A Day in the Life of an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

(narrator) In this video,
you will see examples of how the mental health consultant works systemically
with program leaders, staff, families and children. So you know what
we’re going to do today? We’re going to read… Do people remember this book? (children) Yeah! (narrator) Infant and early childhood
mental health consultants work with program leaders,
staff and families to support young children’s
social-emotional development. I try to use humor
and have fun. And also I think… do a lot of rapport building
even before talking about mental healthso there’s a lot of sharing
that goes on with families.
Of course, well,
you’re a mama. – (woman) Yeah.
– (Debby) You’re both mamas. And mamas worry. Always, always. (narrator) No two days look the same. Teachers spend more time
together often than husbands and wives, in terms of awake time, in very challenging situations. … ’cause he didn’t want me to do that. (Debby) And they really need to learn
each other’s rhythm, and how they can become
seamless in their work. Well I think that’s one of the things
that we’ve talked about that I appreciate
so much about the two of you as a teaching team, is that you each bring such different skills and strengths
to the classroom. That you really, I think,
complement each other. So often it’s from a stance of wondering, with two people together. “Gee, I wonder what
that was like for you?” Or, “I noticed that this was happening. Can you share a little bit
about what that was like for you?” And then thinking about how
we might work together to honor and respect
each other’s perspectives, continue to support the kids in the class.

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