7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True

The brain is amazing and complex – but our
lack of understanding has led to a great variety of myths throughout the years. Like “bigger is better”. While this may be
true for some other organs – you only need to look at a sperm whales brain, which is
nearly 6 times larger than a human’s, to see this myth fall apart. Yes, they’re certainly
intelligent animals, but their cognitive skills pale in comparison to our own. Had a fun night out? Don’t worry, alcohol
doesn’t actually kill your brain cells. Although it does cause damage and creates problems
conveying messages between neurons, the damage is mostly reversible. Similarly, drugs don’t
actually create holes in your brain. Though some can permanently change your brains functionality
and structure, the only thing that can put a hole in your brain is physical trauma. Good thing you have 100 billion brain cells
– or not. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until 2009 that scientists discovered the true number
to be closer to 86 billion. Sure it may seem like a small difference, but those 14 billion
neurons are equal to the size of an entire baboon brain. To further put those numbers
in perspective, consider that 1 million seconds is 12 days, while 1 billion seconds is 31
years. So that 14 billion neuron difference may not be so small after all. Regardless, we can’t use them all, right?
Most movies and sci-fi books have us believe that humans can only use around 10% of our
brain… which is absolute nonsense. Thanks to modern brain scanning technology, we know
that we use the whole thing – all the time! Not necessarily all at once – when you’re
walking, for instance, the parts of the brain associated with movement are more active than
other areas. However, there is no part of the brain that simply doesn’t do anything.
It represents 3% of the bodies weight and uses 20% of its energy. That’s a busy brain! But we generally use one side more than the
other, right? Nope! While you may have been convinced that if you’re more logical or analytical,
you’re more ‘left brained’ and if you’re more creative or intuitive you’re ‘right brained’
it’s simply not true. While different sides of the brain are indeed used for specific
functions – for example, language uses the left hemisphere while the right hemisphere
helps to read emotion – studies on thousands of individuals have found no evidence of a
left or right dominance in individuals. In other words, you use both sides equally. And you don’t actually have 5 senses like
you were always told – in fact, you have a lot more! Like nociception which is the sense
of pain, or proprioception, the sense of how our bodies are positioned. Not to mention
sense of balance, temperature and passing of time. Scientists at GE’s Global Research Centers
are collaborating with top researchers and institutions to uncover new insights about
the brain’s functionality. If you’re interested in debunking more myths or understanding more
about the brain, you can follow their progress at GE Reports, as they work together to crack
the brain’s greatest mysteries. Special thanks to GE for supporting this episode of AsapSCIENCE! And subscribe for more weekly science videos!

100 thoughts on “7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True

  1. I heard that Einstein's brain is a little bit smaller than the average human brain. Well I guess that also breaks myth no. 1

  2. It’s not true there is something else that can make a physical hole in your brain it’s kuru A disease that appeared first in Papouasie that comes when you eat a dead human body that has the disease and it makes tons of little holes in your brain and you start shaking

  3. The one with the hemispheres isnt supposed to be that the hemisphere you use the most detemines your dominant arm? If this isnt true either what does determine which arm is dominant?

  4. Brain is amazing and complex, but our lack of understanding of it-
    Me: HOLD MY KOOL-AID are you telling me that one of the most complex things on Earth, can't even understand itself?

  5. If it's true, so why when a person take LSD or Psilocybin the neuroactivity of the brain increase significantly, allowing the person to have more insights and creativity responses? Even DMT, which allow you to travel in the infinite space of the mind. And our brain energy is limit, for sure, because we are selfish, using the brain in our own limit activities, seeking entertainment, pleasure, with our narrow believes and prejudices and so on. How can we use the whole potention if we are in this narrow circle of experiences? We can't!

  6. Think about it, we cant compare whales with humans. They have more muscles and organs for the brain to be tasked on.I think a bigger brain would mean a person is smarter if it is human to human comparison

  7. these videos make me feel smarter than my friends. idk. it makes me feel like i have more knowledge. because all they do is play fortnite and talk about drama, meanwhile i’m home watching videos to expand my knowledge ???

  8. Left brain / right brain dominancy was created to convince dumb student that they’re creative and that’s better.. stupid nonsense and I tried to convince my teacher that it doesn’t exist but she insists

  9. I already knew all of this. That fact thus proves that I cannot be wrong. Pee is stored in the balls. This is not a dead meme. I have 300 iq so if you don’t understand it’s fine

  10. In 4th grade my teacher told me that if you’re right handed you use the left side of your brain and vise versa ?

  11. One time I had an argument about if we use 10% or 100% of our brain.He told me that we use only 10%, I said what's your proof? He said that he watched a facts video on YouTube.I did the biggest face palm ever and he also said that we have a small black hole in our heart that if we can use 100% of our brain, we can access that black hole and can teleport and fly.I questioned my existence after that

    Edit: He wasn't joking, he was serious

  12. That logo from ge is same as a beer compeny in the netherlands Grols ? the are older then 150 years better chance iT ????

  13. Your surround by bad frequency we everyday from cell phone wifi radio the list goes on but it's nice to see ppl final trying to develop some sense of the natural world . I avidly promote one lsd trip for everyone for you to at least get some insight and visuals of frequency and sound

  14. If we are using our whole brain, think about this world, how it would be, it means that humans all have reached their max brain capacity and well idk, smartness, which means the whole world would collapse eventually and we would never get anywhere. But it’s just a thought?

  15. I finally figured out what's wrong with my brain!!

    The left side never gets anything right and in the right side there is nothing left!

    Huh… Weird

  16. I remember telling my dad when I was 11 that there are more than 5 senses and he called me a babbling idiot

  17. Teacher: class do you know the 6th sense
    Classmate: sense of pain?
    Teacher: no, how about you
    Me: common sense???

  18. I don’t necessarily agree with the one about senses. The 5 senses are used to perceive the outside world, the rest is to regulate internal functions

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