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10 Greatest Wrestlemania Builds In WWE History Everyone into the corsa. We’re on the goddamn road to Wrestlemania. Sure the term Road to Wrestlemania has been
so heavily trademarked that it sounds more like an It’s A Small World attraction than
a series of events, but certain Wrestlemania builds have contained some of the greatest
not just wrestling-based, but general storytelling in history. Underdog vs Monster, Brother turning against
Brother, Duelling unstoppable Gods – these are stories formed from ancient myth, from
the gods of egypt to the heroes of greece, from biblical betrayals to Captain America
vs Iron Man fantasy booking. During the It’s a Small Road to Wrestlemania
After All, WWE has created some of the greatest examples of these ancient tales, albeit with
a few less murders and a few more grown men bellowing at Mean Gene. Buckle up, it’s the 10 Greatest Wrestlemania
Builds in WWE History Only no it isn’t, it’s 12. I could have removed two to bring it down
to 10, but they’re all good, I didn’t want to and we’re all going to die one day
so who possibly cares? I only called the video 10 because it plays
better on YouTube, little peek behind the magicians cloth, on we pop 12. Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan Now, actually, being honest, there are a lot
of reasons why the build to Kingston vs Bryan shouldn’t make this list. It had an over-reliance of ‘you know what
this needs? MORE gauntlet matches’ and a gaping emotional
hole at its core. Throughout the whole feud we never truly understood
why Vince McMahon was holding Kofi back beyond, well, something we all kind of assume, but
no one wants to say, and I’m not going to say, but… right? Despite that lack of narrative bedrock threatening
to derail Kofi/Bryan to a series of forced generic underdog tropes, there’s just so
much in the build that worked on a deep, true level. Kofi had been a loyal company workhorse for
almost two decades who’d never reached his true potential, this was true, The New Day
were real life best buds who’d be willing to sacrifice their careers and their bodies
for their boy Kofi, this was true, and then, the most beautiful poison of all, Daniel Bryan
becoming so corrupted by the cult of his own journey that he discards Kofi as a “B+ player”. One million chef kisses. It didn’t all work, but it was steeped in
years of art and reality, both in Bryans own journey and Kofi’s gradual settling in all
our minds as someone deserving but never destined. 11. Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho Again, you could argue this shouldn’t be
on the list because this feud was ultimately mistreated in its conclusion. Fighting for the US Title on the second match
of the main card is not a fair representation of the epic scale of this feud. It’s like Anakin and Obi-Wan settling their
differences with a square dancing contest. Regardless of how it ended, the implosion
of Kevin Owen and Chris Jericho’s best friendship was 8 months of patient storytelling in an
era where storylines either appear or disappear within the space of weeks, or stall without
serious development, what’s the the cage Erick, god damn you. It was a tale as old as time, boy meets boy,
boy helps boy win the universal championship, boy disregards boy’s ongoing emotional instability
and tendancy to murder his friends when his insecurities mount, boy gets a list, boy gets
murdered, something about goldberg, square dancing contest. Point is KO and Y2J played it beautifully
and all the twists of their seemingly inevitable greek tragedy hit so much harder for the careful
pace of their brotherhood’s destruction. Should have been for the big red belt. 10. The Miz vs Damien Mizdow Why is it that some of WWE’s best stories
seem to happen when they’re not paying attention? Much like Owens vs Jericho, in terms of Wrestlemania
card placement you can’t spell consolation payday without Andre The Giant Memorial Battle
Royal. Despite that, one of the biggest pops at Wrestlemania
31 was Damien Mizdow aka Damien Sandow eliminating The Miz aka The Miz. The reason for the pop was that Mizdow and
Miz had been running a Virgil/Million Dollar Man style indentured servant/abusive master
angle for about half a year. Just tinkering away in the background, Mizdow
