3 Narcissistic Traits that are Huge Red Flags Indicating Narcissism in Relationship

Hi Everybody! Lisa A. Romano here the break
through life coach and today I’m going to talk about the three e’s of
narcissism and what you need to look out for there are three distinctive
qualities of a narcissist that if you pay attention to these three
characteristics you will be able to avoid tremendous trauma and drama in
your life so the first one is a lack of empathy the second one is a sense of
entitlement and the third one is exploitation so let’s pull it apart so
let’s say you’re on a date with someone and you tell this person that you feel
tired and you are talking about feeling drained you’re a schoolteacher you have
a bunch of five-year-olds that you had to deal with all day and you feel very
very tired and the principal threw a bunch of work
at you and you’re just really drained let’s say you talk about a child in your
class that is a little bit more difficult than the others and again
you’re talking about frustration if you’re dealing with somebody who does
encounter back with tell me about that oh wow that sounds really difficult if
you don’t feel like that person is able to see you or to mirror back the idea
that they’re able to hear your emotions what you’re sharing that’s something to
look out for on a first date let’s say or that’s something to look out for in a
relationship or you know you’re looking for that type of a pattern in a
relationship if you notice that you are with someone who has a lack of empathy
for other people who very rarely if ever acknowledged people’s pain if you’re in
a conversation with somebody who is a narcissist and you talk about how you
feel your feelings will not be validated and your feelings will not be mirrored
in fact you will be exploited you will be minimized you will be marginalized
you could stand there crying blue in the face after finding a narcissist who has
cheated on you and they will absolutely not take responsibility for how you feel
they could have squandered all your money they will not care how you feel
they won’t care that you know cannot pay your mortgage they won’t care
that you might be evicted they won’t care so a narcissist lacks empathy for
you completely if you are sick they will not care if you get cancer
they do not care they will only care about how your disease or your issue
affects them so a lack of empathy is definitely something that we need to
look out for in the people that we’re dealing with on a day to day basis MRSA
cysts are grandiose in that they believe that what they think and what they feel
and what they need and what they want they’re absolutely entitled to if they
have a feeling if they’re angry they feel entitled to lash out if they have a
if they are frustrated they feel entitled to tell you and to lash out and
to even blame you for why they feel frustrated many narcissists are known to
be deceptive they think nothing of cutting the line wherever you wherever
they are right so it could be the line at the movie theater the line at the
bank it could be cutting people off in
traffic there’s a sense of my needs come before everyone else is a sense of
entitlement they feel entitled to say and to do and to feel and to behave any
way they want to if they’re irritated at you they feel entitled to embarrass you
they have no remorse about embarrassing you
minimizing you and making you feel less than them so there’s this incredible
sense of entitlement they feel entitled to embarrass the waitress they feel
entitled to make fun of your children they feel entitled to take things from
you to borrow your clothes to take your car they feel entitled to take money out
of your bank account if they feel the need to they feel entitled to invite
people to your home right they feel entitled to steal your home from you I
actually dated somebody who I believe was trying to steal my home from me and
who was also at the same time dating at least seven other people so sent
detectives that I had to speak to who informed me that the person that I was
dating stole his mother’s house and he was dating women who
in their own houses and so when you began to put the pieces of the puzzle
together this man lacked empathy from me he felt entitled to lie to me to deceive
me to deceive all these other women and he even felt entitled to possibly even
steal my own house from me narcissus feel entitled to say and do what they
want to do right so whatever comes to their mind they feel like it’s within
their what their right and they feel entitled to put their needs above the
needs of anyone else if you know the children are hungry and the narcissus
one is hungry the narcissus wants to eat before the kids and the narcissus will
be upset that the kids ate before he or she ate if the narcissist is irritable
and wants to leave let’s say an amusement park or a movie theater and
everyone else the whole entire family is enjoying this experience the narcissus
will actually pick everybody up or control the situation make everybody
uncomfortable so that they leave that experience because they are unhappy
whatever the narcissist feels the narcissist wants to make sure that
everyone else is aware that they are in control so if a narcissist is upset and
a narcissist wants to leave and the family doesn’t want to leave then the
narcissist feels entitled to make everyone else feel bad and to destroy
the mood of everyone else so that the outcome is we all go home this is the
way the narcissist maintains power and control over a family unit this also
