After SEVEN years of Depression: “Life-changing”

H,i my name is Julie and I’m 40 years old, my life before The Thrive Programme was very different from what it is now…
About seven years ago I was diagnosed with depression, I was
constantly feeling down, stressed and anxious which then led to social anxiety
and panic attacks, my self-esteem was at an all-time low, the daily negative
thoughts that ran through my mind started to take its toll on both my
mental and physical health and my overall well-being. I was always waiting for
something bad to happen and even the weather controlled my thoughts and
feelings. Relationships with my family would often become strained which would
lead to arguments even fallouts, constantly on alert I’m finding it
extremely difficult to switch off at night, made it hard to sleep. I have been
taking anti-depressants since I was diagnosed and although I feel the
medication helps to calm me down, I always said that I didn’t want to rely
on medication to help deal with life for the rest of my life. I have tried
counselling but found after a few weeks my feelings of depression and anxiety
will come back, alternative therapies like reflexology only helped me for a
day or so, my underlying issues were always there, something had to change, I
had to change and take control of my life again. I heard about The Thrive Programme from a close friend and after listening to one person’s particular
testimonial who I knew had been struggling, I decided to contacts Stevie (Thrive Consultant) This program had completely turned around this person’s life and I thought
to myself “if they can do it so can I…” when I first sat down with Stevie, I
didn’t know what to expect. I was extremely nervous and also proud of
myself for taking the first step to getting better, when Stevie explained
how The Thrive Programme worked I was amazed – I finally felt like someone
understood me and my way of thinking the biggest relief was finding out that I’m
not the only person to face things like this, I can change it. I can rebuild my
self-esteem and develop coping skills to overcome hurdles in life, bounce back up face any difficulties head-on. I can rid myself of anxiety,
stress, negative thoughts and depression Within the first two weeks I started
to notice a huge difference in myself. I started to cope with difficult
situations much better, I looked at them from a different perspective. I am no
longer getting stressed about the little things and my outlook on life is much more positive. Relationships with my family have been mended and I am finding myself listening to them and taking on board the advice they give me. The Thrive
program has been life changing, I have taken back control of my life
and looking at it from a positive perspective. I’ve learned that I am the
only one who can change my outlook and in doing so, I am happier with myself
and I believe I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. My general attitude
towards life continues to astonish both my family and myself, I’m not completely
there yet but I have changed a lot of my negative outlooks to positive ones
and I can only get better. There will always be obstacles in our lives but
with The Thrive Programme and it’s helpful techniques we can learn to cope with
these obstacles much better, take a step back and face them head-on with a
positive attitude

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