was Miz’s stunt double and began copying all his moves at ringside like a Groucho brothers
mirror skit. It was funny and weird and Mizdow got over,
which of course set The Miz’s insecurity sense tingling. The Miz starts cussing out Mizdow in public
and it slowly built and built without any major complications slowly and slowly to one
big explosion of violence in a nothing battle royal, and yet, one of the biggest and most
satisfying reactions of the night. 9. The Rock vs John Cena These days, big Wrestlemania matches tend
to be built in a few different ways. A big celebrity turns up after some saucy
barbs on social media with a randomly generated superstar, or two wrestlers who complement
each other thematically put the time and the work in and actually build something organic. The build to the first Rock vs Cena mania
match was a weird frankenstein’s monster of the two. The Rock was gone to make big tough movies
with his big tough arms but still popped up enough like Janice from Friends so WWE still
felt like his world, except this was John Cena’s world now and even though it had
the ‘you’ve only got me for 5 episodes of raw, make them count’ feel of a celebrity
angle it was told over like, 14 months? It was weird, but somehow it worked. Perhaps the genuine hype of a proper first
time ever dream match before they did Cena Rock 2 Electric Boogaloo. Perhaps it was the 4th wall tickling promos
that still felt sparky and a little bit dangerous back then. It was a giant lumpy publicity wrestling hybrid
but at least the first time around it felt like a genuine collision of gods. Also, call this heresy, but the build was
actually more cohesive than Rock Austin at Mania X-7. At least this time, they didn’t make Nikki
Bella the Rock’s manager. 8. The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan Speaking of weird gods running slap arse into
each other and jostling like oily seals, The Warrior vs Hogan was a perfect storm of hype,
intrigue and weird dudes saying weird stuff about plane crashes. The Established Champion who’d held the
belt on and off for the better part of the decade, vs the white hot prospect who’d
spent the last 3 years rocketing through the roster like an unstoppable fucking weirdo. WWE trialed the feud at the Rumble 1990 when
Hogan and Warrior came face to face for the first time and the crowd popped an absolute
bollock for it. From then on, it was a build riddled with
firsts for WWE, obviously the first time these giant stars had ever fought, but also the
first Face vs Face main event, the first winner take all title match, and by turning so many
of its tried and tested face/heel challenger/champion narratives on their heads, the result was
hugely unpredictable and hugely engrossing. Also all the promos were all mad as chapstick,
with the peak of course being when Ultimate Warrior advocated that Hogan board a passenger
plane, storm the cockpit and then crash it into Canada. 7. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart Cain vs Abel. Artaxerxes the Second vs Cyrus the Younger. Liam vs Noel. History is full of brothers murdering brothers. WWE is of course no stranger to taking private
family matters public, weeping mums and quiet dads be damned. Matt murdered Jeff’s dog, Cody and Goldust
did… something… and also the Bellas and that whole womb thing, but they’ve never
topped Owen vs Bret. Told over the span of a full year but peaking
at Wrestlemania X, it was the story of Bret’s Heart slowly breaking, as Owen let his inferiority
complex turn him to the dark side. It progressed logically and with actual emotional
resonance. Owen felt sidelined after being the only Hart
eliminated from their team at Survivor Series, challenged Bret, who refused because of the
effect it would have on their actual real-life family. They reunited, but then imploded when Owen
kicked Bret’s leg out of his leg after a tag loss at the Royal Rumble, culminating
in one of the best actual wrestlemania matches of all time. A story that realised when you have something
to say, it’s worth taking your time and saying it properly. Leg out of his leg. 6. Randy Orton vs Triple H Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, more
is more. If Bret vs Owen was a subtle and sad depiction
of a family slowly crumbling. Orton vs the McMahons was a fucking slasher