goes back to lacking empathy so if a narcissist is irritable and pissed off
there’s that family outing let’s say we’re all at the zoo and for whatever
whatever reason the narcissist is annoyed maybe the kids are having too
much fun they’re not showing the narcissist enough appreciation or
something else take the narcissist off and in spite of how everyone else is
feeling the narcissist will not have empathy for the family and will feel
entitled to have his experience or her experience Trump the experience of
everyone else narcissists also exploit they exploit people you know just as a
way to get there so if you’ve got something a narcissist
once the narcissist will exploit you until they get it they will exploit your
emotions they will exploit your vulnerabilities I think one of the most
difficult things to heal after being abused by a narcissist is this idea that
you have shared yourself with them and aside from having them lack empathy for
you minimizing you marginalizing you and
feeling entitled to do all of that there’s this level of exploitation and
you get comfortable with the narcissist they love bomb you they pull you in you
begin to trust them and then slowly over time they begin to insult you and here
it comes here comes all these insults right they start to again minimize you
and make you doubt the way this narcissist really feels about you
they want you incapacitated by your fear of what they might think about you they
want you in fear of that and what is so difficult to wrap our minds around at
least I think so is this idea that our vulnerabilities were exploited I
remember when I was married to my ex-husband and I didn’t know it at the
time I didn’t understand emotional exploitation I didn’t understand
emotional manipulation I didn’t understand gas lighting I didn’t even
understand narcissism I had no clue of codependency I wasn’t even sure that I
was being emotionally abused I just knew that I felt off I felt crazy I felt sick
all the time I had brain fog all the time I wasn’t really sure if this person
loved me or hated me I sort of felt like we were in an adversarial relationship
it felt more like a boxing ring and he was on one side and I was on the other
and I kept going into the middle trying to try to get him to come into the
middle and every time he got close he knocked me out it was just a maddening
experience but like a true codependent that would that suffered attachment
trauma who believed she wasn’t good enough I always thought it was
my fault do you have a relationship with someone and you marry this person over
time you generally begin sharing with them things that have happened to you in
your past and I can tell you that I remember being hurt the most when he
threw something that I shared with him in my face so he was exploiting my
emotional wounds so if I said I felt like my mother didn’t love me when I was
a child when in the middle of an argument or when I was gaining ground in
an argument he would say something like even your own mother told me you were
difficult even your own mother never loved you or even your old mother
didn’t like you it’s not me Lisa your own mother doesn’t like you and he was
exploiting me he was exploiting my wounds he was exploiting my emotions and
he was gaslighting me and his main goal was to get me to feel paralyzed so we
stop talking about what we were talking about and you know what most of the time
it worked because he would say something like even your own mother doesn’t like
you and I would feel so hurt that I would say to him how could you say that
like why would you say that and then I was wrapped up in how could my husband
say that what does this mean and in all of that confusion guess what happened
he created a smoke screen and we were no longer talking about the thing that I
wanted us to talk about I understand is that narcissism is about securing a
narcissistic supply and my ex-husband took my vulnerabilities and on cue
exploited them for his sense of narcissistic supply I now understand
that he was always in search of maintaining this inner balance of that
allowed him to feel in control over the people in his environment mostly how his
narcissism where it was obvious it played out with the children and I
when he was around other people neighbors and so on what he was doing
was he was exploiting how people saw him by manipulating how people saw him and
so strangers always got the best version of my ex-husband and so while he was
manipulating and exploiting the perceptions of the people that saw him
he was securing narcissistic supply from others outside of the family dynamic and
also exploiting the vulnerabilities of myself and our children and so he was
securing narcissistic supply from as many people as he possibly could he
would not tell the truth he would lie to his parents then come home and lie to me
he would lie to the children and in all of these lies there he was maintaining
the sense of balance and control from these various sources of narcissistic
supply another interesting dynamic about narcissists and their need or their
drive to secure narcissistic supply is that they can appear to have empathy so
if you have proven to be a valid source of narcissistic supply the narcissist
can show up for you at least on the surface because in showing up for you
you are supplying them with their narcissistic supply because you now see
this person as altruistic you see this person as a great person my ex-husband
would answer the phone in the middle of the night and travel to go fix a flat
