15 Hair & Beauty New Years Resolution Ideas for You in 2020

We’re about to go through 15 New Year’s
Resolutions that can help you both feel and look better inside and out in 2020. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m
Sarah Ingle and today we’re going through 15 ideas for beauty and hair related New
Year’s resolutions. Usually I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I’m of the
opinion not if you want to make a change, you make that change now, but since now
happens to be the time when one year is transitioning into another year, it’s
it’s relevant and these are all things that it doesn’t have to be January 1st
for you to start this. In fact, I really really believe that if you want to make
a change in your life you have now regardless of it’s January 1st or
December 29th or June or June 25th or May 23rd or September 1st it doesn’t
matter but for those of you who do like New Year’s resolutions I’ve got some
ideas for you the things that can help you not only look better on the outside
because yes the beauty and hair related but they’re all about really the core of
it is is your overall health in general because a lot of like things like your
skin and your hair are very indicative of your health on the inside if you’re
filling yourself full of garbage you’re not doing things to take care of
yourself on the inside are not getting the nutrients you need on the inside
it’s going to show and things like your skin and your hair this is my no mean
like don’t pick all of these the thing I did was look at any sort of change you
want to make things your life you want to make a positive change
start with honestly just one keep it simple if you try and take on all of
these it’s it’s going to not be sustainable unless you’re already doing
all but one of them so pick one maybe a small handful from the list don’t try
and accomplish all of these at once because it’s just you’re making things
needlessly hard on yourself let’s go into New Year’s a resolution idea
number one drink more water your water goal it probably wouldn’t be the same as
somebody else’s water cold you can just kind of see like gauge yourself right
now gauge your your water intake and for most people it’s not enough water you
can Google out there how much water for someone of your size you should be
drinking and even if you don’t think oh I can’t get all the way to that right
now maybe set like an improvement goal like maybe get to just somewhere in the
middle between where you currently are and where you are because water is going
to help you so much it’s going to help make your skin so much better it’s going
to help with everything inside of you and you have the insides of you are
working better the outsides of you are working well it’s just like worth like
so much of our body is made up of water and so many people are dehydrated and we don’t even realize it. Number two is set a goal for yourself for how much to walk each day. I was never somebody who really like walked a lot or did any sort of
running or anything and since I personally have started walking usually
between five or six miles everyday I’m not saying you have to make that much
but I’m saying it’s something that’s so easy and can make such a big difference
I feel so much better since I started doing that and like a lot of ways it can
even help from like a mental health standpoint I think there’s so much of a
business idea of running and things like this you don’t have to start with
running if you’re not already a runner you can start literally as easily like
say like you have a neighborhood or something but every day I’m going to
walk from from this point to that point in my neighborhood a walk back and it
doesn’t have to be very far at first it was more like oh it’s I just wasn’t
comfortable like going outside my little bubble but now I enjoy it because when I
go walk a few things one I get to listen to my favorite podcast
and I thoroughly enjoy it just big becomes like for me part of the ritual
part of the walk I absolutely love it makes it fun and this feels almost like
a social event I use it as like kind of like my my treat like oh if I walk I not
only get to listen to my favorite podcast but I also get to like go get
like a piece of candy from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and just so
you’re aware this is not about like restricting calories type of thing that
is not just at all please don’t get that idea because I know I’m a very bony
human being and I’m gonna get somebody in the comments gonna make it so skew
this is not about skinny eating a ton of sugar is not good for anybody and
walking is good for everybody walking is number two which is similar
to number three is another option for you is coming up with some sort of
workout routine that you hold yourself to and this is another one where
sometimes people like freak out cuz their leisure a little you don’t need to
lose weight it is not at all about losing weight like working out is almost
like the opposite working out and especially in the ways that I’m doing it
I’m more about acquiring muscle mass so just to clear that up before someone
comes at me in the comments because it is inevitable because it’s you to the
thing to is I think so many people try and make it like way too hard you just
start with something so easy like walking but maybe like walking and you
have like pick a couple little favorite things you like do things you can do in
your own home so you don’t even have to go to a gym if you don’t want to like be
like I’m gonna do this many sit-ups this many squats and like personally I have
like eight things and I rotate what eight things I’m gonna do like sets and