flick. For reasons known only to Randal the voices
that he hears in his head, The Legend Killer took it upon himself to systematically legend
kill every McMahon walking in 2009. He punted Vince in the head, and was immediately
diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which basically meant he suffered from unpredictable
psychotic episodes and so firing him for kicking an old man to death was legal discrimination
which is all the ham in the world. After winning the Rumble Orton continued to
torture Triple H by murdering Shane, pushing Linda down some stairs off-camera I assume,
and rkoing Steph, to which Triple H’s only recourse as a husband could be HOME INVASION,
to which Randy’s only recourse as a bastard was DDTing steph and kissing her unconcious
body. Look, it’s… it’s a lot, but this time
it bloody worked and created weekly escalation so insane that it made RAW must watch TV single-handedly. Shame the actual Mania match itself was a
bit dump. 5. Michaels vs Taker 2 At Mania 25, Orton/HHH was handily outshone
by Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, which is still heralded as, apart from Earthquake
vs Hercules, the greatest WrestleMania match of all time. That bout’s universal acclaim was the underpinning
of the build to Michaels Taker 2 a year later, a foundation they built on beautifully. Ego, addiction, the highest of stakes, it
was all here. Michaels challenged the Undertaker to a rematch,
but when Eerie Eric refused, HBK began to fixate on the loss. Michaels, not necessarily known for being
the best actor on the roster, put on a masterful months-long performance of a man whose world
was coming apart. His DX husband filed for divorce, he had a
breakdown in the Royal Rumble like he was in Marriage Story, and he Home Invasioned
the Elimination Chamber. Taker agreed to the match but only if Michaels
Career was on the line, which created a huge unpredictable dilemma for the fans. Michaels was still wrestling like a man in
his thirties, and Taker’s Streak was still a huge draw. It was impossible that either of them would
lose and what better build could a match possibly have? 4. Hogan vs Andre Speaking of matches that neither man could
lose. It was easier to tell stories in the mid-80s. There was only 1 PPV a year for a start, which
gives you a bit of breathing room and also there wasn’t an internet so you can just
make up any bullshit you want if it helps the story. For example, Andre the Giant has been undefeated
for 15 years, BOLLOCKS HAS HE. Antonio Inoki beat him a bunch of times in
New Japan, he lost to masked luchadore Canek in UWA, he even lost a battle royal in WWF
a month before WrestleMania 3. Hell Hulk Hogan had even bodyslammed Andre
7 years earlier in the old WWWF days. None of this hoodwinkery changed the company
line that Hogan had been WWF champion for 3 years and Andre the Giant was the only Undefeated
Wrestler in History, both had trophies to prove it so shut up, also Hogan’s is bigger. It’s the very essence of how to build a
supermatch. Create unstoppable legends around both men,
to the point where it’s inconceivable that either could lose, and then make them fight. Takemymoney.jpeg. At the peak of the 80s boom, at the peak of
both men’s superstardom, at the peak of kayfabe, Andre turning heel, it was unthinkable,
unimaginable, unmissable. 3. The Mega Powers Explode You could argue that Hogan/Andre has more
hype, but when talking about builds, actual crafted stories, as opposed to lightning in
a bottle circumstances born of fudged stats, to me, the Mega Powers Exploding was the best
WWE have ever intentionally booked. A story that saw The Macho Mandalorian go
from heel to face to heel again, and that managed to be completely absorbing with only
three main characters. It’s like Harold Pinter’s the Caretaker
except Hulk Hoagn is in it and now that I’ve thought of it I need to see that before I
die. I’m just going to lay out the whole build
because it’s so well told. So, Savage is slowly turning face in 87 and
fights the Honky Tonk Man. Miss Elizabeth is shoved down so Savage goes
crazy, but is beaten down by the numbers game. Elizabeth goes to the back and brings out
Hogan to even the odds. Savage is now face and allied with the Hulkster,
