61. Johnson’s Hill Locks by Narrowboat! Colin Opens Up About Mental Health and Self-Harm.

Hello… Hello… How are you?
Ooooh it’s early… It is early slept well last night though. Yes… All those locks coming out at Wigan,
what do you mean yeah? You just stood there steering in a straight line.
Pfffft! So tiring Last time we did the weekend fight, today
we’re going from, well we’re on the outskirts of Chorley before we come into
Chorley and we’re going to go through and then through 7 locks. I never
know whether it’s Johnson’s Hillock locks or Johnston’s Hill Lock or
Johnston’s Hill Locks. I don’t know I. I didn’t look.
It’s all load of hillocks to me to be honest [Laughs] I’m sure the diehards will tell me in the comments down below. Yes they will. how wrong I am and how wrong I’m pronouncing it and now I need to go back to school. But anyway… there we go… that’s the plan
for today. So it was doing the locks today I wonder….. I’ll do them. No, I like doing locks I know you do. I like doing locks.
So one little tip, if you’re mooring at Bridge 73 on the Leeds and Liverpool to go up to Frederick’s Ice Cream Parlour, don’t more right next to the bridge go down
maybe three, four, five boat lengths, there’s plenty of moorings. If you too close to
the bridge… it’s very noisy… especially during the day. They all use the picnic area there
from the ice-cream shop and it’s full of noisy kids. Unless you like the sound of
noisy kids I’d move down a few boat lengths. Nice and quiet at night time
isn’t it? Well yeah, but I mean you get a few there were like, not misbehaving
gangs they were just like groups of youths kind of smoking herbally type
things. But they didn’t cause any trouble. No not at all, you could just kind of hear like, mumbling. [Sniggers] Mumbling. Like high mumbling [Laughs] Oooh silver boat [Laughing] Oh my god I’m freaking out [Laughs]
So yeah… move down a little bit. Right we’ve got to get some engine
checks done. Lots of weed checks on the Leeds and Liverpool, have you noticed that?
We had to stop yesterday We’d only been going half an hour.
Yeah, and it’s like it’s like mop it is like solid thick weed just wrapping itself round. So we’re having to check that quite a lot
while we’re on here. So we’re going to do that, check the
engine oil, check the gearbox oil after yesterday and check the belts, the
coolants alright. You’ve got to do the washing up…
Check my zip….. check your zip he’s alright. Are you ready?
Yep. ONWARRRRD! [Music] That noise you can hear in the
background, well there’s actually two or three noises one is Dillon tapping
about. The washing. The washing machine and the M61 motorway. Which if you going
to Blackpool from Yorkshire which we used to do many times, you will look
passed here. Yeah. We’re at Botany Bay, this is Botany Bay permanent moorings and we’re just using the water point and the rubbish. Just a few metres further on is
Botany Bay itself so you’ll see some like musical footage of that as we pass it.
Where its going 🎶do do do do do do do🎶 [laughs] Thats where you see Botany bay and the yards in the bit of a musical montage that’s coming up 🎶do do do do🎶 that’s where we
nearly launched Narrowboat Silver Fox… but there was a…. Errrrr I wouldn’t say unpleasantness, the
nearly was unpleasantness. We we were booked to launch at Botany Bay and it
was just by chance that we called to ask a question and we were told, oh the cranes
not working now…. Thanks for telling us. Yeah. It all ended up all right in the
end and we launched at St Mary’s Marina in Rufford if you remember and all went swimmingly. Smoooooothly. I’m like a walking dictionary this morning.
Swimmingly. Full of many superfluous… I don’t even know what I’m talking about now.
You’re full of summat. I am full of something [laughs] We’re filling up with water and we’ve been
chatting too long so it could be overflowing at the bow by now.
Probably is. So we’re off again bye-bye….. Bye! [Music] So this is Botany Bay boat yard and
this is the crane originally that was supposed to launch Narrowboat Silver Fox.
Looks like Shadow is the next one in or out. In the end we ended up launching at
St Mary’s at Rufford. This place always reminds me of going
to Blackpool when I was kid. I always remember flying up the M61 and when I was a kid, which is like what… 10 years ago [laughs] This place used to be like, there used to
be activities and all sorts and it always looked really cool like a like a
medieval castle type thing and we always used to say ooohh can we go to
Botany Bay… and as I was like… No! So I never knew what it was like back
in the day, looks a bit sad now to be honest. Definitely not how I remember it [Music] Here we are…Top Lock, lock 58 just next to
