A pandemic leaves a traumatized man in isolation searching for meaning | Living Things

Scientists said, the ice and the storms and the disease were all connected to our changing climate. My parents told me that I’m a miracle That was the last thing they said that I’m a miracle Cos of my immunity to the disease. When the animals died most of the plants went too. The disease got everything, ‘cept for me. so I was alone. My parents told me to find the beacon Cos that’s where other survivors might go But I got lost and scared the wind got to me I stopped looking for the beacon figured it didn’t matter anyway doesn’t look like anyone else survived this The world disappeared under the ice and storms like magic everything was gone and now I live in this hut. Maybe it was a miracle I found it I think someone kept all this stuff to help them survive when the ice and storms and disease hit there are clothes food a science textbook and a load of seeds I think they wanted to start new life whoever it was, they seemed to know what they were doing I plant one new seed every day different soil types sunlight and wind exposure and I get fish, from a frozen over river couple of miles away from my hut the text book is for 9th grade but I was in 3rd grade when the disease hit but I kept readin ’til I got it everyday a new seed different soil now I understand what the book is saying but understanding the plants doesn’t make em sometimes when I wake up I’m not sure what is real and what’s in my head some miracle this is If a harmful substance gets into the soil air or water it may be passed to one living thing to another all living things are sensitive to changes in their surroundings my survival feels more like a joke maybe miracles only look that way cos there’s so much… bad in the first place but if miracles happen all the time they wouldn’t be called miracles maybe life can’t be created. maybe life has to be found.

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  1. One of the most profound and prophetic films to emerge at this confusing time. Beautifully shot, eerily wonderful music, and a perfectly timed Easter parable for our time riven by a Pandemic and the effects of isolation. Watch. Share. Think. Maybe reach out again with hope?

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