tire for someone because he knew that this person was going to be bragging
about what a wonderful person he was but with the children and I who were already
kind of lashed in and in his head we were already stuck in this situation
he didn’t come off that way with us he got the narcissistic supply by power
over us so when we had an emotion when we shared an emotion with him he
exploited that emotion he didn’t have empathy for that emotion he felt
entitled to ignore what we were feeling and so when we became the
type of narcissistic supply that wasn’t glorifying him we became a source of
narcissistic supply that he could tap into by using power over us through a
lack event that they exploitation of our feelings and through a sense of
entitlement he felt entitled to be able to treat us
in this narcissistic way where he was creating power over us is so
mind-boggling when you recognize that narcissists will exploit anyone and they
feel entitled to exploit anyone and they have absolutely zero empathy for how
their behavior affects other people when dealing with a narcissist
if you’re asking yourself is this person a narcissist remember the three e’s
because they sort of they interface they interlock right because somebody who
feels entitled does not have empathy for other people generally and somebody who
feels entitled in lacks empathy will tend to exploit the needs of others it’s
really really difficult after you’ve been hooked by a narcissist to be able
to sort these things out because so often times you’re dealing with the
narcissist who is using confusing language and says will I love you but if
you weren’t so emotional you’d be easier to love or if you weren’t so paranoid
you wouldn’t worry about how many women I talk to at work or if you were a
better lover then I wouldn’t have to go out and have sex with other men I’ll be
doing a video soon about the things narcissists say and one of the things
that I will be sharing in that video is a comment from a woman who I asked
viewers to please give me your input let me know some of the things that
narcissus have said to you and she wrote me and she said my narcissus said to me
literally said this that I wear condoms when I have sex with other women out of
respect for you I would never open myself up to a sexually transmitted
disease I would never open up myself and the
woman loved-up – a sexually transmitted
disease so when I’m cheat on you I wear a condom okay
lack of empathy for how this woman feels he feels entitled to exploit other women
and this woman right no empathy exploitation and he feels entitled to do
all of this he’s exploiting this woman’s emotions for him she is exploiting her
feelings for him this is what narcissists do as you move forward and
you learn more about narcissism try to see if you can find a pattern that
contains the three es because generally like I said they tend to interlock and
and weave over one another those are the traits that I look for because not
everybody that we argue it is a narcissist not everybody that we dislike
and dislikes us is a narcissist but generally people who are narcissistic or
who have high narcissistic traits are people who feel entitled to exploit
other people and so that means if there is a job promotion at work then someone
who has the high narcissistic traits will lie and do everything that they can
to make sure that they secure at that position and if they have to lie and
have a lack of empathy for you if they have to triangulate you against you if
they have to deceive other people when it comes to you if they have to withhold
work from yous that you can’t finish the project so that they can have the
position they feel entitled to they are going to do it it can be a crazy world
out there and those of us who are on the codependency spectrum where we are other
focus not self focused we have to be careful right we need a higher awareness
about the way that we feel the way we think and how we interface with the 3d
world because we are lining up with narcissistic people because narcissists
are self focused and codependents or other focus so it’s a hand in a glove
we’re also both shame based the narcissist is shame based and a
codependent is shame based but a narcissist deals with the shame by
controlling and manipulating the people for narcissistic supply a codependent
generally tries to become a people pleaser a fixer and enabler tries to
take care of other people and tries to gain validation through works through
self sacrifice both shame based but interface their ego interfaces in the 3d
world differently and with different
intentions we need to know this information especially if we are on the
codependency spectrum and or if we have high empathy and Pat’s want to help and
fix everybody we feel other people’s pain and past have reported to me that
they can feel the shame of a narcissist and in their in their being they have a
desire to love this narcissist and show them that there is a better way when
ends up happening is true narcissist will totally debilitate an impact and
can really cause true emotional and psychological damage in many of the
cases through the sheer abuse and exploitation of the empaths
vulnerabilities kindness and generosity and the ability to feel other people’s
feelings so I hope this video has helped I hope is create a little bit more
clarity and those of you who are wondering how can I be a little bit more
skillful on my path when I am trying to avoid people who have high narcissistic
traits remember the three e’s I hope this is helped bye for now
nameste dear ones until next time