bridge 85, they were alright weren’t they? Not the best looks we’ve ever done.
A locks a lock….. the Leakiest locks we’ve ever done. Oh yeah we got a bit wet.
Well the bow did [laughs]. Almost drowned the GoPro I’m dreading what that footage is
gonna turn out like. There’s also a pub just across the way there.
It’s called The Top Lock…. I don’t know why. It’s actually… The locks are not that good to
be honest they’re a bit leaky and some of the pounds are a bit low, but like the
scenery around it’s quite nice there’s like little picket fences that are all
freshly painted and on the off towpath side there’s like an extra little path with
like little bridges and it’s like a miniature golf course type thing it’s all
pretty…. All pretty…. All pretty… All pretty! The thing we did find was loads of weed, piles of it.
Yeah there’s a lot of weeds…. Piles! Yeah and the CRT guys were kind of just
pulling it out of the canal and piling it up. There’ll been doing that for
for… hever forever. For hever…. Thats posh innit. So anyway we both a bit tired,
Dillon is mooching around. He’s here. All the services are here so we’re gonna
ramp to the pot and fill it with water while we’re here, there’s also pump out
if you needed that… we don’t we don’t cos we don’t have a pump out. So we’re going to do all that, grab a cup of tea and then I think we should go and find somewhere to moor for
tonight…. And then cook tea. And then cook tea. I’m hungry… Yeah…. Okay bye… Bye! [Music] We are… we’re going as far as we going today
or we’ve gotten as far as we go in today. We’re just after Bridge 90, it’s Ollerton Bridge
there’s actually three Ollerton bridges I think just before Cherry Tree, just
before Blackburn. So we’re gonna try and do Blackburn in one go tomorrow. Get
through the damn place. Up at seven o’clock and like Vrooooooom! there was Blackburn.
But for today that’s it, it’s been a bit weird hasn’t it? I’m knackered.
We’ve done nothing… Doh! I did a lock. So….. the Johnsons Hillock or Johnson’s Hill lock or Johnson’s Hill locks are Johnson’s Hill Locks, we still no nearer, the man from the
CRT says it’s now just Johnson locks and not Hill Locks anymore, he just says it’s the Johnson locks. I disagree.
What did the sign say? The sign said… well it at the bottom it says Johnson’s
Hill locks and then at the top it says Johnson’s Locks. Hobson’s choice I guess, so stick your
comments down below everybody’s got an opinion, they’re a bit like backsides.
Everybody’s got one but you don’t really want to look at it [Laughing] I like it.
But stick it down below anyway we’ll have a look. So it’s actually quite nice here there’s some
visitor moorings about half a mile back, which is just as you coming out
like a wooded area, they’re really nice, They’ve got a pontoon. Yeah but there’s only two and they were both taken so we’ve just moved up a little bit further and as you can see
we’re about six foot way from the bank but that’s as good as we’re gonna get so
we don’t want to get too close to the M65 which is about half a mile that way
further on and then once you get past that you coming into kind of the
outskirts of Blackburn which we don’t want, we don’t want to moor in Blackburn
overnight. So we’re just gonna stay out here in the country.
So yeah, Johnson’s Hill Locks, Johnson’s Baby lotion, let’s call it Johnston’s Baby Lotion. Johnson’s Baby Lotion locks. Quite tough actually quite hard work. Yeah.
And between five and six the bottom lock on five or six is really leaky like… Leaky!
We thought that the gate just wasn’t closing properly
Yeah the gap was like that. But it closes at the top but there’s a gap like that
at the bottom and because there’s only two small pounds above it, no one small
pound above it… it leaks really badly so the upper pound was like eighteen inches
lower than it should be and a CRT boat was like that grounded on the side so
it doesn’t help that one of the ground paddles was out of order so it takes
longer to fill up and of course half of its leaking out the other end anyway so
the water in the pound above is just going like that. Oooooh it’s getting a bit
breezy isn’t it? so that was fun and there’s some rickety bridges just be careful if
you get those rickety bridges. But then… after that you get some moored boats
don’t ya? There’s quite a few moored boats just after the locks, it’s quite a long
mooring. There’s a lot of mooring yeah. but then it kind of just goes into this
wooded area and then it opens out and it really reminded me of the Lancaster Canal
Yeah it’s beautiful here. It is really nice, you wouldn’t think that we’re
between Chorley and Blackburn, Am starting to talk like a Lancastrian aren’t I. Chorley
and Blackurn [Laughing] I’m off! [Laughing] That’s frightening, isn’t it? So here we are we’ve got the washing out