they shake hands and form the Mega Powers. Cut to Wrestlemania 4. After months of working on the same page,
despite he himself losing the belt in bogus circumstances Hogan helps Macho to become
the new WWF champion and celebrates with him. Hogan and Warrior team again at Summerslam
and part of them winning was Miss Elizabeth stripping off her skirt to distract the heels. From this point on, and especially at Survivor
Series, Savage starts to become overly jealous of Elizabeth and her friendship with Hogan. Elizabeth begins accompanying Hogan to ringside
for his matches, which puts her in danger, which makes Randy 57 flavours of cross. At the Royal Rumble, Hogan tries to eliminate
bad news Brown but accidentally dumps out Savage, who is tightrope walking over a nervous
breakdown. Finally, a month before WrestleMania 5, at
The Main Event 2, Elizabeth is injured during a match and Hogan takes her to the back, Savage
finally snaps and brains Hogan with the WWF title, the Mega Powers explode and the match
is set for Mania 5, with 18 goddamn months of build. It is the best laid plan. 2. Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels Of course, sometimes WWE books best when its
best laid plans go completely awry. The journey from Manias 13 to 14 was a weird
time for Vince McMahon. WrestleMania 13 was supposed to feature the
big rematch between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels but that fell apart because of locker room
issues that were boiling over between the two. The company was slowly stumbling out of its
worst financial period of all time, meaning that Vince couldn’t afford to honour the
huge contract that Bret Hart signed so now his biggest star was leaving the company and
refusing to drop his championship on PPV. Then the Montreal Screwjob happened and have
you heard of that? You have. Good. Suddenly Vince was publicly outed as the owner
of the company, was being torn apart by the fans and then, oh great, at the Royal Rumble
his other biggest star, Shawn Michaels suffers a career-ending back injury. Peaches and cream, thinks Vince. But there is one man who might be able to
turn things around, one midcard SOB who’s slowly been catching on strong with the fans. Out of viable options, Stone Cold Steve Austin
is given the rocket push, an everyman kept down by now superheel Mr McMahon and coupled
with the killer investment of Mike Tyson, out of this maelstrom of industry shaking
madness comes a phoenix of a storyline. It was after all, the first main event feud
of the Attitude Era. Have you heard of that? You have. Good. It’s a near-perfect example of accidentally
genius booking, but it isn’t quite perfect. That would be… Daniel Bryan vs The Authority What to say about the Rise of Daniel Bryan
that hasn’t been said in a million different ways in a million different songs? They went so out of touch with their fan base
that they came full circle and made the most on-the-pulse feud they’ve ever booked. It’s like WWE fucked up baking bread so
hard that they accidentally made a loaf of gold. To this day I will never be 100% convinced
that they didn’t hire a soothsayer and actually did it on purpose. A 5 foot 10 wrestling genius went through
the entirety of Evolution’s big tough boys in one night and for the first time in what
felt like a decade everyone’s favourite wrestler won the big one at Mania. And it happened by accident. We like Daniel Bryan and don’t really care
about Randy Orton, everyone said. No you don’t, said WWE, what you really
like is Batista, Happy Royal Rumble. Ok, said everyone, now we love Daniel Bryan
and we hate Batista and Randy Orton, what happens next? Well, said WWE, how about Daniel Bryan fights
Triple H instead? Sorry, said everyone, but now Daniel Bryan
is our one true god and we hate Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista so much that we’ll
burn them alive along with their pets. Fair enough, says WWE, Daniel Bryan beats
them all? This is the only thing we’ve ever wanted
our entire lives, said everyone, WWE is the best! Yes, replied WWE, yes we are. First try. And those are the Greatest WrestleMania builds
of all time. Let us know in the comments if we missed any
out, and check out my fantasy booking warfare against Oli or the latest news by clicking
the thumbnails. As ever subs and thumbs are always welcome
if you’re so inclined. Bye.

