14 – WWORll ft Waste | Deadline LP (Official Audio)

Infinite ft Waste
Produced by Infinite
Album: Deadline LP You kill one of our brothers we bring twice that number Try to silence and suppress us so you would see my prowess The number of the savage and everlasting soldiers in this battlefield Is surpassing in this fascinating hour Now I’m gonna devour you cowards Cuz cowering won’t help your cabbage to not shatter and average Of guts you have is less than the Starks remained in the battle of Iron throne This hammer will crush your bones you faggots Eruption of a Dragon’s anger Cuz my raps are bangers Even if they chain me on the ankles And the handcuffs and they finally capture me For the crime of apostasy And the moment when a Pasadar seize me And wanna kill me for some shit they call heresy But the only thing I’m doing is telling the truth and ruin Your system and your inhuman way of doing things A union has been and they are going To win this war with a pen they’ll do it They’re like water and fluid floating like Bruce lee a Ronin So I politely scream fuck your polity and the policy All the parties and all of the part of this world, I’m here to burn it Cuz I am schizophrenic go and find a fuckin attorney Cuz I’m against all odds and these minions and these morons Does read Quran that’s why more I spit or rhyme They think that I am Ebola for the Torah Too immoral for the world I’m only a product a hustle environment Yukimura Sanada’s advancing and is defying man

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