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  54. Question…regarding the need to tell others when they are frustrated, can this not actually be a good thing? I actually would rather know if someone was frustrated by something I was doing, because maybe I could come up with a compromise or stop doing said thing all together if it was something unimportant. I also have been telling a certain narc in my life when they upset me, and they keep telling me that I don't have to tell them when they upset me and that I should just get over it and I'm too sensitive. To me, telling them when they upset me was a way to really understand if they truly were a narc or not. I got my answer with their responses. SO…when is it actually a bad sign when someone airs their frustrations?

  55. OMG!! Did they Ever But this Super Empath found Youtube and Videos like Yours and I'm coming back stronger by the day But with Knowledge NOW !!

  56. Lisa thank you ive been wondering for years whats wrong with ME?!WHY im unworthy of my mothers love and everything you say esp these 3 E'S finally it makes sense after 52 years of putting up with the narcs in my family my brother has slowly become one over the last 5 yrs our father just died of prostate cancer im diagnosed terminal yet not even This has opened my brothers eyes or my mothers im now again the TARGET AS ive not much support system at all and i cant have my mom involved with my drs as she has gotten us thrown out over her mouth and i cant have her involved in my care becuase its all about HER! ive CONTACTED hospice even though shes messed that up once she wants people to beleive SHE IS ALL I NEED and is taking best care of me Not true and she stole my car and sold it she had a neighbor a notary to sign my title under lost or abandoned ??not clear yet how she pulled that off I thank you LISA I UNDERSTAND NOW Ive been abused by this narc my mom for all these years only wish it was years ago! So many stories here that remind me of my life and the triangulation technique used and ive been a people pleaser i think as ive always want to help everyone ease anothers pain ive a son born disabled and have alot of empathy and apathy?

  57. God bless you and your family and work I love you for teaching me this I am writing it down in my journal because finally NOW I am able to check this out on a 1 st date so I won't be cornered and caught by a narcissist again love from Wendy Drummond from Adelaide South Australia

  58. I just subbed to you today. So glad I found your channel. You are gorgeous, and your talents are so many. One of which is that you are very well spoken. Thanks so much for your channel.

  59. Extremely Validating video…a reminder to NOT go backwards and to stop considering that anything could ever possibly be sincere. Thank you So very much!!!

  60. I can relate to everything you said my partner appears so nice to everyone except close family.Any information from my past or anytime i say someone did something hurtful the information is stored then thrown in my face.

  61. Lisa, your channel is by far the best channel on narcissistic abuse. The way you so wholeheartedly can explain the whole process is so remedial. Many other channels are either too academical or personal, not that their words aren't important. But what many people need, who has been injured by narcissism, is the empathy and understanding that you possess and shares so generously.

  62. I'm sorry to sound naive, but how does someone steal your house? Ask to be added to the mortgage or deed? Use it as collateral in a loan? I need to know because I have been a magnet for these types.

  63. You are describing my son and my ex boyfriend. I feel like I’m going crazy and very depressed. I feel anxiety every time I see them both.

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