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Australians are known for being happy-go-lucky. Unfortunately not all of us feel that way. 1 in 4 young people, experience a mental health issue. Alot of us are always us together as balanced as happy as we might seem. Thankfully headspace is there for young Aussies? Whether it’s at one of the many headspace centres around Australia online or over the phone. headspace is a safe place for young people aged 12 to 25 to get help with their health and well-being from qualified professionals. headspace helps young people with their mental and physical health drugs alcohol work and study. Suicide is the most common cause of death amongst young Australians. responsible for almost 1/3 of lives lost. headspace provides support to schools impacted by suicide, with approximately 5 suicides reported per week. headspace has helped more than 300,000 young people like us. They also provide resources information and support for the families and friends of young people going through a tough time. For over 10 years headspace has been there for young people. If you or someone you know needs help check out headspace.org.au.

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