that’s just me personally and maybe we can go into that in a full video
sometime I can tell you all the things that I do but just first of all note
the working out is not at all about losing weight it helps so much from even
like a mental health perspective and it’s going to help you in the long term
too with your overall health like for the entirety of your life and if you can
get in that habit now then you’re gonna be way better off later on down the road
number four is one it’s an easy New Year’s resolution that you can do is you
can set the resolution to always wash your face before bed, and when I say wash
your face, like if you have makeup on that means remove your makeup and then
wash your face. This should not be a one-step thing because a lot of times if
you just try and make it a one-step thing you wind up pushing that makeup
into your pores. You want to remove the makeup then wash your face. If you’re not
wearing makeup, still wash your face but I should say I have a whole video on
getting clearer skin that I can link to but it didn’t wash your face and clean
all that out always make sure that you do moisturize afterwards so that you
don’t strip all the necessary oils out of your skin and then your skin will
start to overproduce so I’ll link to more details on some skin care stuff in
the description of case you guys when I say that number five its vitamins okay
this is definitely a big one that can help those hair skin nail vitamins even
just just having like a multivitamin everyday if you don’t already do that
you can really help sure make sure that you’re getting like those basic
nutrients in you that you really need to supplement whatever you’re eating ’cause
I mean honestly a lot of things that we eat anymore you’re not getting all the
vitamins that you need you can make it fun too you can get yourself a
multivitamin I’ll link in the description to my favorite one that
called smarty pants and they taste like they gummy candies and it’s great cuz
they could be like wake up in the morning eat gummy candies like who can
complain about that it’s awesome New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be
unpleasant number six you can resolve to clean your makeup brushes if something I
feel like some people is like I haven’t done that year
and then we wind up putting a lot of that dirt and gunk from our own faces
back on our faces and so it’s just a really easy one you can resolve to clean
your makeup brushes and you can set whatever timing on that you want number
seven is to skip the heat tools on your hair not necessarily all the time but
let’s say let’s say you use heat tools on your hair twice a week maybe you can
say I’m gonna do it just once a week and instead if you still want to curl your
hair or whatever you can use the lips method and in fact I just did a video on
heatless methods of curling your hair and I will link to that in the
description so you can go check those out there’s some that works better than
others and that can help keep your hair a little bit healthier longer number
eight to schedule something that you enjoy that helps you in distress and I
mean schedule maybe you can say for example every Sunday I will for one hour
allow myself to maybe it’s like a a book you really like or singing something
which you enjoy or maybe it’s a TV show that you like schedule it since you have
something that you can look forward to allowing yourself that time or you can
do it stress free you don’t have to feel
guilty about it because it’s something that you’ve scheduled in advance and you
can maybe even make it like a free time where you get to just pick something
that you enjoy if you’re not so much into structure but if you have time that
you allow yourself to decompress it lets you really do that allow yourself to
breathe so that was something that I feel like everybody should do number
nine is to get more sleep maybe or maybe you get too much sleep and you can make
it a new year’s resolution to get up at a certain time but really most people
could use more sleep you don’t have to jump to I know everyone says eight hours
but sometimes it doesn’t work with some people sometimes it does make it an
effort to improve from where you currently are and if you’re one of those
people who really I sleep 12 hours all the time I don’t know who you are
or how do you have that much time to get but maybe you can make it a resolution
to actually get up earlier so that you can accomplish more things in your day
number 10 and maybe feel like I need to just sit up straight when I said that
number 10 is to work on your posture it’s something that’s so simple it’s
completely free anybody can work on getting better posture and it makes you
look and feel so much better about yourself you look more confident to
others usually they look more approachable not to mention it’s like
better for your back and stuff and you actually like physically look better to
him we’re all like hundred over they make little things call I like posture
meats or different like things you can even buy to pin on your shirt to remind
you it will actually alert you if you’re if you’re slouching to remind you to
stay upright and have better posture that’s another one of things that can
really help you for the rest of your life number 11 if you drink you can make
it a resolution to either skip the alcohol completely and just eliminate it
or have lessened the alcohol is really bad for you I think everybody says that
I almost never drink I don’t even remember the last time that I drank and
it doesn’t need all of it they have these like Disney themed drinks and I
had like a sip out of it there’s a lot of things like from up like a metabolic
standpoint it’s just not good for you there’s a lot of weird things on the
