for info, do you know Dimash's Mother used to sing like the Disney Bird you were describing too? You can find the song in Dimash YT channel.

  16. I wish I could hit Whistle notes and high Staccato, I dont care about the other stuff but it was fun to watch. I also want to promote Dimash cause I think he doesnt have the real recognition he deserves in the western hemisphere. Btw wheres your Ogni Pietra reaction?

  17. Another great reaction. Speaking of incredible and unique voices was wondering if you have ever reviewed a very talented young artist Diana Ankudinova? She's a young artist that is also from Kazakhstan like Dimash and where Dimash sings the incredibly high notes for a male Diana sings incredibly low notes for a female. They both have a unique ability to captivate you not only by their vocals but their stage presence is undeniably similar. Dimash is a fan and urges people to check out her performances on a show called You are Super a show for orphaned children or kids who have been through the system and may not get a chance. Love you to react to Wicked Games, Rachenka and Human. She's 14 and 15 years old depending on the performance. Keep up the great work love the channel.

  18. I listen and watch you in my spare time and late at night. Maybe one day I’ll sing better. I don’t have much range. Low sounds awful and it is difficult for me to switch from chest to head. I just think my voice is meant for harmonizing. Fun to try! Thank you for your great tutorials and miscellaneous, interesting teachings.

  19. When I was young I’d listen to the radio, waiting to record with my cassette gizmo.
    It was fun learning the REAL words the artist were singing. Carpenters and all those groovy tunes were the best. Donnie & Marie, young and innocent. …

  20. I read that the woman, you refer to, who sang the Diva Dance was sampled note by note but Dimash actually sang the Diva Dance. Don't forget Lily Pons the Bell song or Jewel yodeling! Ha, ha. Thanks Ken

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  22. That alien voices video forgot to add mike patton. Here is a video of his alien voices.

  23. 10:30 — Oh goodness, yes. Maria Callas was something special. She nearly transcended vocal fach, but she was also so expressive… So much to learn from her. She could sing lyric and dramatic roles from coloratura soprano to contralto (though somewhat thin-voiced for the lower types)… just mesmerizing. So much passion and dexterity

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