finally some Twitter followers have been following us………. it’s amazing how
many people have been saying hello. It really is. It’s weird, it’s
mind-blowing. Right enough for today, tomorrow we’re going to tackle Blackburn…
well straight through Blackburn. No plans on stopping there… 42 miles per hour…
Yayyy, can you imagine the wash that’s going to create. Right we’re gonna leave you with
a little bit of where we are today Yes. So until tomorrow we’ll see you
later…….. Byeee! [Music] This doesn’t look like Blackburn [laughs]
or Burnley… it’s a bit quiet for Burnley isn’t it? It’s a bit quiet for anywhere. As you
might have gathered this is not Blackburn or Burnley. We’re actually a little bit
further forward than that. A lot further forward. About an hour, two hours after
you saw me jump back on the boat and the drone went Zeeeuuum! Something kind of
went click in my head again… in a big way. Big big way… so every now and then I have
these like mini breakdowns or meltdowns whatever you want to call them, just
stuff that’s triggered by the ASD. The anxiety builds up something triggers
this meltdown and it’s like a spiral there’s no control in it. Sometimes I can
limit how far and how deep the spiral goes, but sometimes it goes further and
further and further and it goes to a point where I have very if any control
over what happens. It’s embarrassing to talk about because
nobody likes to think that they’re not in control of their own mind and it’s
probably happened twice hasn’t it now? Yes. Once was in 2005 was it? Roundabout then.
A second time was that night…. Wow! It was a bad one, I don’t remember much of it. I remember a few things. I remember not arguing but it wasn’t that one of us had
done something wrong I was on this spiral and it was just uncontrollable
and it went further than I think it’s ever gone before. I’m not able to regulate my emotions
when I get like that and it’s a pity because it’s like we have solar panels
on the top of the roof and that kind of harnesses all the energy coming in from
the Sun and turns it into electricity and we can use it it’s really good and useful….
I wonder where it came from [laughs] and I just wish there was a way we could
harness all the kind of the the spiraling negative energy that kind of
saps away, I wish there could harness that and usually creatively somehow for
good rather than the way always turns out and that night it turned out really
bad. To the point where I was battering myself round at my head with a shoe to
try and knock myself unconscious, just because I couldn’t cope with what was
going on, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say I couldn’t take
in information Shaun was upset beyond belief….. and I didn’t know what to do.
And it’s kind of a known thing amongst people with autism to to do that kind of
thing but it’s the second time that’s happened… not good… but it happened a few
days ago and things are better now so no feeling sorry for me…. No, oh are you
feeling better soon, because this is all… So no comments like that! this happens it
happens and we said at the beginning warts and all and that’s why we’ve told
you and we said on social media that we are having about time and that’s why
we’ve explained it in this vlog, so no feeling sorry for me we move on we’re
fine again now everything’s good and if you’ve liked the vlog as normal, give
it a thumbs up and comments, feedback, no sympathy or anything like that just
positivity down below click the bell and YouTube will let you know every time we
release a brand new vlog…. it’s Friday’s come on you know that by now. 4 o’clock
And we will see you next week. On with the outtakes WoooooHooooo! Today we are… wondered what we’re going on
then…….. Mumbling. Thought you were taking the crap! And I did
Ready? If you are mooring here by where the ice cream. aye yeah…. We’re doing the sway again Woah!
You’re going the opposite way. Woah, Way, Woah Way! We’re swaying. Stop it….
Need a bit of Mambo going into it don’t we? Ooooh that’s a big Bull… Ooooh it’s actually a real Bull
Yeah that is massive isn’t it Errrr and that’s it
I don’t know if that’s it for this vlog or not. Your mind but then didn’t it…. it did. Zeeuuum! Errrrr Do you know what, for once if you want… give it a thumbs down.
I’ll send his Mum round. Yeah. You don’t want my Mum to come round [Laughing]
We have it all on keeping her away from visiting us. Why do you think we move every day [Laughing]
She watches these as well. Give it a thumbs up. She says she does. And we’re gonna try and get
through Blackburn Blackburn what we’re Blackburn 3 Accrington Stanley…. Nil
we’re hungry, [beeep] and need a shower. Carry on…. Can’t have that. [Jazz Music]