inside of you and your liver it can cause dehydration and which causes
overproduction of oil to cause breakouts it can make you just look tired if you
feel crappy from it that’s something you couldn’t easily say either like reduce
see what your current amount is that you’re currently in taking and make it a
point to decrease from that or you can say I’m going to just eliminate it
entirely similarly to to alcohol number 12 is
reducing or even eliminating your sugar into even some of the natural things
like oranges I think it looks spikes up your blood sugar levels so much it can
make it harder for you to focus it can look from me personally if I eliminate
sugar from my from my daily eating my skin clears up so much it’s amazing what
a difference that can make and so much healthier for you to avoid those and
you’ll find who you crave it less the less you eat them because I’m like I
love sugar but I know if I go for a long time without it I will the cravings stop
number thirteen is also similar a good one to reduce or eliminate completely is
caffeine oh that’s like another one but it causes a lot of people to have
breakouts it can cause premature aging there was like a little bug was flying
and can dehydrate you a lot too so if you can cut caffeine that’s a great
option number fourteen if you are looking for a way to stop biting your
nails if you do currently bite your nails I have a little trick for you
these these are my real nails they didn’t use to be what sometimes when you
see like this if you have a hard time with biting your nails if you get
acrylic nails or pink and whites as they call them even on top of your real nails
it’s not like gel it’s like harder and thicker than that it makes it so you
basically can’t bite them at least I have never even tried because I see it
I’m like oh I wouldn’t even want to try and like that it’s just it’s somehow
stops the urge and makes it like so you basically can’t so it’s I don’t ever do
it anymore because because I don’t even think to
bite my nails because I’m just so used to being them encased in this stuff now
number fifteen we’re finally on to the very last one of our list is to meditate
choose a time daily or maybe if you don’t want to even do daily you can
choose a time maybe Monday Wednesday Friday same day the videos go up maybe
that’s something you should add to your list I will watch videos Monday
Wednesday Friday but if you choose a time to meditate you
have no idea like how many good things not just from like a a beauty
perspective but ultimately it will lean because if you’re a healthier person
you’re gonna look and feel better if you focus and meditate on your goals your
aspirations and how you’re gonna get there envision that that will help you
achieve so many things it can also help you with distressing just to put
yourself in that relaxed mode that can help you be so much more productive
throughout the day it will help just so many things look like a stress can be
really really hard on people and having those moments scheduled moments where you don’t have to feel guilty you don’t have to have anything else like in the
back of your mind where you can fully focus on both some things you see on the
outside as well as how you feel on the inside and how you’re functioning too so
those are my 15 ideas for you for New Year’s resolutions that are not only
hair beauty related but things that will help you feel and function better on the
inside as well because as long as you’re functioning and healthy on the inside
that does ultimately wind up showing on the outside too so let me know in the
comments below what is your new year’s resolution gonna be it doesn’t have to
be one that’s on this list it can be something totally unrelated but I’m
curious to hear from you guys what your new year’s resolution is gonna be mine I
I’m I really do work on the posture thing and I think as well really one of
those first won’t my fussing was the first one the water one I need to drink
more water and I’m going to drink more water this year
so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed these if you want to see more videos like this
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always new content headed your way. thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time we’re about to go through 15 possible
not possible hmm we’re about to go through 15 ideas for New Year’s
resolutions that can help you feeling help you feeling that can help you get
to day in feeling look inside and out [weird noises] [emphatic exhale] you don’t have to drink maybe a small
handfrul. Frull? [noises] oh there’s a bigger fly huh fly how’d you get in here? Huh. I don’t know yay! YAY!

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  3. wow, all good resolution ideas! I totally love how you put meditating in there i was like thinking about that before you said it and then was like YESSS! I probably need to try and drink more water too, cause i only ever do that at meals or after a run! XD. And yeah exercise is good for EVERYONE! Im a small person who likes to run and work out just because it makes me feel good, but people get mad at me all the time for it. I totally understand that issue! You are amazing and really inspiring!

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  8. Additional tips for #1 & #5: Drink mineral based water, avoid most plastic water bottles, add a pinch of sea salt if drinking water without minerals. Don’t forget to take minerals with your vitamins and supplements. A lot of people get deficient in minerals which explains the reasons behind cramping, graying hair just to name a few.

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