100 thoughts on “10 Greatest WrestleMania Builds In WWE History | WrestleTalk 10

  1. I like the list but not putting rock vs Austin makes no sense to me. And forgetting the triple threat between Benoit, triple h and micheals is insane. Not only did hbk and hhh were a part of a great faction, they had a 2 year blood feud and Benoits inclusion after winning at number 1 at royal rumble with great storytelling was golden! Sorry but dbryan shouldn't have been number 1. My opinion.

  2. This list was pretty much on point. Only thing is that the Savage vs Hogan at WM5 came with a Heavy price. Savage's marriage to Ms Elizabeth. I truly agree with what he said to Lance Storm years ago. To have your wife in a 18 month storyline? Sheesh.

  3. Before I watch this….if Austin v Rock Mania 17 isn’t number 1 then this list is poop lol (jk jk). Ok after seeing it all…WTF! It didn’t even make the list!!!!! That build up, especially the month before mania, was amazazazing!!!! Poor form WT :/

  4. Wow, wtf… this is real disrespectful and disappointing. How are ya gonna have a bootleg story line as number 1. Really? The underdog story is really the WM20. Chris Benoit vs a faction, Chris Benoit getting doubles team through the table like dB did, winning by the cross face, and rip the kid that dB hugged sorry but that was also a bootleg of Benoit and Eddie hugging.

  5. You know that WWE's mismanagement of the Jericho/Owens feud was the last straw that drove Jericho away from WWE and into AEW? And that was just because a) Brock Lesnar refused to do the rematch with Goldberg unless he got to win a top title out of the deal and Vince didn't have the balls to stand up to him and b) Vince wanted Shane vs AJ to open the show instead, bumping Jericho and Owens to 2nd match. It's possible that it wasn't an intentional insult to both men, just a really cluelessly dumb and insensitive one, but boy did it cost them.

  6. I think kofi vs Daniel was awesome but Daniel bryan shouldn’t have been involved
    Cause you know, in 2014 daniel was given this type of underdog storyline and now he is Against it
    Doesn’t seem right

  7. For whatever reason, nobody thought of Hogan vs McMahon WM19. Watch that build again, it was all built on the truth. Especially the stuff about trial and how McMahon felt betrayed after hogan testified then went to wcw and nearly put McMahon o.o.b. that was a great build and a fun match.

  8. The Rock is the shlttiest Wrestler for Entertainment. I felt sorry for John Cena to work with this worthless piece of shlt. plus WWE been following the same old storylines is just worth to watch anymore.

  9. Wait, wait, Adam's back? Why am I only just now finding out about this? Not complaining at all, but still. What made him come back?

  10. Adam Blampied makes me want to watch all of these builds all over again especially the mega powers explode. Thank you Adam Blampied, Thank you.

  11. What about AUSTIN V. BRET HART??? culminating in one of the best Wrestlemania matches ever, with the double turn? From the previous year's Survivor Series to Wrestlemania 13, Austin stalked the Hitman relentlessly and I enjoyed it every step of the way!

    Also, what about SAVAGE V. STEAMBOAT, THAT was the feud that got me interested in Wrestlemania 3, along with RODDY PIPER's "RETIREMENT" MATCH……for myself, AndreHogan was icing on a very delicious cake!

  12. True story:
    I attended a house show in LA after Mania 31 where they were testing a post Stunt Double Damien Sandow, and for whatever reason that night, he and Curtis Axel did a gimmick where they both wrestled dressed like John Cena.
    Wasn’t a Cena gimmick. No Cena theme, move sets, or mannerisms. Just cargo shorts, sneakers, and sweatbands.
    It was weird as hell.

  13. It's great to hear Adam Blampied's voice again this last year and a half or however long he was gone was kinda sad. I'm glad that he overcame his problems and that he is back doing what he loves(even if it is for another company) but none the less Welcome Back Adam I've missed you so.

  14. You neglected to mention with Austin/Michaels, that the seeds were planted going back a good 7-8 months with the Austin/McMahon storyline. This was a slow burn. Michaels being hurt just added a will he/won't he intrigue, but Austin was always gonna be the next guy at the top once he got really hot in 97. Taker/Kane deserves an honorable mention from that period too, it having just as long a build and in a sense more because of Paul Bearer teasing Kane going back to June. I thought for sure it'd get a mention honestly near the top.

  15. No one does Wrestling Commentary better. The balance between genuine affection for the buisness with an encyclopedic knowledge of the behind the scenes that somehow has not turned you cynical. I know the last few years must have been hell, so glad you made it through. I look forward to many more years of your entertaining voice!

  16. Undertaker , HBK & Triple H had amazing fueds between themselves. The only one that brought tears to my eyes watching this list was Taker vs. HBK.

  17. I think you have to put Rock vs Austin build up to WM 17. Austin being sidelined for a year due to injury and when he returns the landscape of wwe pretty much changed with the Rock now almost if not on equal footing with Austin as the number one guy in the company. Where else to settle the score but in the main event of Wrestlemania for the wwf title.

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