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  30. What is Aspergerโ€™s syndrome?

    Aspergerโ€™s syndrome (AS) is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). AS is considered to be on the mild end of the spectrum. People with AS exhibit three primary symptoms:

    having difficulty with social interaction
    engaging in repetitive behavior
    standing firm on what they think
    focusing on rules and routines

    Some people with ASDs are classified as high-functioning. High-functioning autism means that these individuals donโ€™t have delayed language skills and cognitive development that is typical of many people with ASDs.

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    I have found that if I don't push things they will eventually happen. If need to eat and that means preparing food, my (what I consider my other self) other self will decide that is too much effort and though I want to do it I often have to just wait till I get up and make food(often it is the lack of thinking about it that makes it happen). Some of the conversations can be rather interesting though they are usually debating to either do or not do something.

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    I love Johnson Hillock….really pretty with its white bridges and lovely scenery too. (I gave only been twice 1981 and 2013) but I remember it well.

  52. Another very honest vlog of your condition. Keep talking about it Colin, you help so many people understand. Love to you both and Dillon โคโคโค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  53. Gratitude for your honesty and openness, and this video was the best so far for really helping me understand how the locks work thanks to the excellent aerial footage. What was that one swirling thing in the water? Was that part of what makes the lock system work? I am still watching through all your old videos and keep hoping there will be one that really explains how the locks work, because I kind of get it but not 100%. I know, I should just Google it, haha! Thanks for another great video.

  54. Watching this before I brave the weather this morning. It's a frigid -23C (feels like -27C) Valentine's Day in Canada. Thanks for the warmth of your company this morning.

  55. I don't subscribe to many Channels. Enjoy the honesty. You 2 are a good laugh as well.

  56. brains and their bloody complicated wiring, not very fixable, not easy to understand, complex, and some of that is genetic… like way back to hunter/gathering genetics. What increased the survival back in that time is now what is making life far more complicated for some. That rapid thinking, multi-directional thinking/brain ability probably made the difference for survival. But it's not so workable or easy to deal with in our modern life. I think we need to accept that some people just come 'hardwired' differently, it's not a mental illness or problem, but ancient survival tools that are why we humans survived and prospered and expanded the way we did.

  57. Is good to talk about and it does feel weird. You're not alone dealing with invisible illness. I think you really have to walk the walk to understand. Thanks for being honest it helps more than you may know to hear someone else share their story. Turning into a big fan of the Foxes. Colin. Well done. Much love from us to you as we feel the love from both of you.

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